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NutriSystem Day 21: Tired, Hungry, Not Much Lighter
I also love cereal. So do I throw everything I know out the window for 28 days? And all because I so miss the taste of decent food that I'm in a perpetually foul and angry mood. Nutrisystem is the easiest weight loss system out there. My sisters and I are doing this together 5 out of 5 stars My sisters and I are really close. Don't obsess about it. The soups for lunch are fabulous, as are the pasta dishes.

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Nutrisystem Day 3 - Hungry and Angry

Then the next day, while watching football at a friend's house, I had to leave, after only two hours, in the middle of the game because I was so hungry. So far this week I'm still generally hungry. It's like even when I do have the small portions in my stomach, I could go for an enormous burger, preferably with lots of bacon, tomato and mayonnaise, at any moment. I also have not had nearly the energy I did last week.

Although I'm planning to run tonight, it will be my first serious exercise since Saturday. I never went that long even when I was off the diet; I just haven't had the energy to do much more than walk back and forth between my apartment and my office. I even turned down watching a movie with a friend last night because I was coming down from the coffee high which sustained me during the day.

I should add that I'm not a regular coffee drinker. After perusing NutriSystem's online forums, I found that many of the other dieters also say that their energy and hunger come and go.

Despite this week's struggles, there was a success this morning when I was able to tighten my belt by one notch. That's at least an inch off my waist.

I've had the belt for about a year and a half and have always used it on the final notch sometimes barely. I was somewhat disappointed to see that I only lost one pound in the last week to While it's great that I'm in the s a feat I haven't accomplished since college -- it's a huge drop from the four or more pounds I lost the previous two weeks. She did not forgive me. According to my friend Sydnie as well as the message board posters, they want you to stay between 1, and 1, calories.

Everything I know about dieting says that is an extremely low amount of calories, especially on the days that a person is exercising. What I Ate Today: NS Chocolate Crunch Bar — calories. So do I throw everything I know out the window for 28 days? And I certainly have more strength of character and conviction than those little tarts.

I am a star in my own right if only in my own bathroom when I sing in the shower. So being a star, I owe it to everyone around me to be as hot as I possibly can! Boy, I'm really reaching for motivation. I do want to reinvent myself. The first pounds I lost was 7 years ago and pretty shocking to everyone.

That is what happens when you spend most of your life being super-morbidly obese. Return to the Nutrisystem Review. Too busy to prepare your own low calorie meals? This affordable dietitian-designed program will save you time and money. You'll eat specially-chosen frozen meals from popular brands that you'll buy in your supermarket. When you're not in the mood for a frozen entree, you'll eat salads and low calorie recipes.

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