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Barber, TA Associates Inc. Why is my sister's hair red? George may have stayed in Ireland until after his father's death in Disguised as peasants, Sir James and his men surprised and defeated the English garrison in the battle which has become known as the "Douglas Larder". I'm proud of who I am' 'Canadians are not going to put up with this much longer'.

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He asked me how far I could trace my heritage. I quipped, "Well I don't know if we go back to then, but we go back to Moses. I have found over the years that there are so many others who are on this same quest. We want to know how we got here.

Why did our parent's parents live in this place? Why do we attend this church? Why is my sister's hair red? Why do I like haggis and bagpipes? Why do we do what we do? Why are we who we are? I provide this research, not to prove or document the Dickey ancestry without error. This is not an academic study. I have tried to provide a narrative insight into the lives of our forefathers and mothers. I hope you get a taste of their triumphs, joys, and struggles.

I am reminded of the principle, we stand upon the shoulders of giants who have gone before us. I am thankful to God for the rich heritage that He has predestined for me. I do not look back at my ancestors and see villains and charlatans though I am still looking for Jesse James. I look back and see a rich, resourceful, and godly heritage.

They belong to legend as much as to history. Whatever they did was dramatic and usually memorable and were Scotland's outstanding representatives in the Age of Chivalry.

Obviously, if the Douglases had not existed it would have been necessary for Sir Walter Scott to invent them. All members of a clan are allowed to wear the crest of the Chief as a badge of membership.

In the clan badge, the Chief's crest is always surrounded by a belt inscribed with the clan motto. The Clan Douglas Society of North America has chosen a belted, winged heart ensigned with an imperial crown and the motto "Forward" as their official emblem.

William "le Hardi", third from his namesake William de Duglas, was a prominent baron at the time of William Wallace. He is most notable for being the first Lord to join Wallace in his revolt against English rule.

King of Scots" , writes about William "le Hardi's" eager alliance with Wallace,. Crusader, warrior, egoist, he had gone his own throughout life with very little regard for anyone else. He had flouted the guardians of the interregnum and insulted the authority of King Edward by abducting and forcibly marrying Eleanor de Ferrers, an English widow, while she was staying with relatives in Scotland. He was captured by the English and executed.

Sir James, son of William "le Hardi", continued his father's fight for Scottish independence at the side of Robert the Bruce. He fought with Bruce at Methven in then led a raid on Douglas Castle, his Douglasdale Estate, which had been confiscated by the English. Disguised as peasants, Sir James and his men surprised and defeated the English garrison in the battle which has become known as the "Douglas Larder".

Once again disguising his men, this time as oxen, he attacked and captured Roxburgh Castle. His stealthy and effective means of combat are remembered in a children's bedtime song,. Hush ye, hush ye, little pet ye, Hush ye, hush ye, do not fret ye, The Black Douglas shall no get ye. Sir James also played a major role in the defeat of the English Army at the Battle of Bannockburn and was one of the signatories of the Declaration of Arbroath, at Arbroath Abbey, in On the death of Bruce in , Sir James was entrusted with the Monarch's heart in order to carry it on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

He was killed fighting the Moors in Spain while on this pilgrimage in Sir James' body and Bruce's heart were returned to Scotland and laid to rest at St. Bride's Church and Melrose Abbey, respectively. Upon the murder of his brother, William, the 8th Earl of Douglas, James left his duties as Bishop of Aberdeen to assume the Earldom and avenge his brother. He rode, with a column of several hundred, to Stirling and burned the town. King James II gave chase with an army of thirty thousand.

The 9th Earl recognized the futility of his situation and surrendered to the King. He was obliged to formally forgive James II, but nursed his animosity until when he again marched on Stirling with an army of forty thousand. The King's army, ironically led by George, 4th Earl of Angus, a Douglas kinsmen from the Red Douglas line, took the field against him with a numerically equal force. On the eve of the battle the Lord Hamilton defected with his troops to the King's cause, tilting the advantage away from Douglas.

