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Each website address is tested to make sure they link to the correct site only at the time of being published, no other tests are done, so please be aware that we cannot guarantee your safety or site content once you leave taketimeout. From there, enrollment takes place entirely online. This handsome double CD was specially compiled for the Celebrating Cyril day held at Cecil Sharp House on 14 April this year, and in no way is it just an ephemeral memorial issue. After a 16 year sabbatical he returned to the music business in with The Living Room Tapes album. A Hong Kong harp player, you've got to be kidding? One day only came to g of protein. Choose from gift hampers specially created for him and for her,with a mouth-watering selection of sweets, trea….

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He gives the harp another airing on Time Of Day and the fuzzed vocal adds to the overall stormy effect. Drifting is not the blues classic as you may have expected but another acoustic rocker, this time much in the style of the aforementioned Mr Nutini. The last official track is Sun Down, which is a harmonica blues which is short, sweet and cuts the soul. There are two bonus tracks, remixes of Travellin' Man the normal mix of which is not on the album and Love Bites.

The former is a contemporary acoustic blues and the latter adds snappy drums from Geoff Holroyde to give another gritty modern blues. They say that a change is as good as a rest so Will Tang must be completely rested for his next charge for widespread recognition. A Hong Kong harp player, you've got to be kidding? Well, I'm not and William Tang has as much right as anyone to express his love of the blues.

The opener, Walkin' Round is excellent and a song that any U. It is a very good introduction to the playing of William and he has surrounded himself with good musicians.

This is a 'live' studio album and gives us a feeling of how the band would sound in an intimate club - fantastic. It's Alrite rocks - it's another Tang song and guitarist Murdoch produces some good slide guitar before William goes almost apoplectic at the end. Sweet Little Angel is a B. King song and he has done the right thing by not trying to sound like the great man and there is some more strong guitar work from Murdoch.

The Thrill Is Gone is the song made famous by B. King but William's voice is not really suited to this but the interesting use of harmonica redeems it. It is an instrumental finish to a good album and, like the other tracks, is held together by the tight drumming of Mark Menezes. Canada's Tanglefoot have become one of that country's most popular exports, with a loyal following in the UK largely due to their storming, swashbuckling appearances at festivals.

In the flesh they've an almost overwhelming, distinctly larger-than-life presence which draws you into their stirring and passionate music: One special thing about Tanglefoot is that even though the band's always had a strong "corporate identity" as a performing unit, each of its members is a more than capable front-person when taking the lead role on a song.

There's a wide gamut of emotions on display, from Al's deliciously menacing theatrical portrait of the Bishop on Boot Soup and guitarist Steve Ritchie's charming swing-idiom retelling of When Dad And Uncle Archie Lost The Farm, both of which contrast nicely with Tanglefoot's tremendous, lively take on the traditional Paddle Like Hell done in authentic French-Canadian dialect, naturally!

The band's newest recruit, flamboyant fiddle player Sandra Swannell, contributes loads more than just a pretty face and some spirited musicianship, and not just in the vocal-harmony department but in the shape of a fine song, the story of Maggie, which fits in really well with the rest of the group compositions.

Steve's anthem For The Day another well-harmonised acappella item forms an ideal closer. Maybe you'll feel that the brief sequence of slightly silly extraneous outtakes tacked on at the end should have been left on the cutting-room floor, but at least you can exit before they start.

Any mild sense of underplay at moments during the set is only apparent while memories of the band's massive live presence remain in your mind; what's important is that Tanglefoot still make a suitably big sound even on disc and they're on splendid form both vocally and instrumentally here. After five studio albums and even more UK tours, the big hairy ones have finally got round to releasing a live CD. Captured Alive brings right into your living-room or bedroom, car or privy!

Recorded in Toronto over three nights in May last year, and following hard on the heels of the release of their successful Agnes On The Cowcatcher CD, this minute selection of definitively passionate, full-frontal Tanglefoot performances marks a watershed in the band's development. It acts as both a swansong for the retirement of original member Joe Grant from performing with the band although he continues to write for them and as an introduction to new recruit, fiddler Terry Snider they appear together on the set's finale La V'la M'Amie..

If you don't already know Tanglefoot from their many riotous UK festival appearances thus far, take heart: I need to come clean myself, for during the early years of their career I was wondering what all the fuss was about.

I couldn't deny their energy, passion, musicianship and artistry, but somehow their larger-than-life presence, at least on CD, seemed overly concerned with maximising the impact with over-the-top delivery and a certain amount of posturing, which, although designed to impress, left me somewhat cold in the end.

But more recently I've been a bit of a convert even though it's still the case that not all of their material totally convinces me , and not only because experiencing the band live is a whole different kettle of fish. Quite simply, Tanglefoot are a top-flight live act, working hard, giving value aplenty with their supercharged, upfront performances of folk-tales that veer credibly from the good-natured and cheekily witty to the tragic and highly poignant, counterpointed by a true instrumental versatility and a hell of a stage presence.

Tanglefoot are true showmen, who know how best to present their uniformly strong material and how to please an audience and keep their interest throughout a set. There are no longueurs, and every song's a winner, whether rollicking or thoughtful. With 14 songs ranging far and wide through the band's healthy back-catalogue, together with five intros, and all encased in a handsome, heavy-duty digipack with photos, lyrics and notes, Captured Alive is as essential for the Fan as for those who still need convincing of Tanglefoot's already legendary status.

A sure-fire chart hit? That's the way it's always been for those of us who have found our music in the margins; the ' word ' passed by a friend, a great review in an American magazine, a link on the internet. We find our music under the radar. Michael Tarbox's unpretentious foursome, with himself on guitars and vocals, Jon Cohan on drums and percussion, Daniel Keller on violin and vocals and Johnny Sciascia on bass fiddle and vocals, strut their raw, rootsy rockers with a genuine feel for the soul of the South.

It's unpasteurised and so real you can taste it. Fresh arrangements guarantee you're not left with that ' jeez, there goes another blues standard again ' feeling.

The core of the band started with Joss Clapp acoustic bass and Rob Armstrong cittern. Having worked together intermittently as a duo, they were soon joined by Ben Murray accordion and Jon Redfern drums and ultimately Emma Hancock fiddle. This is their second album, and although it does not feature Emma, still gives a good impression of the band as they are today. Not folkrock red in tooth and claw, but a much more subtle variation.

There are tinges of Bert Jansch, celtic, cajun, jazz, and other influences even Pink Floyd on a pot puree of memorable tunes and songs. The rather down beat title track kicks off the album - actually it's a bit of a grower - followed by a splendid instrumental, Russian in feel with Celtic overlays. Next up is the sprightly song ' Fires ', featuring some nice accordion and acoustic guitar. Next up is a real gem - ' Dark Eyed Sailor '.

The well known trad song given a drop dead gorgeous acoustic arrangement. The CD is worth buying for this track alone. Finally, is ' Bagels ', another well played and enjoyable tune set. All in all, a real gem of an album, and one to add to anyone's CD pile. From the name alone, Tattie Jam might be deduced to be either frivolous or fusionist, but although this Scottish duo incorporate elements of those traits they're embraced as entirely positive qualities that don't overstay their welcome.

Here we have two very accomplished instrumentalist-singers: Each of them is intensely but wholly naturally capable of switching between lead and supporting roles during the course of a song or instrumental set, as the music demands, and their open-minded versatility enables them to maintain a constant freshness of approach that, though employing a necessary measure of thoughtful pre-arrangement, also retains both a healthy degree of spontaneity and the all-important element of surprise for the listener within the unusual flavourings and often strange twists and turns of text and texture.

