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He has advised many clients in their commercial real estate needs in various industries, from high-profile law firms and pharmaceutical companies to legal, nonprofit, and public interest firms. Perkins had resigned, effective immediately. The directors responded in their own sharply worded letter: Judge Ann Aiken sentenced Tankersley to five months less than she agreed to when she pleaded guilty to arson at the U. Litwin earned his M. Marsh … are the latest sign of a fundamental reshaping of the board by the firm's new chief executive, John J.

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I believed that my 30 years of commercial real estate experience including ownership, development and brokerage would be a unique perspective and an asset for Tactix to have. Martin Bond joined Tactix in after 20 years as a commercial real estate lawyer. Client he has worked with include:. As a real estate lawyer, most of my time was spent documenting complex transactions, protecting my clients from risk.

A small part of my practice — but the most satisfying by far — was structuring deals to help clients save money. When I had the chance to join Tactix, I jumped at the opportunity.

I'd known the people at Tactix for many years, and knew them to be smart, well trained, ethical and hard working. Importantly, they seemed to be having a lot more fun than they'd had as lawyers, largely because they were adding tremendous value for their clients. It also seemed to me that Tactix had created a better mousetrap. The firm operated much like a law firm, with a high degree of collaboration, a focus on client service, a relentless dedication to getting each client the best deal possible, and an insistence on being free of conflicts of interest.

They couldn't have been more different from a traditional commercial real estate brokerage firms. After I joined Tactix, I found that all of my perceptions were right. And I discovered for myself that putting money in a client's pocket is far more satisfying than anything I ever did as a lawyer.

Rob Cellucci has a strong foundation in all facets of commercial real estate leasing and build-to-suit development. Prior to joining Tactix in , Rob worked in the Global Corporate Services division of an international brokerage firm.

Rob assisted corporate clients in the management of office, retail, and industrial transactions, ranging from 3, to , SF.

In this role, Rob developed a high level of proficiency while managing each stage of the process, including corporate strategizing, market and financial analysis, site selection, and letter of intent and lease negotiations. Over the course of his career, Rob has successfully managed over 2.

Clients that Rob has had the opportunity to work extensively with include the following organizations among others:. James Madison University, B. Economic and Social Policy of the European Union. Before deciding to leave my relationship with a large, international brokerage firm, I thoroughly vetted several other global brokerage firms in the Philadelphia area.

Frankly, something was missing. Some mentors of mine recommended that, before making a decision, I explore an opportunity with Tactix because of their strong reputation and unique business platform.

In an industry sometimes ridden with questionable salesmanship, I perceived Tactix to be a unique organization that strongly promoted the concept of honest and unbiased real estate advisory. Finally, I found that the strict tenant representation model, supported by a collaboration of professionals with storied financial and legal sagacity would allow me to provide my clients with the highest quality service. It was the right choice. Ryan Conner has been a broker with Tactix since His passion for all things real estate started during his days as a Special Projects Coordinator for the Riverfront Development Corporation of Delaware, a state chartered public corporation established to rehabilitate and revitalize Wilmington, Delaware's major waterway — the Christiana Riverfront.

Since joining Tactix he has worked on some of the most significant, exciting tenant representation projects in the region:.

Ryan also remains connected to his roots in land development representing institutions and individuals in the disposition of land with development opportunity. University of Delaware, B.

When I decided to leave Preferred Unlimited over four years ago, I considered almost every national, full service brokerage firm in the region. But after meeting with the principals of Tactix the decision was an easy one. The Tactix platform was different than any I had seen. No other firm offered a genuine tenant advocacy model staffed with real estate professionals not salespeople with deep legal and financial backgrounds and no other firm offered me regular, direct access to the owners of the firm.

Further, the values of the firm aligned with mine. I continue to be a staunch believer in our unique approach to real estate brokerage and look forward to contributing to the limitless potential of this company. Tim joined Tactix in , continuing a year career in commercial real estate. Throughout his career, he advised public companies, institutional owners and private companies in site selection, new leases, lease restructurings, development and financing.

When I started in the real estate industry over 25 years ago, each firm had its own database of information. It was a closely guarded secret of availabilities, market rates and sales prices. However, over the past several years, information has become commoditized.