In the resultant Battle of Arkinholm the power of the Black Douglases was broken. The Earl escaped capture and fled to England with one brother, Balveny. His other brothers did not fare as well.

Moray fell in the battle, and Ormond was captured and executed. All Douglas holdings were declared forfeit and Douglas strongholds were besieged with heavy gun and ultimately taken. The defeat of the Black Douglases by the Red Douglases at Arkinholm gave rise to the following verse,. The 9th Earl made a futile attempt to regain his power a number of years later, but he was captured and banished to Lindores Abbey where he died in With the passing of the 9th Earl, the line of the Black Earls of Douglas failed.

Douglases, however, continued to be influential in Scottish history in the lines of the Red Douglases, Douglases of Morton, and the Douglases of Queensberry. Further Douglas Clan research is available at www.

The Dickey family was a Sept of the Douglas clan in Scotland. Other families, known as Septs, are related to the house of Douglas by kinship or by being close neighbors historically.

Other names are added as Septs when persons from other families present reasonable evidence to support a historic relationship to the Douglas family. These recognitions and relationships make no pretense to establish a line of peerage or confirm any genealogical relationship. The Douglas clan held lands in the Glasgow area where the Dickey ancestors lived. Further evidence that the Dickey's were Septs of the Douglas clan can be found in the heraldry of the Dickeys and the Douglases.

One will notice that the shield of the Douglas knight has 2 stars across the top and a red heart. The Dickey family crest is black with a silver chevron, at the top, three five leafed flowers. This similarity seems to suggest that the Dickey's sided with the Black Douglases, which is the senior branch of the Douglas Family. The Black Douglases trace descent from the early Douglases through their progenitor, William," le Hardi". The author includes the chapter on the Douglas clan to make some suggestions about the Dickey family.

The station and place of our ancestors suggest that some of our fathers could and may have fought with the Douglas clan and taken part in the glory and bravery they displayed. At the publishing of this book, the ancestral research stops at with our father Robert Dickey of Glasgow, Scotland. We find that he is a man of means and a business owner. Further research also shows family connections to the Kennedy and Auchincloss families, both of significant nobility.

In the midst of a class society and feudal system, we can reasonability assume that the Dickey's played a part in the military and political affairs of this Scottish lowland clan. At the time of Robert's birth we find the end of the Black Douglases and their power. The Red Douglases continued in power beyond the departure of our line of Dickey's near Robert Dickey was born in in Glasgow, Scotland.

Robert married Elizabeth Auchincloss ?? Some have speculated that the Auchincloss are the Scottish bloodline of the Illuminati Illuminati. Relationships between the Auchincloss, Kennedy, and Dickey families will continue through a couple generations.

As "Robert Dik," he leased j. This area seems to be located in the rural country between Glasgow and Edinburgh. While here in Bonyntowne, Elizabeth gives birth to Robert Jr.

He released the land on September 19, ; but in , he is found at Glasgow. He was apprenticed to a "master skinner and furrier," Patrick Letrick of Glasgow. In Glasgow, he lived in a house on St. Thenew Street today it is called Argyle Street where the skinners' shops were located.

This street is even today a center for merchants and craftsmen. The location of Robert and Elizabeth Dickey's dwellings could suggest what level of status he held.

He also owned two rods of land in the Gallowgait, beyond the Molendinar, near the Little St. The picture to the left may give you a glimpse of what used to be Dickey land. The Chapel, built in , it bears the name of the patron saint of Glasgow. It is believed that he died in , and evidence suggests he was dead before May 3, , when his widow asked to be awarded his license as "skynner and schaw" of Glasgow.

In , John Dickey went to sea and became a mariner when he was 27 years of age. He dwelt in the new town of Are. Research by this author has not been able to locate the town or island of Are. But he later returned to Glasgow, lived in his father's house, and took over the skinner business.

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