In this way, Tattie Jam always manage to tread the fine line, and maintain the all-important balance, between the contrasting elements of their musical personalities, allowing each of these to percolate to the surface at the appropriate moments. Their respectful attitude to tradition is given due weight, while the slightly more facetious side of life is not neglected, being cheekily conveyed in a lively Scottish fashion.

Entertainment value is high throughout the disc in fact, as is the level of invention in the musical arrangements. In the duo's takes on traditional ballads Earl Richard and The Birken Tree , no stone is left unturned in their enthusiastic communication of the narratives, yet their responses are finely tuned and sensitive with it, and you never feel that they're selling their material short.

Ruaridh himself has had a direct involvement in the composition of seven of the disc's 13 tracks: Forty and the sprightly Summer Shower jig and three of the vocal items. But in all honesty I'd have to go as far as to say that every single one of the disc's tracks has distinctive and commendable qualities all its own, right from the attention-grabbing nay, arresting , spectrally bluesy album opening, the prelude to the duo's driving rendition of Robert Tannahill's Are Ye Sleepin', Maggie?

Lest it be thought I'm concentrating unduly on the duo's vocal prowess both are excellent solo singers, with an unerring ability to harmonise with each other as a bonus , I must emphasise that their instrumental skills are also second to none.

Seylan, playing a five-string electric instrument, coaxes with her determinedly syncopated bow-strokes some of the most attractively funky cello playing you're ever likely to encounter, balanced by an equally determined sensuous lyricality, while Ruaridh's sense of rhythm whether on tenor banjo or guitar is utterly infectious and balanced by an understated dexterity and sureness of purpose hear how he negotiates the tricky contours of the Nine Pint Favourite set for instance.

This vibrant duo certainly have a lot going for them, not the least a unmistakable sound, and they've produced what I can only describe as an outstandingly inspired debut CD, one which I'd not hesitate to class as undoubtedly one of the finest Scottish albums on the market at the moment.

If you're looking for a seriously different angle on Scottish tradition with a contemporary slant, then Tattie Jam will fit your bill very well indeed. It's great to see on CD at long last this treasured LP from the tail-end of the s that first appeared on the Argo label in; it forms part of the tentatively continuing programme of reissues from the admirable Talking Elephant stable In Port is set to follow very shortly.

Admittedly, Cyril owns up, in his sleeve note, that even he just does not know what we mean by the term "children's songs", but goes on to explain that the record contains a wide selection of suitable candidates including delightful "nursery songs crooned by Nanny" The Snail , cautionary tales like Tommy And The Apples, fun "cumulative" songs like The Tree In The Valley and I Had A Little Cock, and a handful of adult songs which are "sufficiently simple and humorous to appeal equally to young folk".

Well then, so what if with one possible exception all the "children's songs" on this record were obtained from grown-ups? The release comes with faithful reproduction of all the original liner notes and text, as well as some attractive additional artwork, but I do need to warn you that the published track listing is slightly awry, as items 2 and 3 have been banded together as track 2 so all successive tracks are one cue adrift.

But this is still without doubt one of the most charming and yes, treasurable records of children's songs one could hope to come across. Talking Elephant's latest crop of enterprising reissues finds the label testing the waters by licensing a select few LPs from the long-deleted Argo catalogue for well-overdue first-time-reissue in CD format. In tandem with the iconic initial fruits of Peter Bellamy's exploration of the Kipling legacy, here's the first of what I hope will be many reissues of key albums by the late Cyril Tawney.

A Mayflower Garland, which was recorded in mid-December and released in , is a miscellany of traditional and contemporary material connected in some way or other with the counties of Devon and Cornwall which was offered as a tribute on the occasion of the th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower. Some of these are regional variations of folksongs heard throughout Britain, whereas others are uniquely local.

Perhaps the most celebrated of the latter is Cyril's matchlessly steadfast rendition of The Bellringing, which in the sound of the human voice imitates the flow of the bells but "forgets that bells don't have lungs"! Among other staples of Cyril's repertoire of the time, included on the LP are three of his own compositions, each having as its subject some aspect of life in Plymouth the wonderfully tender, affectionate and yet plaintive portrait of The Oggie Man, the modern-lullaby-cum-caustic-farewell Beacon Park and the necessarily slightly exaggerated satirical commentary of Second Class Citizen's Song.

Not quite so authentic, but more fun, is the silly Devonshire version of the maritime ballad The Cruise Of The Calabar which relocates the action to a clumsy barge in the comparative safety of a canal! A Mayflower Garland has long been regarded as one of Cyril's finest albums, which makes it all the more surprising that fully three-quarters of its song contents has never before been available on a Tawney CD.

Happily, that omission has now been rectified, and the present handsome reissue package comes complete with original sleeve notes. Yes, it's a cause for rejoicing that this fine, sensibly wrought collection can now take its rightful place on our CD shelves.

This handsome double CD was specially compiled for the Celebrating Cyril day held at Cecil Sharp House on 14 April this year, and in no way is it just an ephemeral memorial issue. Cyril's legacy, like his music, reaches far and wide, and this is evidenced by a realisation of the extent of his impact on the folk scene, an impact which in turn we can gauge not only by the sheer number of performers performing his songs itself a hefty tally , but also by the strength and depth of the tribute anthem from which this compilation takes its title: But before that closing anthem, we're treated to 31 songs performed by Cyril himself, taken from existing available recordings made over a wide timespan.

These either derive from the Cyril Tawney Archives or are expertly re-mastered recordings of gems of his repertoire both traditional and self-penned. The actual selection is both canny and salutary, and is actually contrary to what you might expect weighted heavily towards traditional song, for Cyril's talent for reinterpreting traditional song can easily get overlooked during the course of one's enthusiastic appreciation albeit well-founded of his original songwriting. Cyril's versions of such staples as Ball Of Yarn and A Jug Of This could easily find a natural place on a future Voice Of The People collection, I feel, while his tender, lyrical rendition of the usually-pub-thumping Wild Rover is masterly, both astute and beautifully apposite.

Cyril's easy, naturally expressive delivery and adept, deceptively simple accompanimental style on nylon-strung guitar may always have betrayed the influence of Burl Ives, the man whom he readily admitted was the catalyst for him taking up the singing of folk songs in the first place, but his was a distinctive voice - and presence - that once heard was never mistaken or forgotten!

His commanding tones ring out on the one non-solo track, the shanty Roll Down in the performance taken from the original recording of the ballad opera The Transports. It's probably fair to say that this compilation, consistently entertaining though it is, doesn't necessarily paint the most complete picture of Cyril the folk legend; for that you really need also to collect at least one but preferably more of the other Cyril Tawney titles Navy Cuts or Nautical Tawney now available on CD from the same excellent label, as well as the brand-new Live At Holsteins release reviewed separately.

And personally I'd have liked the package to have included those important discographical details such as recording dates and sources.

But in every respect - performance, fine re-mastered sound quality, presentation - The Song Goes On is a magnificent celebration of Cyril Tawney's artistry. The latest album from Allan, his 20th, is heralded as showing a return to the more folk-inflected style of troubadour song that characterised his earlier songwriting years.

Whatever, Allan remains the consummate craftsman-in-song, and he hasn't in any way abandoned the key themes and concerns that he's developed and made very much his own over his long and illustrious nigh-onyear career as a premier singer-songwriter.

Leaving At Dawn is absolutely quintessential Allan Taylor, instantly recognisable for its telling combination of a uniquely expressive, warm and inviting vocal delivery and an attractive, precisely captured instrumental backing, centred as ever around Allan's own intricately moulded and mellifluous guitar playing. But it's also the product of an artist of maturity and integrity, always delivering work of the highest self-imposed standards and exhibiting in every single aspect of its presentation supreme confidence without complacency.

