The Jenny Craig Diet: Sample Meal Plan

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The Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program
Our editorial staff is comprised of writers who are passionate about the world of online consumer services—from food and dating to health and wellness. In the second level dieters learn how to boost their energy and lose weight by becoming involved in regular physical activity. If you're vegan , the plan wouldn't work for you, since all of the vegetarian entrees are made with dairy. That ideal weight must take into account the person's height, age, sex, and build. I take full responsibility for my gaining and losing weight over the years and I have been on every diet.

What You Can Eat and What You Can't

Jenny Craig

The chocolate cake made me feel sick and tired. My councelor was pushing low fat which does NOT help you lose weight. I have been on the Jenny Craig program before, and it worked okay for a bit. I lost about 10 or 15 pounds in 4 months, which kinda sucked. I lost hope and gave up, eating what I wanted, and gained back everything and more.

My couselor was very kind though and I miss her. This is a good diet for some people. It seriously just depends on who you are. I was on Jenny Craig about 2 years ago. Like other people have mentioned here, the counselors are not certified nutritionists or health practitioners. They are nice, but they are little more than glorified sales people. When I was about to go on the Maintenance Program, my counselor who was 20 yrs old mind you could NOT tell me how to go about successfully keeping the weight off while not eating Jenny Craig foods.

Well, my counselor did nothing more than encourage me to keep eating the Jenny food. I could no longer afford it nor could I continue to keep eating the same foods day in and out for more than a year so I stopped. I have since gained back all the weight. I think the same goes for any of those pre-packaged meal plans. My food was so out of control that having someone hand me the food I had to eat sounded like a good idea, and its worked.

Regarding some of the comments, the diet is not high sodium. It has less sodium than grocery store foods like Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice.

Regarding the gas, I have a lot of gas, guess what, this is a high fiber diet. High fiber can cause gas — its a known fact. This is a much healthier diet. Take Beeno before you eat. Most importantly, the plan teaches you about balance and portion control. As for the quality of the consultants and their level of knowledge, I guess it depends on who you get.

I bug her with tons of questions all the time and she answers everything. For what she does not know, she actually researches for me. This is a great plan for someone like me — clueless and in need of serious weight loss. The food is decent but it is high in sodium. But there are ways around it. That has generally kept my sodium intake in check. I was reading this and acually felt sorry for you amy but if you really think about if you grandma was really that healthy why would she be going on a diet any way…..

Most of the food tastes great. Jenny Craig is one of the only weight loss programs that IS actually proven to work. Real people, celebrities, you name it—Jenny Craig gets proven results with its nutritionally sound program and support from a consultant. Jenny Craig encourages lifestyle changes, rather than a diet, that its users can live with for greater health.

I agree with the above statements. I was on this for about 9 months and lost 7 lbs. I do not think the counselors are informed and certainly not dieticians.

In my openion a waste of money!! I agree with the previous comment. I went to Jenny Craig after giving birth to my daughter. At the time I was a stay at home mom and after seeing one of their ads on T.

I rushed in to check it out. After sensing my hesitation the counselor then suggested I buy only two main meals from them and then include one of my own.

With a new baby and formula, diapers, etc. So I had to send a letter in order to get out of my contract! I was on this diet and questioned the high sodium content—up to 4 grams a day, of the food that was on the plan. I also found out that the center was supposed to give me an information sheet to show my doctor to get an ok to go on the diet.

I was never given the sheet. The conselors are not very knowledgeable and are just glorified sales people. And, besides the sodium content, the food has a lot of refined simple sugars in it—nothing about the glycemic index.

I am insulin resistant which most overweight people are —so their food does not help that problem. Save your money—it is a very expensive way to lose maybe one lb. I lost 5 pounds in the first week. After eating the food that was very tasty I might add. I began to suffer from excessive gas. I found the counselors to be uninteresting. They just want call you and tell you what the next step is and to read your literature for the next phone call.

Jenny Craig Diet Jenny Craig is not so much a diet, but a franchised weight loss center with packaged food. Jenny Craig Diet Basics The foundation of the Jenny Craig program is its prepackaged meals , the majority of which are frozen.

Buy this book from Amazon. By Mizpah Matus B. A Personalized Weight Management Program. Comparison of weight loss among named diet programs in overweight and obese adults: South Beach Diet is for people who care as much about developing healthy eating habits as they care about losing weight. It offers meal plans and deliveries through 3 phases of the diet. The first phase is a weight-loss kick-start, eliminating gluten, sugars, and starches to reset the body. The second phase is steady weight loss, reintroducing healthy carbs and eliminating cravings.

In the final stage, clients are encouraged to maintain their goal weight with the help of useful recipes and tips. One of its dedicated weight loss physicians will design your plan; all you need to do is heat up the food, enjoy, and watch as your weight drops. Because everyone is different, it offers a choice of 3 main meal plans: Go, designed for busy people who want to achieve quick weight loss; Flex, for people who are prepared to lose weight at a steady pace; and Thrive Healthy Living, which is a weight maintenance plan.

The weight loss plans listed above offer diet coaching and meal delivery plans that cater to different weight loss goals, lifestyles, food preferences, and budgets. Go for the biggest name in the industry, or try shopping around to see what the competition has to offer. Chances are one of these diet programs is just what you need to get healthy.

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