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Pershing Square makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of these statements, and expressly disclaims any liability relating to these statements. All you would need to do this is: Herbalife was actually not sued. This is another unproven claim made by several MLM companies. Here are 40 more photos of signs on telephone poles and fences. We encourage other organizations and people of good will to join us in this fight.

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People are nice but working in that type of environment is not for me. No room for advancement. Few incentives to grow. Poor infrastructure and slow to change. So basically it is not horrible but it is not a career move. Be mindful and aware and constant legal issues. Management unless you get lucky, no growth, no cross functional communication. Fun, simple and magical. Fun, simple and magical, great place to work, I need to leave the company because the cost of leaving in Los Angeles is expensive and I cannot afford it, I'm the only one working and it is kind of hard to solved all the monthly expenses.

Herbalife is an amazing company to work for. They really do take care of their employees with compensations and yearly awards. Very family oriented and driven. Fast paced company to work for. Great company to work for, very fast pace a very high volume of product being manufactured, a company whose products are aimed at improving peoples lives.

It is an amazing jobs with amazing people to coach you all the way. It is an easy job to work at, you have your speed rate at which you can do things. Great place to work. Great place to work This company helped me develop skills and had a nurturing and friendly environment. My manager did an awesome job during my internship to help me increase my skills. A place where you can learn to personally develope yourself and help people. Where you can become your best self if you choose it.

Best decision I ever made. Herbalife is a platform for the acerage person to live and extraordinary life. To become more than you are and earn what you are worth. A place to make friends and learn new skills. A place to advance in life and be yourself while creating a business. Herbalife is a network marketting company and gives you the opportunity to build your own business with their platform.

Promotions and bonuses are not fairly distributed to the achievers, but to the "managers" that take credit for your work. Don't count on any type of real career advancement, training or skill acquisition. It's a lot of lip service, empty promises. Product available in the pantry, onsite gym, great cafe, flexible time, work from home days.

Productive enviroment and we had a ping pong table in the Lunch Room. Herbalife was a great job. Everyone was friendly and had positive attitude towards work and life. If I can I would work there again. During lunch time we were able to make protien shakes in the lunch room if desired. The company itself is a great place with friendly people and secured facility, with many employers.

I usually got to work and began loading containers, i learned how to be quick on my feet and stay moving at all times, to prevent boxes from overloading. Herbalife is an MLM company that sells nutritional supplements, weight loss products and skin care products. To become a Herbalife distributor, you must sign up under an existing distributor who will be your upline. This is how you earn your income. As you move up to different levels you can order products for greater discounts earning yourself a bigger commission plus other benefits.

To move up and qualify for different levels, you will need to earn points for the amount of products you sell. Like most MLM, there is a high percentage of people who end up spending more than they make or make very little in profits from their efforts. A lot of distributors end up selling the opportunity rather than the products because it is more profitable.

This constitutes the definition of a pyramid the bulk of income comes from selling the opportunity rather than the product.

The first one is more typical than the second. Herbalife has, over the years, been a subject of controversy, from pyramid scheme claims to lawsuits stemming from damages caused by the use of their products.

Whether or not Herbalife is an illegal pyramid scheme is up for debate. So if most of the actual product is being moved when distributor uplines sell products to their downline who end up making losses on these products then this might be a problem and the pyramid accusations might actually hold weight.

There are much better opportunities available elsewhere. The critics are going to argue otherwise. Now if you want to sell health-based products like what Herbalife offers, you can easily start without having to pay to become a distributor, without having to buy and stock products and without having to constantly chase your friends, family and strangers to join your business.

Affiliate marketing is an internet based business where you can promote other companies and share a percentage of whatever sales you refer. To explain the process, lets pretend Herbalife used the affiliate marketing instead of the network marketing model. In this case, Herbalife would be selling their products through their website on the internet. They would have an affiliate program where anyone could sign up for free and get a special affiliate link or banners to put on their own websites.

If their products are great then they could still be doing billions in sales every year. You could make a full time income just promoting Herbalife products if they used the affiliate marketing model. Although the income potential is quite huge even if you never made a dollar in MLM , there is a sharp learning curve and you need to put in work just like any other business.

You can promote anything from shakes, weight loss supplements, sports nutrition and beauty care stuff just to name a few. Having a third party involved in the case of the network ensures that you get credited for any sales you make and that you get paid on time. This is another big brand that gets a lot of exposure on television and in magazines, has a lot of celebrity endorsements and one that people who have always been diet-focused know or have at least heard about.

Also there are separate websites for other countries like Canada and the UK that have affiliate programs that pay in local currency. The Weight Watchers affiliate program is accessible through CJ. Market Health is an affiliate network that is dedicated to health and beauty affiliate programs. Phil and on news stations. Just imagine selling just 10 of these per day or even in a month to be more conservative. Market Health pays out twice per month, on the 1st and 16th and you can get your earnings through a check, bank deposit, Paypal or via a Payoneer Master Card.

The first step to getting started is to forget about the Herbalife and the MLM model. You need to start researching and learning everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. In conclusion, with all the investigations and finger pointing going on, Herbalife is probably not the best choice right now to start a business. There are much better choices outside of MLM like affiliate marketing which can be easily learned and is very profitable even for ex-MLMers who have never made anything.

If you have experience with MLM, Herbalife or just want to weigh in on their current situation, your comments are welcomed below. You can check the Herbalife website to find the procedure on how to become a Herbalife distributor in your country.

If you do want to become an Herbalife distributor, email me at [admin edit: If you are serious about this opportunity please email me and I can sign you up to become a distributor. Roger coyld u email me tips on being an independent distributor and how to be on the road to sucess. I am distributing a healthcare product and want to know the best way to achieve this. Do you have a website? How do you reach your customers?

Teri, this website was not made for that purpose so I discourage people from posting their personal information as it can lead to breaches of privacy. Advocare is the 1 Best nutrition MLM hands down. Hebal life was just sued for 2oo million for being a pyramid scheme. Email me for info and I can explain better.

Thank you for your time. I like how you actually are fishing for business and claiming you can explain something you know nothing about. Herbalife is in over 80 countries and if a company with such global impact was bad, then it would not exist for over 35 years. Herbalife was actually not sued.

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