This new batch of songs was written with just one exception between and , each one a prime example of Allan's second-nature ability to directly share his emotions in simple yet always profoundly literate language, thereby taking the listener on a journey that feels personal yet contains universal truths aplenty. Allan's musings are affectionate and eloquent, yet often more complex than they appear, primarily because they're shot through with the perceptiveness and realism that are the hallmarks of a true observer.

Leaving At Dawn is full of songs that follow the songwriter's eternal preoccupation, reflection with regret, either musing sensitively on love Lay Soft On Your Pillow, Back Home To You or embodying a strong sense of genius-loci Provence, New York In The Seventies , often memorably bringing together both strands in the same song. Especially beguiling here are two songs composed in a pastiche-traditional vein Firefly, already celebrated in Tom McConville's fabulous recording, and The Last Of The Privateers , The Almost Man a chokingly pertinent tribute to Allan's father , and Winter a beautiful and masterfully poetic expression of tender reassurance , while Red On Green is Allan's own translation of a poignant song of farewell composed by Massimo Bubola based on a WWI love-letter written by Massimo's uncle.

The disc's exceptional, state-of-the-art recording draws you in right close, with Allan's very special and intimate delivery cocooned by the immaculately judged and empathic contributions of a handful of other musicians variously playing guitar, dobro, accordion, banjo, bowed psaltery and fretless bass. I feel sure that Leaving At Dawn will rapidly come to be judged one of Allan's finest collections.

Little wonder that Tom Paxton praises Allan to the skies, for Allan's songs share a longevity and definite kinship with the very best of Tom's own. Allan's one of the key songwriters of our time, a true professional as much respected by fellow-musicians as by his loyal audiences.

Over close on 40 years now, he's produced a large number of intense and significantly enduring songs, and his own recordings of many of those most frequently requested remain obstinately though unavoidably unavailable, languishing on long-deleted LPs and CDs and yes, there's three of Allan's albums that I've never even owned on disc myself! With this in mind, Allan has chosen to go into the studio and re-record a dozen of his best songs which fall into that unfortunate category.

Yet considering its status as a collection of songs from different periods of Allan's writing career spanning the quarter-century from to and its originally-intended function as a kind of stop-gap pending Allan's next album of brand new material, this set works fantastically well as a strongly unified offering in its own right which highlights both the mighty consistency of Allan's writing craft and the unstintingly high quality of his singing and playing.

It also points up the stature of Allan's own continually evolving interpretations of his earlier material, by presenting the songs in stripped-down settings just voice and guitar or piano which in most cases are radically different from the original recordings. This method permits an altogether closer focus on the vocal nuances of Allan's increasingly mature renditions, which embody what I can only describe as a more conversational delivery that brings a more intimate expression of the emotional climate and extracts further hitherto unacknowledged subtle insights from the lyric.

The unadorned new settings serve to retrieve the essence of the songs, meaning which may over the course of time been lost in indifferent or over-cosy cover versions or buried beneath inappropriate instrumentation. Priceless observational pieces like Urban Love Song glisten like freshly-polished jewels, while the reflective Chimes At Midnight one of three songs on which Lutz Moeller's grand piano takes the place of Allan's guitar also gains much from being shorn of its lates full-band arrangement.

Yes, Allan, at the present moment you very probably "couldn't possibly play and sing any of them better than you have here": It shouldn't be so easy to temporarily lose count of just how many great songs Allan's written, but I suspect that even his biggest fans can be guilty of doing just that - so this immensely rewarding new CD will provide a further salutary reminder.

Several times BBC Young Tradition Award finalist, Manchester-born Becky is one of the few female players of the uillean pipes in England today, and she's already a session and festival veteran of several years' standing. She's built a considerable reputation for her distinctive interpretations of traditional tunes - not only on the uillean pipes, but also on the Northumbrian smallpipes, whistle, fiddle and duet concertina - and for her skill in composing and arranging tunes that continue the tradition.

Her debut CD was released over five years ago, a modest and unpretentious offering which eschewed precocious showing-off and instead concentrated on the music-making in the convivial company of her informal band of friends. Ireland Bridge, the followup, moves on a step by broadening the instrumental palette to include piano and demonstrating the increasing sharpening of Becky's arranging skills to incorporate countermelodies and layers of harmonies into her individual presentation of the tunes.

Becky clearly feels no further need to prove herself, as there are no purely solo tracks this time round. Whether the tunes are traditional or self-penned and there are plenty of both on offer here, with the latter just in the majority , Becky's approach is genuinely exhilarating, full of verve and dynamism, retaining a solid base in traditional form and setting, but she brings in touches of folk-rock and even baroque at times and the textures she employs are invariably full of interest, ensuring the listener stays awake!

Right from the vibrant opening title track with its multitracked melody line, through the smallpipes showcase Smallcoalpiper and a stately treatment of O'Carolan's Captain O'Kane, and on to the more pictorial River Rose and finally the Can't Help Smiling set that rocks away to close proceedings - and I bet you can't too A most pleasing instrumental album that's just a bit different from the usual sequence of tune-sets - and therein lies its freshness and appeal.

Bram's been a mainstay of the renowned folk label Fellside almost since its inception, and Song Singer, his appositely-titled ninth album for the label, keeps the faith by maintaining his proven, winning formula - that of presenting another fine selection of songs that Bram obviously loves singing.

It's inevitably a very personal selection, so not all the songs will be to everyone's taste there's one that I personally just can't get on with for instance , but if anyone can make a case for a song then Bram's your man. His genuinely accommodating performing style has been labelled "easy listening folk", but while that has an element of truth in the sense that it won't frighten the horses with radical or aurally challenging arrangements, say , it should not be taken in the pejorative sense, for Bram's an entertainer in the old-fashioned sense, a purveyor of good honest artistry: On this latest offering, Bram's unpretentious yet wholly committed renditions are ably and tastefully accompanied by decent and primarily acoustic textures co-ordinated by engineers Paul Adams and Bob Hallard and featuring string virtuoso Stevie Lawrence, fiddler Iain Anderson, cellist Wendy Weatherby and other similarly expert musicians of unassuming excellence.

Several of the songs are ones that Bram's been featuring in his live sets for a long time but not got round to recording despite repeated requests - until now, that is, and so his fans will welcome this disc with open arms for its inclusion of favourites like Rose Of Allendale and Huw Williams' Geordie Will Dance The Jig Tonight.

The songs that work the best for me are those where song and setting truly cohere though it helps if I personally respond to the song anyway, of course. On this occasion I'd single out for special mention Judith Haswell's moving song of farewell Harbour Lights some particularly lovely harmony vocals from Linda and Sue Adams on this one , James Keelaghan's Hillcrest Mine why do songs about mining-disasters often have such jolly, even brilliantly catchy tunes?!!

I also liked Bram's thoroughly appropriate if unusual interpretations of two recent but quite well-known songs dealing with the cotton industry of his native Lancashire songs which in lesser hands tend to get saddled with a glib, overly cheery treatment.

I could best sum up by saying that's what I've always liked about Bram - ie. This album does him proud, and it will quite probably come to be regarded as his best to date. Though a constantly reliable and entertaining performer who remains loyal to the folk scene, Bram never gets the level of recognition he deserves it seems. I thought his previous album of all-new material, Fragile Peace which I reviewed in Stirrings , might well have been the one to bring him a healthier profile.

