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Carefully planned nutrition must provide an energy balance and a nutrient balance. Off-season training is one area where athletes can get a tremendous bang for their buck. As a sports medicine specialist, Dr. Now that I've been off of it for a year I can tell you that it definitely works. Thus, her first goal is to provide simple tips to improve his day-to-day, game-to-game intake.

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For the multi sport athlete there are several other considerations. During the off-season phase an athlete should focus on achieving the greatest progress in a strength and conditioning program and prepare to make an impact during the season.

During the off-season the training frequency, intensity and duration should be at the highest of the year since the demands of sports practice and competition are reduced. During the pre-season phase an athlete should focus on progressing towards peak mental and physical condition ready for the increased demands of practice, scrimmages and the season ahead.

During this phase, like the off-season phase, we continue to work on all aspects of athlete development and sports performance. During the in-season phase an athlete should focus on maintaining the progress built in the off-season, and using pro-active methods to promote faster recovery and prevent injury during competition. Research has shown that the progress an athlete achieves during the off-season will begin to decline as soon as weeks without a pro-active in-season program.

For this reason, athletes that commit to an in-season program perform at higher levels with less injury during the season. Also, adherence to an in-season program is imperative for long-term athlete development. During this phase we focus on recovery stretching, corrective exercise, self-myofascial release: For athletes that prefer private instruction and coaching or have specialized requirements such as post-rehab training, specific injury limitations or etc. See program description and schedule below.

FOR AGES Foundation performance is our new introductory program that teaches and trains young athletes on the fundamental aspects of sports performance training. During each fun and challenging minute training session athletes will learn how to run faster, jump higher, move quicker and get stronger using our performance training methods.

Each comprehensive training session includes components to improve speed, agility, quickness, functional strength, power and mobility while decreasing the risk of injury from sports competition. Summer Available Training Times: Each advanced training session is customized to each athletes sport, goals and fitness levels. Advanced performance integrates training methods that have proven to prepare athletes for the highest level of sports competition at the college and pro level.

Call or text us at What are your fitness goals? If you want to lose weight, get stronger and feel your best-we can help you with one of our functiona If you want to lose weight, get stronger and feel your best-we can help you with one of our functional fitness programs. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals-call or text us at During the consultation, we will talk to you about your background, experiences and learn more about your personal health and fitness goals.

With this information in mind, we will guide you through our program options that may fit you best. Depending on your goals this may include 1-on-1 personal training, semi-private personal training or group functional fitness training.

This assessment may include screening and testing for posture, flexibility and movement, strength, balance, endurance, body composition measurements and more. After your assessment its time to get started with your training program. From day 1 we will help you get on the right track. Getting the results you want is all about momentum. Once you get started you will gain momentum. For additional information or to schedule a consultation call or text We currently provide customized sports performance training programs for numerous teams, clubs and organizations across the St.

Dates and times to be determined according to the teams requirements. Specialized exercise to strengthen ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and back to reduce the risk of injury from common sport injuries. Contact us today to discuss your team or club goals As a leading authority on athlete development and sports performance training in the St. With a passion for developing student-athletes, numerous athletes under his direction have received the highest rankings by Rivals, ESPN, Scout, and Sports Illustrated; and were recruited by top universities and programs across the country.

A few standout student-athletes he has developed include Luke Voit-Baseball St. I cannot believe the change in the past 3 months and have even had people mention that they notice the difference… no matter what level of shape you are in anything is possible! I lacked strength and flexibility. My cardiovascular fitness was poor. I am now in the best physical shape of my life with lots of room to improve.

Personable and supportive; Kelly has helped me with my nutrition and personal goal-setting, and she knows just how to motivate me. Overall, working with Kelly over the last two plus years has transformed my life. I love that pain!!! Thank you Kelly for being my trainer, my friend and mentor. A study in competitive female cyclists compared gut comfort and performance when they ate either a breakfast containing three serves of dairy or January ilar meal that was dairy free. The study found there were no negative effects on gut comfort or sporting performance — even with daily da iry recommendations concentrated into a single meal before a strenuous cycling workout.

This provides muscles with the building blocks needed for effective recovery. Milk, cheese and yoghurt can contribute to several recovery goals by providing valuable amounts of the important nutrients.

Ensure recovery foods are on hand when you need them by using an insulated lunch box or freezer pack to keep foods chilled, or trying UHT products.

Rehydrate For effective rehydration, fluid needs to be taken in adequate volumes to replace sweat losses. For further information on sports nutrition consult an Accredited Practising Dietitian or the Sports Dietitians Association. Nutrition Australia would like to acknowledge Dairy Australia as the original author of this resource.

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