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Healthy testosterone levels make it easier to retain muscle mass, and it makes it easier to gain muscle mass as well. Every product we make is the result of innovation, rigorous standards and high quality ingredients, and that has helped us become one of the most trusted brands across the country. To stay on the safe side, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid taking this supplement. Jojogal, August 11, Boy do these taste great.

Specifically Formulated For Men Over 45 Up To 80!

I have tried a few other more expensive shake mixes and gotten similar results. I can just throw this quick shake together and go. Nicky, July 14, I don't always eat as healthy as I should, but I feel good about drinking my creamy milk chocolate Equate Shake everyday.

I have been for years. When I watch what I eat, I can lose weight by including Equate daily. Otherwise, my Equate Shakes help me balance what I eat without counting calories. I like having a quick lunch and by drinking my Equate, I feel I'm getting a balanced meal, but also indulging!

I enjoy my Equate Shake lunch everyday and look forward to it. A day without my Equate Shake is like a day without sunshine. Patty, July 27, Not bad for the pricer, buy in store though. The shakes are fairly tasty, but even the Milk Chocolate ones come in metal cans, and the cans get torn up during shipping. I ordered four cases and they shipped all four in one box, the box was on my porch half falling apart I opened it to find loose cans all over the inside of the box, and I have yet to find a can that was not dented, luckily none busted open!

Buy these in store, or maybe try ordering one case at a time, as they are not well protected while shipped. I'd have given 3 maybe 4 stars if my box did not look like this, which I blame both Walmart and the shipper, there could have been more protection in the box, and they could have split the order into two boxes. WilliamE, August 18, The flavor is nice but this flavor also has that old style chalky taste.

The Chocolate Royale flavor is much better. Make sure you chill these cans before drinking, just like they instruct. It helps to get rid of that chalky taste but not in this flavor, unfortunately. Especially something with low calories and low fat. My breakfast issue is now solved thanks to these Equate shakes!! I love chocolate, so that's the only flavor I've purchased. It tastes sooooo good and there's no bad after taste!!!! It's definitely best to drink it cold. This morning, I was feeling pretty hungry stomach was growling.

Then, I drank a shake and my hungry subsided for several hours; so it really works for curbing an appetite! Most importantly, the price is right. SweetNavy, April 11, A Win-Win in my book I'd been drinking Slim Fast for awhile and I'm sooo glad I decided to try the Equate version because I think it tastes better. I like to throw mine up in the freezer for just a bit to get it just slightly frozen. It tastes just like a frosty at Wendy's or like soft chocolate ice cream that way.

A win-win in my book. Tofreelyroam, August 29, Soo rich and smooth. You had to buy 2 supplements that are both rather expensive. This is something we look at closely. Side effects are really important when it comes to choosing a supplement. Put aside allergies that you should always pay attention to, there is no known side effects with Provacyl. So we actually tracked down some buyers we rarely do that and asked them for their opinions. We had made a little quiz for them to answer easily.

And for us not being too intrusive. That really never happens. If you think that provacyl can help you get a better life, you can learn more about it here. But I tried it out of desperation. A friend recommended Provacyl so I figured I would give it a try.

It works great on me. I resisted ordering nything because I never really believed anything like that could help. But my wife insisted and I lazily gave in. I feel much better now that I take Provacyl. And also for my wife. This really helped me. From a happy customer. Actually ordered for my twin brother as well! After carefully checking different options, I turned to Provacyl. Seems like it was a good pick because the effects on me are wonderful.

I really feel younger in my everyday activities.

After 45, you actually need BOTH!