It is easily accessible, and the various platforms that provide this information to the brokerage industry make it available equally to all. I selected Tactix for several reasons. They uncompromisingly work for the users of real estate. Their clients can be certain that there is no conflict of interest when they are at the negotiation table. Most of the members of Tactix have advanced degrees representing a range of interests from law to the advanced sciences. It gives the members of the team the confidence that when walking into a meeting there is no real estate problem that may arise that cannot be solved for our clients.

Scott Crumley has been a broker with Tactix since At Drinker, he was a member of the commercial real estate group where he specialized in complex leasing transactions and earned the distinction of being named a Pennsylvania Rising Star by Law and Politics magazine. In addition to leasing transactions, his legal experience included acquisitions, dispositions and financings of numerous commercial properties as well as the preparation negotiation of construction and design contracts.

Since joining Tactix he has worked on many significant, exciting tenant representation projects for clients including:. University of Richmond School of Law, J.

During my time as a practicing lawyer I had professional interactions with many brokers and saw that the quality of those brokers varied widely, sometimes to the detriment of their clients.

My impressions of Tactix were quite different from other brokers—they consistently advocated for their clients with skill and professionalism and were instrumental in bringing transactions to a successful conclusion. When I decided to make a career change to brokerage Tactix was the clear choice for me. After 8 years in financial sales and banking, Rick Freeth joined Tactix as an opportunity to grow with an industry as hot as Philadelphia. He is a huge proponent of the Philanthropic side of business, actively involving himself in community financial literacy and grassroots small business growth.

Great things happen to most people but a few times in life. Sometimes you find something you are good at, and sometimes you find something you do purely because you enjoy it; the team here has been fortunate enough to marry both.

The quality of the work and the reputation this team brings to the table speak for themselves. Leah joined the Tactix team in ; bringing with her over 15 years of real estate experience, across a variety of different service lines; including commercial leasing, project management, property management, and residential sales.

Leah began her Real Estate career while still in high school; as a Receptionist and Office Administrator at a prominent Mainline residential firm. Leah continued and expanded this position, for approximately five years, while attending Villanova University; as well as completing the education for her real estate salesperson license.

Most recently she was the Operations Director at another tenant only representation firm. The Tactix team has earned an unsurpassed reputation for being ethical, conflict free, hardworking advocates for their clients. This reputation, combined with a culture that is focused on doing good work, as opposed to pushing sales, is a breath of fresh air within the industry; and something that I am proud to have the opportunity to be a team member. Wayne Hunt joined Tactix in after 30 years of progressive institutional experience in commercial real estate as both a manager and practitioner with national firms.

University of Massachusetts, B. I previously worked with the principals of Tactix on many complex real estate transactions where I was on the other side representing the landlord. In all instances, I found them to be extremely well informed, very bright and unapologetic advocates for their client. When the opportunity arose to join my former adversaries in a collaborative environment, where the interest of the client is paramount and the professionals have accretive financial and legal skill sets, I took it.

Jones brought an extensive administrative, public relations and special events background. This position ended when she had to assist with the six year closure process of this facility due to the Base Realignment and Closure mandate. While there she coordinated 10 Presidential visits, 6 major air shows, 5 golf tournaments as well as serving as the community liaison officer, emergency response media coordinator and command spokesperson.

Additionally, she served as a Chief Administrator in the Navy Reserves for more than 18 years. She is a strong project manager and has brought innovative administrative ideas and organizational procedures with her to Tactix.

Assisting with the closure of the Naval Air Station was a daunting and stressful six year process. UHS ; an American Fortune company [4]. White and Williams LLP. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Immaculata Chester County , Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. NextGen Healthcare Information Systems. International Mercantile Marine Co.

Philco-Ford was renamed Ford Aerospace and sold to Loral in Another part of the original, Philco International moved to Pittsburgh in Philadelphia Savings Fund Society. William Cramp and Sons. Stanislas Meyerhoff pled guilty to 54 charges related to seven separate attacks. Prosecutors recommended that he be sentenced to 15 years and eight months. Chelsea Gerlach pleaded guilty to 18 charges in five separate attacks.

