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It has now been a month and no parcel. The shakes come in two delicious flavors which are chocolate and vanilla. Lose weight and you become healthier, right? The reason I am rating bodybuilding. What do the nutrisystem meals taste like , and is it worth the money? When I tried reaching them on customer care no one responded to the calls and when I mailed them, I was getting the same template reply which they send to everyone.

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Why the Nutrisystem Diet Will Hurt You

We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. Register Help Members Login. Register Gallery Today's Posts Search. Welcome to the EliteFitness. Please join this discussion about Nutrisystem??? Results 1 to 4 of 4. If you're looking for a "diet", I'm sure it is OK, you will lose pounds.. If you are looking to create a healthy menu to support a fitness lifestyle it is really not the best way to go.

It's not an exercise plan. The food tastes like crap. You lose active tissue in the form of muscle mass. Why in the world do you think you're going to feel better using Nutrisystem? Do you think you're going to feel better because your body weight will be lighter?

You might be lighter, but your lighter because of less muscle mass. This actually makes your life harder. You have less energy throughout the day because you're eating horrible sources of food. You need energy to feel great. The only way to get that is to eat the best sources of food — and that's definitely not what you're doing with the Nutrisystem Diet. The concept is good. The idea is good. Lose weight and you become healthier, right? Eating processed foods, eating fewer calories, not exercising… Is that going to make you healthier?

Again, weight loss does not always come in the form of body fat. Weight loss on the Nutrisystem diet comes in the form of muscle mass. Lose muscle and get unhealthy. Lose body fat and become healthier. You might look smaller in the mirror but that's because you lost muscle tissue — active tissue that helps you. Hopefully, I've talked you out of the Nutrisystem diet. Don't waste your money. Guess what, it arrived with no issues. Now while working in East Timor a colleague ordered items from Bodybuilding.

These items were sent by Fedex and arrived in a matter of days I ordered items and specified that they should be sent by Fedex as they were more reliable. The parcel is now lost with the fools at Bodybuilding. I've spoken to customs, and they don't hold parcels, they merely screen them. I've spoken to DHL Express, they have nothing to do with Global service, and I've spoken to the post office, they don't have the parcel.

It has now been a month and no parcel. It is not in country as Bodybuilding. From the ridiculous postage costs you would expect some sort of assurance that the parcel will arrive. I know parcels arrive at my location with Fedex. These guys are beyond incompetent, they are negligent. My strong advice to people, spend a bit extra on purchasing in your own country or find another reputable dealer.

COM, they are basically either incompetent or crooks. I'm leaning more towards crooks. I had to spend 30 mins on the phone with dpd because their driver had tried to deliver to the wrong address.

My options were collect later that night or have it delivered tomorrow I had taken a day off so I would be in to get it today. The reason I am rating bodybuilding.

By the time he asked me what would rectify the problem I had spent 3 hours getting this sorted. If you do still use them I would write the numbers on your address a few times because my delivery driver could not tell the difference between and and bodybuilding.

Do yourself a favour and use a company that will actually get your stuff delivered. I just wanted to share my positive experience with bodybuilding. I get my package the next day even if order standard shipping. I live in NYC so maybe this has something to do with it.

I was immediately connected to a customer service representative. I explained everything and he instantly shipped out a new order and told me they will have that other package "returned to sender".

Got the package the next day. I have not one negative thing to say about this site. I'm a customer for life! I don't work there nor has anyone told me to write this review. I would feel ashamed if I worked on the customer service team at bodybuilding. Perhaps that's why they all hide behind a fake moniker. I placed an order bound for Singapore on January 12, It is now March 17, and still no sign of the package.

I had emailed, called and live-chatted with bodybuilding. The thing is, I have on at least 5 other occasions explained that I had taken their advice and contacted my local customs and local delivery service.

I also checked with my local health authorities to ensure that the item I ordered did not contain any restricted ingredients. I even contacted DHL directly, who let me know that the onus is on the seller to initiate the investigation to the missing package. Further, it is not that bb. Essentially, they pay their customer service officers to brush you off. The supervisor has no empathy for their customers whatsoever!!

You lost a great customer and my friends and their friends too!!! Never ever buy anything from bodybuilding. I ordered some pre and they gave me a tracking number which DHL doesn't track in SA apparently or so they say. It's been almost three months and I still haven't got anything. Every time I mail bodybuilding. They just give me a response giving me my tracking number that isn't valid and a link that goes to their site stating they are not responsible for shipping. It's like nobody at that company actually does anything.

Customs say the package hasn't even entered SA. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with and I advise you never buy anything from them if you're outside the US.

So I just created this account to warn other people about the practices and policies of bodybuilding. Let's start at the beginning: I live in Austria, ordered two Pre Workouts from the site, paid almost the same amount for shipping as the items itself. Checked the ingredients on the label so that I won't have issues with customs. Everything is legal, and there are no banned substances, at least not what is stated on the label. After one and a half week, no package, no answer.

Called UPS and I found out that the package was seized by customs because there are illegal substances in the supplement itself, and not only that I will probably face criminal charges but also have to pay for testing, etc.

This is the most unprofessional site that I have seen in my life! Never order from the site if you are abroad or Canada, etc. They don't send the necessary paperwork with the package, they don't offer you any support and the products that they sell are definitely mislabeled.

Never ever buy something from this company again. I ordered a supplement, about 2 months ago. I then inquired with Bodybuilding. I then inquired with the shipping agents - DHL, who assured me that these items are not banned by SA customs as per the seller's information. I would suggest that anyone looking to purchase goods from Bodybuilding. The shipper had incorrectly labeled the contents of the package and because it was too heavy to return to sender they simply disposed of it.

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