From Size 24 to Size 4: My Nutrisystem Review and Success Story

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Has anyone used nutrisystem? if so, did it work? and how long did it take to lose weight?
It is recommended to lose pounds per week. I used to be really fit running every day 10 miles or more and working out at the gym. My advice would be to stay strong, adhere to the plan and drink 8 to 10 16oz bottles of water per day. In a year you would have lost 50 lbs. We're happy to hear that you are finding the plan easy to follow. In my experience, the people who always lost the most weight and kept it off are those that stuck stubbornly to their diet plan while politely but firmly ignoring any conflicting "advice" from friends or family. How long should it take for you to lose about forty pounds?

I Need to Lose 20 LBS – How Long is it Going to Take?


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