After being arrested, she apologized for the harm and fear created by her actions, which she said were motivated by "a deep sense of despair and anger at the deteriorating state of the global environment.

At the time of her arrest, she was selling drugs in Portland with her current boyfriend Darren Todd Thurston. Thus far, drug charges are not pending with either Gerlach or Thurston. Under their plea deals, they agreed to have charges from the Vail arson transferred from Colorado to Oregon to be settled along with their other cases.

They freely admitted to their participating in the firebombing fire to the Vail ski resort restaurant in as part of an Earth Liberation Front campaign. Rubin, remain at large. The arson at Vail, Colorado brought national attention to the secretive Earth Liberation Front and other similar domestic terrorist groups. The firebombing of the ski lodge at Vail is just one of 18 separate attacks that took place in the Northwest between and that the ELF claimed credit.

Lacey Phillabaum pleaded guilty to conspiracy, arson, and use of a destructive device that destroyed the University of Washington's Center for Urban Horticulture in On 19 August , Lacey Phillabaum was sentenced to three years in federal prison and three years' probation. Additional information and photos of Lacey Phillabaum can be found on the Official Lacey Phillabaum website that is maintained by some of her friends.

Under the plea agreement, she received a sentence of five to seven years. Her trial is scheduled to begin on 11 February On 08 November , Joyanna Zacher, Nathan Block, Daniel McGowan and Jonathan Paul represented by Attorney Lauren Regan from the Civil Liberties Defense Center, appeared in federal court and entered guilty pleas and accepted responsibility for their roles in a series of environmentally motivated arsons in Oregon between and All four pled guilty to arson and conspiracy charges involving 13 members of the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front with the condition that they would not have to provide information or testify against anyone now or in the future.

There has been a push to have these people sentenced as Terrorists under terrorist enhancement sentencing guidelines. But there are still people that will not acknowledge the actions of these people. A government sentencing memo describes Meyerhoff as a career anarchist and recommends a sentence of 16 years.

But civil rights attorney Lauren Regan from the Civil Liberties Defense Center says Meyerhoff got involved in environmental activism mainly to impress women.

Does Lauren Regan really believe what she is saying? Are these the actions that she finds impressive in a person? It could be true because when William Rodgers was 26, he met Chelsea Dawn Gerlach who was 16 at the time and he began a sexual relationship with her. A 26 year old man having a sexual relationship with a 16 year old girl. Does anyone see anything wrong with this? You have to wonder what Chelsea's parents thought about sending her to an Earth First!

This is just another example of the Liberal mindset that causes the public to have little faith in the legal system. We noticed that she did not mention that in her argument. It would be interesting to hear her explain away that fact. Meyerhoff's attorney, Terri Wood, says Meyerhoff and his co-defendants, acting as members of the Earth Liberation Front, took precautions to avoid injuring others.

And here we are selfishly thinking that their destructive activities were wrong. What were we thinking? District Judge Ann Aiken sentenced radical environmentalists to sentences that were called acts of terrorism.

On 19 August , Lacey Phillabaum was sentenced to three years in federal prison and three years probation. At the sentencing, she cried in court, but composed herself enough to apologize to her victims.

Jonathan Paul was sentenced to 51 months for an ALF arson on a horse meat plant. To try and effect the changes by legal methods that they believed was the right course of action and policy never entered into their plans or strategy.

They never considered using legal methods, but preferred to engage in illegal actions because of some romantic notion or just selfish motives knowing that the rest of the world is not behind them. They see these acts as nothing but non-violent activism.

But it does make you wonder how would they feel if these acts were aimed toward them? A federal appeals court upheld a sentence of nearly four years for Kendell Tankersley, part of a multistate arson spree directed at U. Forest Service offices and private businesses. She and about 15 co-defendants were members of the Earth Liberation Front and a Eugene-based group called "The Family ".

Tankersley, then 28 and preparing for medical school, pleaded guilty in to charges including conspiracy to commit arson from through The court also rejected sentence appeals of co-defendants Kevin Tubbs, sentenced to more than 12 years, and Jonathan Paul, sentenced to more than 4 years. Stanislas Meyerhoff Plea Agreement. Suzanne Savoie Plea Agreement. Sarah Kendall Harvey Plea Agreement.

