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Too little insulin production will increase the risk of diabetes, and blood glucose levels will rise. Declines in the populations of otters and sea lions may also be partially due to their exposure to PCBs, the insecticide DDT, other persistent organic pollutants. Natural remedies for gastritis. Traces of BPS have also been found in personal care products. You can always re-use this food later on!


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In my case, he helped me figure out that a lot of my issues were gut related. After I started a whole foods diet, cut out the foods that caused irritation, started Dr.

I felt so relieved and happy that I finally figured me out! My blood tests became normal and now I am off my anti-thyroid medication and doing well.

Osansky gave me the tools I needed to help me restore my health. I would definitely recommend trying a natural approach to achieving better health. The effort I put forth paid off in a big way. I now have a better understanding of my body, adapted to a healthier lifestyle for my family and I, and I have the tools and knowledge to go forth healthy and happy without medication.

Never had an issue with my weight. My weight was always pounds. Always had plenty of energy. Seeing an internal medicine doctor helped me for a short time and then I relapsed.

I started looking at other options and came across Dr. After being accepted into the program, I was given multiple tests that other doctors seem to ignore.

With 70 percent of your immune system located in the digestive system, I feel like Dr. Osansky focused in on the digestive system the most. The large amount of information given each month, along with the webinars, has been very helpful in changing my lifestyle habits.

Without them and the help of Dr. When I first began working with Dr. Eric some of the symptoms I experienced included a rapid heartbeat, dizziness, irritability, no energy, weight loss for no reason from 98 lbs to 87 lbs, overly sensitive, crying without any reason, difficulty sleeping, feeling hot most of the time even in room temperature, mood swings, eyes protrusion, stress level was high.

My family doctor, Dr. Snell, who is outstanding as well, told me most people could not stand the symptoms of Graves Disease so they receive the RAI.

Osansky did was to prescribe a protocol that allowed me to avoid the Graves Disease symptoms so I could heal. The symptoms were horrible and I felt trapped with RAI as the only alternative. We prayed about this situation and found Dr. Osansky who provided a natural alternative which allowed me to keep my thyroid gland and lead a normal life.

I definitely recommend Dr. Using that information, he devised and modified when needed a treatment protocol to address my needs. Osansky or his staff in person! Email responses are very prompt! He takes the time to understand my individual issues and makes suggestions based on what is best for me. After a year, I am feeling much better and believe I am on track to good health by addressing causes of symptoms instead of just medicating to mask the symptoms.

However, every visit to the endocrinologist ended with them stating that this was the only treatment for Graves Disease. In fact, one endocrinologist yelled at me and stated that I had to have the procedure done by November because of the dangerous side effects of the medication.

I was immediately convinced that he could help me because one of his articles described his symptoms and it seemed as though he was describing my symptoms. I wanted a doctor who had this experience and could tell me what to expect. Since starting the natural protocol, I feel full of energy.

I look forward to seeing my students instead of dreading each day. My eating habits have totally changed. I can actually function when I get home. I used to sleep during the two week Christmas holidays, but this year I actually painted, cleaned and exercised. It has truly been a lifestyle change. My blood tests show tremendous improvement. In fact the same endocrinologist who yelled at me sent me a letter indicating that I should immediately start lowering the Methimazole.

When I first began the natural treatment plan for my autoimmune hypothyroid condition my top five symptoms were chest pain diagnosed with costochondritis , fatigue, memory loss, stomach upset, and muscle weakness. No matter how much rest I got, I was still tired. Additionally I did not sleep well either. I believe the reason for that to be because I was only taking a portion of the recommended natural supplements, as well as the fact that I had only changed some of my diet.

When I really got serious about making changes is when I began to really see improvements. Although this does require a change in lifestyle, I feel much better today. The natural treatment protocol allowed me to delve deeper into the root of the problem and address it so that I will hopefully not need to be on these supplements for the rest of my life.

I have already cut back on some of my supplements since my last blood work results. I have hyperthyroidism and felt terrible when I first started the treatment.

I had no energy and all I wanted to do was sleep all of the time. After beginning treatment I feel great and have more energy, and I feel better than I felt since my early 20s. I was very skeptical about natural treatment methods at first. Osansky because he really changed my life. Natural is the way to go. I was suffering from migraines, brain fog, and overall lethargy.