Bram's stature as a performer could only be enhanced, I felt, by his perennially attractive and accessible presentation of a series of well-chosen songs, many from the pens of unjustly neglected writers. But somehow that didn't quite happen, and I fear it's still unlikely to with this new CD. That comment shouldn't be taken to imply any lack of quality or consistency - far from it; it's just that Bram treads a roughly similar path again, using his customary artisan-like approach, which many listeners in this age of immediate impact and gushing trendsetting will persist in regarding as old-fashioned.

For The Night Is Young , Bram has gathered together a generous selection of top-quality material, but tips the balance just a little further onto the side of the traditional than usual; here five traditional songs get his own special interpretative treatment along with one by Robert Burns and nine by modern songwriters. One of Bram's strengths has always been the seeking out and performing of fine songs by contemporary writers Larry Kaplan, Brendan Graham, Willard Gayheart, Ian Chesterman et al.

In fact, I'd not heard the majority of these songs outside the confines of the better class of club singarounds, and it's good to hear them being given permanent take-home exposure as it were by a true professional. For, to his credit, Bram always manages to choose songs that suit his own vocal characteristics; he's in particularly good voice this time round - pleasing, firm and enviably even in tone, though its very evenness can sometimes give the erroneous impression of blandness, one which is reinforced at times by a slight over-use of reverb on his voice.

Instrumentally, aside from Bram's own guitar and occasional duet concertina, the audio signature of the album mostly revolves around the consort combination of the bouzouki of Steve Lawrence and the fiddle of Stewart Hardy - a glorious sound. The audio signature of just a few other tracks concentrates on the piano keyboard of Ian Kellett; at times this is attractively classical especially when boosted by Stewart's fiddle and viola , too close to "easy listening" for my taste on If I Should Leave You beautifully sung though it is.

I'll close by giving honourable mention to Bram's treatments of traditional material, notably his gentle, wistful, decidedly non-raucous take on The Holy Ground the arrival of which coincided with Tom McConville's similarly considered recent recording and his inspired, welcomingly non-lugubrious revisit of Annan Water. Bram clearly still enjoys singing and discovering both new songs and fresh aspects of familiar songs, all of which he communicates strongly on The Night Is Young.

Blue is the debut album from multi-instrumentalist Cassie, who just happens to be the daughter of award-winning bluesman Otis Taylor on eight of whose albums she's already appeared! Her music is a reasonably forthright, at times quite chirpy blend of contemporary blues, pop and rock with a touch of country. If that implies it lacks a specific or defined identity, then I tend to feel that way, at least for much of the skimpy minute duration of this album.

Cassie displays a passion for music-making, sure, and her songwriting is par for the course for a young lady her age exploring the trials and tribulations of a something woman , but her melodies often owe more to the pop stylings from which she derives much inspiration than to the blues in which her music might be more expected to be rooted.

Perhaps the most memorable tracks are the jangling odyssey of Keys, the driving Make Me Cry and the shimmering Haunted. Yes, Blue is a confident enough first-step, but I suspect it wouldn't make the impact it does without the powerful contributions of guitarist James Rooster Olson and the solid drumkit-grooves of Jeremy Colson, and neatly-staged guest appearances from the likes of harmonica player Steve Marriner. It's all very well recorded, though: You might like to know that Cassie will be part of an intensive European tour of the all-female group Blues Caravan "Girls With Guitars" later this year.

I'm a bit ambivalent about this one. I like Taylor, he's an excellent live raconteur and he's written some great songs.

However, this heavily autobiographical album seeks to capitalise on the former without providing any of the latter. Released as a special edition with a 32 page booklet annotating the songs and 2CDs, one featuring extended versions of the songs containing Taylor's stories and one with just the short non-narrative versions, it's basically conversational reminiscences about his Yonkers childhood when he was Jamie Taylor and family.

The opening banjo strummed Barry Go On, for example, recalls brother Jon's Hollywood ambitions, eldest sibling Barry's nascent geological aspirations he went on to become a renowned vulcanologist , his own musical ambitions and how it took six years to figure out his dad was a golf pro and not the FBI agent he'd persuaded them he was. As with the title track's nostalgic reflections, there's several songs about 50s Yonkers life. The honky tonking 50s rock Yonkers Girls pretty much speaks for itself while Saw Mill River Road and Hey Jonny respectively tell how Johnny Cash and Bill Haley turned his life around in a town where the only music was 'white fluff stuff.

The former references Big River, the song he wrote for Cash, while, incorporating Rock And Around The Clock and namechecking The Blackboard Jungle, the latter is a pithy summation of how rock n roll revolutionised a generation. None of them are going to rank alongside his classics, but there's a comfortable relaxed warmth in their telling that ensures they slip down easy. Mike Davies January Chip's musical career has been fragmented, in fits and starts.

The first phase was as legendary songwriter and then country-rock performer of the early 70s, which culminated in a tour of the Netherlands in The second phase followed his return to music in the 90s, and had as its highpoint the series of duet albums he made with Carrie Rodriguez. Right at the end of their musical partnership, in , they toured Holland; during this tour, Chip wrote a series of songs capturing the events of that tour, his thoughts about ending the partnership and the people he was meeting along the way.

This CD presents solid studio performances of these songs, with Chip backed by a simple guitar, bass and drums lineup Hans Holzen, Kyle Kegerreis and Tony Leone , and it's a quality collection, sure. The vast majority of the songs are personal and reflective, performed in a confidential tone and clearly deeply felt: For this tour, Chip also revisited the first song he ever wrote, Faded Blue, and there's a loving new rendition of that song midway through the disc.

But the complete package is so much more than a minute music CD. The book's role as a raison-d'être and companion to the CD ensures that it contains Chip's essential background notes to the composition of the songs, together with their lyrics reproduced in full, and a blog-style chapter of notes to the individual dates on that final tour. But the book is so much more, for in its preceding 70 or so pages Chip takes you through a kind of potted autobiography chapter one and an overview of the years with Carrie chapter two ; these pages are liberally laced with period and archive photos, and bring the legend alive most attractively.

Inevitably then, it's more of a personal memoir than an official autobiog, and as such it probably doesn't yield any fresh insights for the existing Chip Taylor fan, but it's still a document worth having and I'd say an essential purchase for the music on the CD alone, notwithstanding the fact that the various elements of the project dovetail so well together. David Kidman April Anyone who thought that the fact there's been no album together for five years indicated some sort of fall-out between the two will be happy to discover that this best of compilation from the four duo releases between and is preceded by four brand new recordings.

The final two old numbers are taken from the live album recorded during the German tour, a chance to roll out two Taylor standards with a vocally low key but musically growly Wild Thing and soaring Angel Of The Morning. The new stuff, then and it's like there's been no time between as they trade verses and harmonise on seductive bluesy slow waltz The Island, the reflective lost love Play It Again Sam, the title track's harking back to the domestic spats in song of George and Tammy and, one of the best things to come out of their time together, the achingly resigned Your Name On My Lips with Carrie's fiddle in heartsplitting form.

They may never make another full duet album, but if separation can inspire work like this let's hope they at least find time to get together now and again. The annual festival at Germany's industrial heartland the Ruhr has been going for five years now, and an integral part of it, the Century Of Song concert series, is dedicated to the art of the great songwriters: So on this concert, the inclusion of numbers like Long Black Veil and Merle Haggard's Today I Started Loving You Again and Chuck Berry's Maybellene, come to that are no surprise to Chip's fans, and they receive warm, accomplished renditions that don't disappoint especially the wonderfully atmospheric LBV , while for the origjnals Chip draws for the most part on songs from his three joint albums with Carrie, turning in performances that, while significantly better than respectable, don't spring any surprises or add much to those on the studio albums - and although the songs themselves are pleasing enough it would I think be fair to say they're not considered to be quite Chip's very finest work.