Darren Thurston Plea Agreement. Kevin Tubbs Plea Agreement. When Chelsea Gerlach was 16 she attended an Earth First! Rodgers, an instructor who referred to himself as Avalon. It was at this retreat where she began a sexual relationship with William Rodgers who was 10 years her senior when she joined the Earth Liberation Front at age It was here where she was introduced to the world of the sabotage in the name of protecting the environment also known as "Monkey Wrenching".

Rodgers later committed suicide in jail in after investigators persuaded one of its members to become an informant. Gerlach and nine others were facing sentences for their parts in the fires, which include forest ranger stations, meat packing plants, wild horse corrals, lumber mill offices, research facilities and an SUV dealer.

At first, prosecutors want a federal judge to declare them terrorists. This was something defense attorneys argued never happened in the other 1, arsons nationwide claimed by Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front. They continued to argue that adding this terrorist label was more about politics than prison time. Judge Ann Aiken will hear arguments on 15 May in U.

District Court in Eugene on a motion by the government to add terrorism enhancement to sentencing guidelines for the six men and four women who have already admitted to their role and pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy and arson. These charges carry sentences ranging from three to 16 years. A ruling that adds the label of "terrorists" is will probably not add to the time they spend behind bars, but it could send them to tougher prisons. That's why this case is so very different.

Prosecutors argue that although the defendants were never convicted of terrorism, they qualify for the label because at least one of the fires each of them set was intended to retaliate against government policy.

Forest Service plan to cut down trees burned by the Warner Creek fire. Activists wanted the trees left standing. By , even though members of the "The Family" had gone dormant, at least temporarily, out of fear of getting caught, their sympathies had not changed. Gerlach bought numerous firearms at a Las Vegas gun show in that she cached and Daniel McGowan mailed out copies of a manual William Rodgers wrote on building detonators to underground distributors.

The Defense filed papers countering that none of the fires killed or injured anyone. They claimed that the terrorism enhancement is nothing more than an avenue for the government to claim a victory in its war on terror. Attorney for Stanislas G. Meyerhoff, Terri Wood said, "The Government has Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' political agenda to advance with this case, and nothing else to lose if the Court declines to impose the enhancement.

Attorney Terri Wood also said that by branding the defendants with Terrorism Enhancement will officially label them as "Terrorists" and from the Bureau of Prisons perspective, this will likely result in high security designations that will drastically increase the risk of physical and sexual assault against cooperating defendants like Mr. Meyerhoff enrolled in college in Virginia. McGowan worked for a women's advocacy law firm in New York City. After years of investigation that seemed stalled most of the time, investigators found one of "The Family" willing to wear a wire.

Jake Ferguson, with a pentagram tattoo on his head, searched out other Family members. The recordings provided investigators the evidence that they needed.

After being arrested, McGowan told investigators he threw cream pies at the president of the Sierra Club, uprooted genetically modified corn, and how he helped plan the World Trade Organization riots in Seattle before joining "The Family" , in He admitted to his involvement in secret meetings and the setting fires at a lumber mill office and a tree farm.

Apparently his family did not know anything about his terrorist actions. His confession came as a total surprise to his sister, Lisa McGowan. It's not the same thing. But the fact remains that it is Arson The exceptions are within the elitist Left-Wing thought process that does not see the law as being applicable to them.

The truth is these are acts of Terrorism. The fact that no one was injured or killed was just a matter of luck. Firefighters are killed every year trying to put out fires. Take note how these arsonists never gave the people in this profession any thought or concern at all. These people "Firebombed" these buildings!

It was pure luck that no one was hurt. And if someone had been injured, what would they have done? The fact is that they would have done nothing. And in the tradition of Timothy McVeigh, they would have considered any loss of life to be nothing more than collateral damage. And had it been the owner of the property, they would have considered it to be deserved for having an opposing viewpoint.

On 21 May , U. District Judge Ann Aiken issued a ruling from the bench that these people are indeed terrorists as we have said from the beginning.

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