I chanced upon Dr. What struck me the most with Dr. This is rare to see. So I reached out to him. I connected with Dr. He understood my symptoms and put me on a food plan and a supplements regimen. I slowly started to see tremendous improvement. I began to have more energy, The frequency of my migraines reduced and my brain fog was clearing. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in August of I was told by an endocrinologist that my thyroid levels were four times higher than what is considered normal.

I had an acute case and was feeling terrible. My legs were shaking uncontrollably, I was extremely fatigued all the time. I would be exhausted if I had a conversation with someone even for 30 seconds. Having to do the dishes seemed like an impossible feat. Both of my eyes were pronounced, my heart rate was racing, I was experiencing brain fog and not able to remember simple words. I began taking Methimazole, an anti-thyroid drug, but experienced adverse side effects from the medication and began feeling even worse.

I am so thankful that I came across Dr. After watching an informative free webinar that he offered, I decided to request to be under his care.

Osansky evaluated my personal situation, recommended specific lab tests to check on various hormone, acid, metal levels etc. He then customized a protocol treatment for my particular condition with recommended foods and high quality supplements that would begin my road to healing. I remember beginning the protocol and feeling better within the first week.

If ever I had a question or concern he responded very quickly. Osansky is very thorough and his goal is to try to uncover the root cause of the underlying problem so that the trigger can be removed and health is restored. I was not only treated as a patient, but educated as a student and have learned so much. Osansky has imparted to me about how to nourish my body will stay with me for the rest of my life.

After only a few weeks of following Dr. My blood test results normalized, even though my endocrinologist told me when he first saw me that nothing I ate or did would change my condition, I would not let him schedule having my thyroid gland destroyed. I kept searching for help from naturopathic doctors until my registered dietician friend gave me Dr. My endocrinologist sent me a letter saying he does not need to test my blood for a year unless I have any problems. I wish I had found Dr.

I was struggling with such symptoms of hypothyroidism such as fatigue, digestive and sleep issues, slight weight gain, sensitivity to heat and cold, depression, muscle weakness and hair loss. I have noticed positive changes in my mood; I have also become much less sensitive to cold. I am sleeping better as well. I am on a gluten free diet as well and I must say I feel better than ever.

I am not fatigued or easily tired anymore; no digestive issues or hair loss. No zinc and copper deficiency anymore. I had struggled with my health for many years—TB, endometriosis, migraines, fibromyalgia pains, 2 frozen shoulders, fatigue, food allergies, poor digestion and malabsorption, sluggish thyroid, to name a few. Then suddenly I began losing weight and was experiencing bouts of sustained rapid pulse and strong heart palpitations that prompted me to go to the doctor pronto and have it checked out.

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and was prescribed beta blockers to protect my heart from dangerous cardiac symptoms until more tests could be done and a treatment plan given. My endocrinologist gave me little hope. I told him I was not going to hurry into surgery or radioactive iodine ablation.

I wanted to keep my thyroid and began searching for a natural alternative to keep it and restore it to health if at all possible. Osansky and joined his thyroid restoration program. That was the best decision I could have made. He skillfully began to untie the knots my state of health had evolved into. He went to the core cause and no conventional doctor had ever been able to do this for me. I am no longer taking any medications. I feel younger and stronger at 62 than I did at I would recommend Dr.

Osansky to anyone facing hyperthyroidism in a heartbeat. His care was professional, targeted and extremely detailed, he definitely knows his stuff. Little by little my blood work came back to the normal range within 4 to 6 months but you have to follow the protocol. Michael Addario Albany, NY. My medical doctor wanted to put me on hormones, but I knew that was only treating the symptoms and not addressing the real cause of the problem. I began searching for alternative natural treatments and found Dr.

I feel great about the knowledge I have gained about foods. I am proud of myself that I have been able to stick to the pure diet. As a side benefit, not only is my thyroid normal, but I have lost about 40 pounds. I love that I know how to eat the best food for my body and how different food affect my body. Eric to further improve my health. Eric goes so above and beyond with his patient care. The membership program he offers provides far more value than the cost. I was astounded by the email communication and how quickly he would respond and with great detail.

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