But it helps that Chip and Carrie are blessed with a crack backing band which includes among its ranks Bill Frisell, Greg Leisz, David Piltch and Kenny Wollesen, all at their best here; Carrie's own fiddling is just fine, while they even draft in Buddy Miller to contribute including playing a fairly spectacular solo on Wild Thing, which inevitably! Now comes an even better follow-up, one which doesn't mess around with a winning formula thought the social issues have taken a breather this time but which also marks their first co-writing partnership on three tracks, Memphis, Texas a get to know who I am song titled for the town where Rodriguez's grandmother was born , the stomp around fiddle driving they won't tear us apart All The Rain, and the two men in my life sparse ballad Confessions.

The other 10 are down to Taylor, a familiar collection of his aching stories of regret, broken relationships, self-recrimination and holding up. Around the live set for a while Don't Speak English is a wry love song about being honest with your feelings and letting music do the talking, the gentle lullaby title song echoing similar sentiments while elsewhere Oh Ireland's a love letter to an old flame, Fall a hymn to letting go and trusting someone catches your heart on the way down, Laredo and the surely George Jones influenced Dirty Little Texas Story both stories of love that's taken some twisted roads looking to find its doorstep.

Wrapping it up with I Need A Wall, a stripped back scraping fiddle and dobro duet which puts a divide between its failing lovers and their hurt, and the equally forlorn but rather more optimistic weather the storms of We Come Up Shining, it then sneaks back up on you for hidden track Oh Me's harmonica blowing swipe at corporate music and celebration of radio stations who still play good old country music because they like it and includes Chip doing a passable Johnny Cash. Is stewed tomatoes or canned an acceptable food as well in that case?

Is pork too high in fat to be considered a protein? Can it only be eaten on reset day? I have been having them as my breakfast, and adding heavy cream to my coffee for my fat. I literally took your symbols below the recipe as gospel thinking they only had one carb and not enough fat to count as a serving of fat, but I noticed that they are a hc meal.. Yes, any type of tomatoes are acceptable, and try and use the low-sodium types when at all possible.

Each breakfast is a portion each of protein, carb, and fat. Can u please tell me how many recommended calories should I be having per day as a female aged 30 and weighing lb?

I dont know how to work it out. Hello I am French and I would want to know if books are translated into French because we do not find them in France. Just finished the first 7 days of the extreme cycle. Today is my reset I have been trying to lose the last 10 pounds of stubborn baby weight and was hoping this would be the key to getting those last pounds off.

I weighed in this morning and I was up 3 pounds on the scale! I work out days a week alternating strength training and 45 minutes of cardio. Also drink ounces of water per day. Please check back if you have any more questions — you can do this! If so what page can I find it please because im browsing but i cant see it. I have a few questions- 1. If I want to eat a whole egg do I need to count the yolk as fat?

If so is it ok to eat two? I like my egg scrambled or fried sometimes and spray the pan with cooking spray. Should I count that? I usually get whole wheat bread is that okay. I see you recommend whole grain. Also I am assuming I can eat two slices at a meal right? How often or with what meals can you have sauces? I love spaghetti squash but would use a spaghetti sauce, Alfredo sauce or marinara. I plan on starting tomorrow and will be doing insanity Max 30 as a workout which although I modify makes me workout harder and sweat more than ever before.

I am going to try your new extreme cycle and am currently 5ft and weigh I really need to lose this weight as it makes me incredibly self conscious and I have been avoiding people I have not seen in a long time due to weight,. If I had salmon which an app tells me I can have 65g for 97cal it's that's the number I'm looking for, even the it contains some fat?

Or do I need to calculate the calories from the I may be over complicating it, but I want to make sure I'm starting off correctly. The what I buy from the shopping lists given will have an item or two missing when I go to make the actual recipe. Am I doing something wrong here? And you can also plan your own meals use the same recipes twice, etc. I like to weigh my portions. Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

If you want to use a macro tracker app, that can make things a lot easier. Learn more about macros in this post: When I add my 5 meals up on a low carb day I am still getting close to 80g carbs… Is that too high? There are different combinations of macros in about all foods, so having a few carbs in your protein sources is totally okay. For LC days, you should try and be closer to grams of carbs total for the day.

When choosing proteins and fats for LC meals, try and look for those as low in carbs as possible, and make sure you eat a variety of proteins and fats.

Depending on how many pounds you want to lose, you might want to adjust your macros accordingly, especially if you only have a few pounds to lose. I am in my 3rd time through the Extreme Cycle and am down about 10 pounds. My doctor is recommending the DASH diet. I read a little about it and it sounds almost exactly to what I am doing on the Extreme Cycle. Can you give me any tips or hints to adjust the Extreme Cycle food list to lower my bad cholesterol and raise my healthy cholesterol numbers?

Thanks for any advice. I want to get this under control before they put me on medication. It would be best to discuss this with your healthcare team and have them help you make any necessary modifications. As well, it seems that no consideration to the size of the person or man in my case or activity level for this carb cycling plan to work effectively.

This plan has been followed successfully by people with varying amounts of weight to lose, so you should be good to go! I have an allergy to peanuts. Is there any other product I can substitute for the powdered peanut butter? Wondering if there is something simple I can swap with the same macros. We have a peanut allergy in our home as well.. I have not found a peanut free powder yet, but I have found a peanut free almond butter called Barney Butter.

It is the closest texture and taste to peanut butter that we have found. I bought it from well. I have not yet read Extreme Transformation. In those books, Chris outlines calorie portions and says to eat 1 portion of protein, 1 of carbs, and veggies for HC days. But in the chart above, it says calories of carbs on HC days.

Am I on the right mathematical track? So sorry for the confusion. Those calorie lists are only for reference purposes for those who would like to also count calories, and those portion sizes are not meant to equal the actual portion sizes.

I hope this helps! I am finishing my second extreme cycle and have only lost 7 pounds. I am 50 years old, pounds overweight, working out every morning with 30 minutes on the treadmill and the workout for the day in the book. I have looked over my diet and feel it is on track with the book. I am stronger this time through and can see my body shape changing. Why is the weight not coming off? I know I am gaining muscle but 7 pounds in 6 weeks is not the number that shows the work I am putting in.

Thanks for any suggestions! The key to losing weight is to burn more calories than you consume, so any extra calories you can burn throughout the day can add to your weight loss.

Can you please clarify the calories for a woman? If I add up all the daily calories, it totals more than I purchased the Extreme Transformation book but I am a little confused. The daily calorie recommendations for women are around a day for the Extreme Cycle. This will fluctuate a bit from day to day, and this is totally okay. I track all of my vegetables, which have carbs, so on low carb days should I be eating vegetables Brussels, artichokes, broccoli, cauliflower?

I get discouraged when I see a higher carb percentage even when I know most of the carbs are from veggies and breakfast. The carb counts from these veggies are so low, and the nutritional value is so high, that going a bit over your carb count for the day with veggies is okay. Chris and Heidi have extensive food lists in all their books, and these lists include both gluten-free and dairy-free options. For gluten-free, you can also choose gluten-free products that have similar nutritional values to their gluten-containing counterparts.

I have a hard time digesting whey or soy protein powders and have been using pea protein powder shake formulas. Is that okay to substitute? Yes, that should be fine. So after doing extreme ive swifched to turbo but not losing much its so hard for me to lose! The one meal that I created was just chicken, brussel sprouts, and a tablespoon of beans and fat free cheese. Anybody doing this as a vegetarian? I am just starting and am trying to compile recpies for my meals.

