Urinary Tract (Kidney and Bladder) Infections

Nervous System Physiology

Urinary system
In females, the bladder sits inferior to the uterus and anterior to the vagina. A baby is born atypical genitalia in one in about 1, to 2, births, according to Intersex Society of North America. Reasonably certain conclusions about brain-behaviour relationships, therefore, can be drawn only if similar well-defined changes occur reliably in a substantial number of patients suffering from similar lesions or disease states. Alternately, more complete bladder emptying by intermittent catheterization may limit the amount of urine leakage. In people who are atypical in one of these respects—for example, by being left-handed—the relationship between handedness, cerebral dominance, and anatomical asymmetry is much less consistent. Learn about them by visiting our section on digestive diseases and conditions. It was formerly thought to arise from adrenal cortical cells lying within the kidney substance.

List of Urinary antispasmodics:

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