Some i will substitute fake meat. If anyone has recipes or suggestions to help me get started, i would be so grateful! Luckily for me, i love cottage cheese and greek yogurt! Looking forward to joining this amazing community of people who have changed their lives!! I am getting ready to begin the Extreme Transformation, but have a question about protein powders.

There are so many out there. Thank you, in advance! Chris and Heidi recommend low-fat, whey-based powders with between grams of protein and less than 5 grams of carbs per serving. I am getting ready to stary the Extreme Cycle next week by planning out all of my meals. Or should i avoid it? Also, I know I should track the amount of calories I am eating in veggies, but does that take away from the amount of calories I eat at each meal?

Yes, any type of squash can be eaten in unlimited quantities, however, you do want to track any calories you put in your mouth. Hi, I completed a cycle but still find that I am eating the afternoon snack without feeling hungry and then feeling stuffed until and sometime at dinner. I know skipping would reduce the cal and that would put me way under what was recommended..

Are you getting in the recommended amount of exercise? It can also take a bit of time for your body to adjust to a new way of doing things, also, so please be patient, stick to your plan, and you should be good to go!

Hi, I have not been adding any veggie and have been doing 20 min Zumba in the AM and min on the treadmill in the evening with weights training twice a week. I have not been able to do some of the metabolic missions as they are to hard on my shoulders at the moment.

I am losing weight and sticking to the plan as best I can. Just started extreme cycle. Would you recommend adding a snack snd when should I eat it? Should the snack be high carb or low carb?

Also, I am up late and tend to get hungry after dinner. Any other snack ideas? Maybe more of a sweet snack? We wish you the best! Oh And if anyone wants to join our fb support page there arent too many on there so we formed one! Hi Team, we formed a fb support page for extremers and it had come up that those of us tracking macros arent sure if carbs should be counted total or net? Are they veggies that are allowed? Does he have to eat a typical breakfast?

Both brussels sprouts and cabbage are considered veggies, so you can have them with every meal. We wish you both the best — you can do this! I have tried the turbo several times, nothing!! I gained 2lbs on the slingshot!! It is very discouraging when you work so hard and you see no results. I look forward to what your advice may be.

I took had my annual bloodwork and everything is normal. It is pretty common to show some weight gain after the Slingshot week since it is a week full of high-carb days and carbs even the healthiest ones do cause water retention. Are you tracking your calories? For the Turbo Cycle, aim for calories on low-carb days and calories on high-carb days.

For the Exreme Cycle, aim for calories per day. So I am switching from extreme to Turbo and after reading your link to that program, is breakfast a protein and carb only? And on hc days we have a carb at last meal of day? Just got thgot book and am going to start the extreme cycle next week.

Hope you can help me…. My scoops are all a bit different. If I have protein and it has, for example, calories in total, do I calculate how many protein, fat and carb calories are in that ? Or just count the towards my protein requirement?

You had said that all squashes were unlimited…dies this count for butternut and acorn squash too? I work out 6 days a week doing cardio, strength training and HIIT. Should I be doing the Metabolic Missions too? In general, Chris and Heidi recommend low-fat, whey-based powders with between grams of protein and less than 5 grams of carbs per serving. Each gram of protein or carb has 4 calories, and each gram of fat has 9 calories, so that should help you figure out the calories for macros for any foods.

Yes, this counts for all types of squash. If you have your own strength training program, then you can skip the Metabolic Missions. I know that the book indicates Dinner should always be Low Carb but if that is not possible, would eating before 6pm and doing an extra workout after be enough to counter the small amount of carb at dinner? I am incorporating someone who will not follow some of the meal plan, any advise would help.

I have a question about the Week 1 shopping list at the top of this page. I want to get both my husband and I started on this.

Do I have to get everything for both Women and Men? In other words pretty much double up my groceries? I know this can be time consuming, so you can repeat recipes during the week to make things simpler or follow any of the other tips in this post. Hopefully this will make more sense once you receive your book. Good luck — you can do this! Looking at the calories per meal per macro chart, women are eating just around 1, calories, per day.

So that would apply if a woman is pounds or pounds? Regardless of exercise done each day? The calories would remain the same?

Women eat around calories a day on the Extreme Cycle, and those recommendations are for all women and all exercise programs. Are daily calories for lc and for hc? If so how r the breakfast different! Learn more about the differences in this post: Since the calorie and macro recommendations are a bit different for the Extreme Cycle, here are some macro percentages to aim for for the Easy, Classic, Turbo, and Fit Cycles: Hang in there — you are definitely on the right track!

Just wondering the difference between the extremes carb cycle and the others? I am 5 foot 3 inches and lbs. Do you suggest the extreme cycle? I want to lose 15 lbs in about months? You can definitely try the Extreme Cycle! Should I be using the non-fat or does it really matter?

It tells me total calories burned for the day including my workout. If I burned calories when working out, however with my steps, sleep, normal activity burned total, does that still count towards calories burned Basically do the contestants work out to burn calories in a workout or do they use their total activity etc.

Chris and Heidi recommend up to 60 minutes of cardio 6 days a week. Yes, this would be fine, but keep an eye on the serving size. Each pound of fat is calories, so you after a combined calorie deficit of calories, you should lose a pound. I used stevia vanilla flavoured drops in mine which made it much more palatable. I bought mine online as the drops are not widely available in UK shops. I have a question I have done several rounds of the 21 days and the turbo charge I have lost 63 lbs but am now at a stand still I have not lost any weight in 3 weeks.

Or by doing this we ARE doubling it. If you could please help me I start Saturday. Thank you for being my inspiration. I really want to do this correctly to achieve the highest benefit possible..

I just bought this book. I am very excited to start but oooooh sooo nervous. I am not a huge meat fan although not a vegetarian I hate vegetables and am a huge carb and junk food lover. Any tips to survive? How long does it take taste buds to adjust? I literally want to throw up eating a salad and chicken.

I want my body back. After three kids, I live on sugar and have lost my hard body. I miss being fit and I need to relearn how to eat healthy. It can take your taste buds a bit of time to adjust, and you can also put your meals together as outlined in this post and that could help with your transition to carb cycling also.

I was looking through my Kindle app library and ran across your Extreme Transformation book. So I opened it up, since I had it, and started reading. This was last Wednesday, April I went shopping on Friday and got all the food for the first week and started on Saturday! But my diet was all over the place, eating WAY too many simple carbs. I need a structured meal plan to follow and this is IT! I lost about 26 lbs about 1 year ago but have gained about 8 lbs back.

I know some of that is muscle but I also know some of it is fat! I have a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and narrowing in my carotid artery. I need your help to learn to eat right and what exercises works best without going to the gym. Chris and Heidi would love to help you personally, but unfortunately, they are not taking on new clients at this time. But you can begin your own transformation journey today with the same program they use on their show, and you can learn about their carb cycling program in this post: And it would be best to discuss their program, or any nutrition and exercise program, with your healthcare team first, and then follow any modifications they recommend.

The exercise part of their program requires no equipment or gym membership, so that should be very helpful for you. How do you suggest I calculate my macros for high carb and low carb days to be able to implement carb cycling and macros together? To figure out grams of each macro, divide the calories by 4 for proteins and carbs, and by 9 for fats.

Plus, where would I store a total of 15 meals in a small suitcase along with all of my clothes and toiletries?? See, nothing but excuses: I know that there is a healthy girl somewhere deep down inside of me!!

Can you please help!!! There are some great tips in this post, as well as an extensive list of food options in the book you can choose from to put your meals together.

I thank you so much for the wonderful articles. I am learning so much about organizing and prepping healthful meals ahead. Shopping is my evil stepmother!

You are such an inspiration! I hope you really read these. Cross your fingers for us. This seems silly but for the egg salad it says 4 boiled egg white so does that mean from 4 whole eggs or just 2? I have a couple of questions when following this plan. I have a tread mill, free weights and a weight lifting machine leg press, bench press, butterfly, leg curl, lat pull down. So my best friend is the treadmill. If I just do different intervals on the treadmill will I still lose weight or is to much of the same thing?

You have everything you need as far as exercising goes the treadmill works great! Here are a couple of posts that can help get you started: I purchased the Extreme Transformations book via Kindle version, however, the lists and charts did not convert well. Is there a way to get a paper copy of the shopping lists and trackers? You can just do it by ladle too. Hello, I should be getting my book in the mail today.

OH and being my book should get here tonight or tomm am. Is the extreme cycle similar to the turbo I. Lo-carb, Locarb, high carb , lu carb, lo carb? Heidi likes iced coffee with no sweetener and a pump of mocha. Hi there Huge fan of all of the awesome work done by Chris and Heidi. Can you please provide a list and the quantity? Also, will that affect how quickly you lose weight?

You can use soy protein sources such as tofu and tempeh, and other vegetarian protein options such as hemp, bean, and pea protein. Being in the UK some things I may struggle to get so will have to find substitutes as close as possible for some brands. Wish you were in Scotland for some coaching! Love your program and whole methodology! Love from across the pond! Welcome to carb cycling, you can do this! I know that you mention almond milk instead of skim milk. Is it ok to use skim milk?

Why is it better to use almond milk? Excited to start on this journey! Hope that answers your question — welcome to carb cycling! I am on week one of the extreme cycle and am loving it so far! Can you recommend any alternatives? Would plain Greek yogurt 80 calories, 0g fat, 6g carbs, and 15g protein in each 5 ounce serving be a suitable substitute for protein powder in some of the recipes such as the shakes? Thanks for all the great tips and advice! Plain Greek yogurt would be a great substitute for powder in recipes like shakes.

I am on week two of the Extreme transformation and am loving it. On most days, I take recipes directly from the book to make all 5 meals. I have also used the guides at the bottom of the post to mix it up a bit. I enter the ingredients of all of the recipes in to my fitness pal. I have a question about how the macros are adding up. Today, I followed the recipes in the book for breakfast and three other meals. I created a meal with 5 cups of air popped popcorn and a calorie protein shake that has the macro ratio the book recommends.

My daily macros for today are: I thought the whole purpose of high carb days was to stay low-fat. The two items containing the most fat were the cheese stick with dinner and the strawberry quinoa muffins.

Is the macro ratio more important in individual meals vs the whole day? So sorry for your confusion! Things tend to average out over time and you should be good to go. Do you see better results than the other carb cycling program?

I really like the previous books and see if I should stick with the old cycling or try the new? You can get the fastest results with either the Extreme Cycle or the Turbo Cycle, and you can change cycles at any time.

I have had success in weight loss, although I feel that starting this transformation journey the week before Easter did hamper my numbers a bit as I know that I did not stay within my calorie range of Easter Sunday.

However, everything else has been going smoothly. I find that my large muscle groups are quiet sore afterwards. Any tips for relief from the achiness? Congratulations on finishing one Extreme Cycle cycle! Depending on which mission you do and what you do at the gym, you could be overdoing it a bit on some muscle groups.

One thing to keep in mind is to not work out the same muscle groups two days in a row — give those muscles a day of rest in between workouts so they have a chance to heal and get stronger.

For sore muscles, in general, a warm bath with Epsom salts as well as regular stretching can help. Any suggestions on how to stretch my dinner to lunch on a high carb day? It can be tough to use a dinner low-carb recipe for a high-carb lunch. You can put your own low-carb meals together with a protein, fat, and veggie portion, then use the leftover protein and veggies for lunch on a high-carb day plus add a portion of carbs. Or maybe just for two meals? You can use fruit as the carb portion of any high-carb meal.

I think the best way to get your daily veggies in is to invest in a juicer. This way you do not have to eat your veggies and mixing them with fruit makes them taste better. My kids think of veggie juice as medicine for their body.

If the sweet potato is the only carb for a high-carb meal not breakfast , you can have about grams. Can I still drink the bode shakes with milk? On the old turbo cycle I used to drink them on high carb days as a meal.

Love your books but I have one question. On your reset week high carb week do I need to eat high carbs for my last meal or do I treat it like any high carb day and eat fat for my last meal instead? Just made out my grocery list. I am a little nervous how big the list is!!! Will I really eat all the food for week one?? I do not want to buy all that and waste any…also what if I can not find Kodiak pancake mix?

And what are coconut aminos? Excited to start this journey…I have already lost lbs with lifestyle changes and am looking forward to getting off the next lbs. I work out 30 min on the elliptical each day..

Can I do the metabolic missions in the morning and the accelerator in the evening? Thanks for your guidance!!! You can substitute the Kodiak pancake mix with any high protein pancake mix, and you can find coconut aminos on amazon. And be sure and take a look at the other options for meal planning in this post — they can be super helpful too!

And yes, you can use the elliptical as your Accelerator, as well as any other form of cardio. Yeah, I wished I had given more thought to it and used fewer recipes. Less variety and just repeat meals 2 or 3 days, also making extra and freezing helps and cuts down on prep later on. Fortunately I have a friend who is always making food for the homeless so I gave her the heaps of produce I had leftover.

I just got it and my man and I started on Monday. We are so excited and enjoy how well laid out everything is. He is going great guns and loving it! I am enjoying it but struggling much more than he. I am doing the daily metabolic missions. I am having to modify some things quite a bit due to knee and back injuries, however, I am pushing myself and getting it done. I have about 40 pounds to lose. I know that this can work for me. I just want to do it correctly to get the best results in the fastest manner.

How much benefit comes from doing the Accelerator? You and your husband are inspiring us to make the needed healthy change in our lives! Please remember that any lasting change is all about taking those baby steps and keeping those small promises to yourself.

And a huge part of weight loss is the nutrition side, so even though your movement might be a bit limited, you can still achieve your goals! Meal prepping can also help since everything is ready to go and all portioned out for you. Hello Heidi, I just started the carb cycle but I struggle within eating 30 minutes of waking as I like to workout early in the mornings and I get an upset stomach if I eat a meal prior.

Do you have any suggestions for this. Is it ok to push my meal until 30 minutes after my workout? I have the same problem with my schedule. I love the show, the blog and all the carb cycling books! I just finished the 21 Day Transformation and lost the 10 lbs. I was hoping for! The transformation daily lessons really helped me fight my food addiction! Normally my low carb days are Thursday and Friday, but I will be doing long runs Saturday mornings and I believe I need some carbs stored up for those runs.

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With a dedicated team of beauty experts who receive regular training directly from brands, lookfantastic. At HelloSkin you can shop by need, symptom, type, ingredient, situation and brand or if you are not sure exact…. One of the UK's leading online beauty retailers, Gorgeous Shop delivers the ultimate beauty experience to thou….

At Grow Gorgeous we know good hair. We know that feeling of confidence that comes from having gorgeous, health…. When you book airport parking with SkyParkSecure, no matter which UK airport you're travelling from, you can r…. Mio Skincare believes in giving you fit skin for life. Give your skin positive energy from top to toe, so you…. Sunday daytime hospitality includes unrivalle…. Floom is an online florist marketplace, containing beautiful flower bouquets by the very finest local independ….

Discover the unique world of Cunard. Our three exceptional ships are the perfect setting from which to explore…. So do I Love Gin! Enterprise is a bra…. Myvitamin's products are uniquely designed with expertly formulated ingredients, containing the very best in n…. Crystal Ski Holidays takes more people from the UK and Ireland to the mountains each year than anyone else.

Addison Lee is a London-based private hire company. Offers fast online booking, executive class cars and 10min…. Celebrating the Greatest British chefs, venues and producers of the regions.

Signature Chefs lifestyle recipe…. Aberdeen International Airport is located in Dyce, Aberdeen. With the closest Car Parks to the airport and the…. Sponge is an award-winning British cake company. All their cakes are handmade from scratch using British produ…. La Belle Assiette are the UK's leading chef service with over chefs across the country. On their website y…. A new and inspiring concept for an accessible bespoke fitness and food plan.

GHO Fitness have one simple missi…. Your time off is precious. Spanning across 75, square feet, KidZania London is a child-sized city located in Westfield, where the kids…. From theme parks to aquariums, spectacular views to dynamic shows we've got it all. Visit the UK's top family…. Send a slice of cake or two in a personalised card to your loved ones - delicious hand made cakes by post anyw…. Eat better and feel good — inside and out — with a nutritious Gousto recipe box.

Choose a few recipes and…. At Mountain Warehouse we have been developing the very best outdoor gear for all our family since Their popular gift hampers for p…. Myprotein is the No.

Here to make your travelling life easier, APH offers a wide range of parking at all major airports across the…. Take Time To Travel have partnered with one of Europes largest travel suppliers.

Choose to fly from all the ma…. From discovering their ethnicity to conn…. Heartier brings the best of British butchery direct to your door.

Working with passionate independent producer…. Pasta Evangelists want to show that there is so much more to pasta than meets the eye. A world of craftsmanshi…. Glossybox is the perfect treat.

Every month a unique journey is created for their subscribers, bringing them t…. Racingbreaks offer ticket inclusive and hospitality packages to all major UK and Ireland racecourses including…. Join one club and ge…. Trusted Travel are unique to the airport parking market as an Agent to the customer.

They have a very strict q…. We do not control or monitor any external websites, these website addresses are provided by each company as they join our program.

Each website address is tested to make sure they link to the correct site only at the time of being published, no other tests are done, so please be aware that we cannot guarantee your safety or site content once you leave taketimeout.

We do not control or monitor any external websites. To be able to redeem any of our offers you will need this unlock code. Please make a note of this unique code.

You will need to enter this code later to redeem any partner offers. We're sorry after 20 minutes of activity you have been logged out of the system. You will need to log in again through your Vauxhall My Offers. Search near me Search for: Sign up — Sign in. Gambas Specialising in fresh seafood and grill delicacies, Gambas is a laid-back dining spot in Great Yarmouth for th…. Aubaine Blending refined simplicity and wonderful natural flavours, the Aubaine menu spans from classic mains, to deli….

Westfield Lodge Self Catering Apartments Superb self-catering accommodation in a truly breathtaking location. Portland Street Have you ever had the displeasure of eating out with a fussy eater? The Warehouse Cafe Being a vegetarian is a way of life for millions of people around the world for a variety of different and com….

The Big Blue Hotel This modern, 4-star hotel is perfectly located for a luxury break, business trip or family holiday. Barley Hall Barley Hall is a stunning medieval townhouse lovingly restored to its original splendour, with stunning high c…. Brow Perfection by Sarah Jane Want a fuller, shapelier brow that looks natural? The Crown Inn Located in the beautiful Pewsey Vale 3 miles outside the historic market town of Devizes and within a 5-mile r…. The Balcon Pure dining splendour is showcased with effortless chic at The Balcon.

Hereford Cider Museum Visit the museum in the heart of Herefordshire and learn about the history of cidermaking. Elite Together Fitness elite: Brook Hotels Started in , Brook Hotels is a privately owned group which strives for high levels of service and comfort….

India India India India offers modern and innovative Indian cooking that remains faithful to culinary traditions. Jazzgir Located in the vibrant Canary Wharf waterfront, Jazzgir presents rustic Mediterranean flavours with a touch of…. Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctury Natureland is a fun and educational day out for all the family. Darbaar Darbaar by Abdul is a temple to modern Indian cuisine reinstating the sharing experience which used to be the…. Kensington Place An iconic spot in the heart of W8, Kensington Place is a neighbourhood brasserie serving modern British food w….

The Shack The Shack was born from what was formerly a clothing warehouse, using the whole of the ground floor of Hilton…. The Raptor Foundation Unique opportunity to get up close to look and handle a bird of prey during the fire display.

Mall Galleries Mall Galleries provides a national focal point for contemporary figurative art. Forge Welcome to Forge. All Star Lanes All Star Lanes is a place to meet, eat, drink and bowl…in style, serving guests fun experiences, in a timele…. Inamo Inamo is like no other restaurant company. Forth Floor Restaurant Edinburgh The Scottish flavours of the restaurant menu inspire an adventurous dining experience with the finest quality…. Silo Silo was conceived from a desire to innovate the food industry whilst demonstrating respect for the environmen….

HuntFun Are you looking for things to do with family and friends on a day out, at the weekend or in the school holiday…. Hippo Inns At Hippo Inns they want their pubs to be the best and one of a kind within the neighbourhood. Helicopter Museum Situated just off junction 21 of the M5, this is the largest helicopter attraction in the world! Treak Cliff Cavern An underground wonderland of stalactites, stalagmites, rocks, minerals and fossils. Tiverton Castle Tiverton Castle is an atmospheric castle with a fascinating history of years.

Ginza Onodera Ginza Onodera has arrived in London. Cumbria Park Hotel Seasonal produce, thoughtfully sourced and cooked with love. Blackfriars Restaurant Originating back in when it was built as a medieval friary, the restaurant served as the refectory for th…. Newcastle United Stadium Tour This exciting stadium tour provides an enthralling and fascinating 90 minutes. Bistrot de Luxe The original restaurant from the illustrious Galvin brothers, Galvin Bistrot de Luxe boasts a string of awards….

Best Loved Hotels With Best Loved, you will find hotels in the glorious countryside, by the sea, near rivers and lakes, in sleep…. Bourgee Bourgee was founded on the belief that luxury dining can be served at affordable prices. Shredder Experiences A combination of a tank, skateboard and motocross bike means you're in for the ride of a lifetime! Benares Awarded a Michelin star, Benares brings the excitement and vibrancy of Indian cuisine to a chic, elegant setti….

The Montcalm Luxury Hotels The Montcalm brand ethos is to preserve the increasingly lost art of hospitality, the fundamentals of which sh…. Bespoke Hotels They're bespoke, and proud of it. Harry Ramsden's On 20th December from a small striped wooden hut beside a tram stop in West Yorkshire, a local man began….

Store Street Exchange Store Street Exchange uses local produce bursting with natural flavours to serve an all-day menu alongside a u…. Viva Brazil The real Brazilian style dining experience begins once you are seated. Move GB We've all been there, stuck with the same old gym membership, bored of doing the same old work out.

Countrywide Paintball Discover imaginative themed game zones at any one of 35 leading UK paintball centres. Sushi Life In Japan, food is an immersive experience considering every aspect, from the food being served, what it is ser….

New Inn Hotel Hidden away in the stunning conservation village of Clapham and nestled under the magnificent Yorkshire Three….

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