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Thanks for the insight on Nutrisystem! The job is simple yet overwhelming. All one has to do is open the Help Wanted section and see the just-about-permanent ads for sales reps. Pros I like helping customers and seeing them succeed. Very happy to be a part of the NS family!

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Good pay January through March. Overtime was alway being offered. Most supervisors were very helpful. Very, very slow during the summer months. It does feel like you're chained to the desk all day. Often times sales reps were taking mostly retention calls rather than sales calls. Call center was required to work on holidays except Christmas. Reps get burnt out quickly in their position.

Offer more time off, especially on holidays. If supervisors don't know an answer to a rep's question, it's ok to say, "I don't know".

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Generally, these targets are met in time for the last few months of the year. Additionally, our sales roles are unique in that we provide paid PTO to all of our sales reps and additionally encourage use during the last quarter of each year to ensure our team is rested and ready for "Diet Season".

Thanks again for the feedback and best to you in the future. Have the opportunity to speak with many customers and help with there weight issue and health. Very Good 2 week training program at their corporate office,thorough. Well Known company, name recognition, makes easier to establish rapport with customers and make a sale.

Very rigid break schedule, 10 minute morning, 10 minute afternoon, 30 lunch Customer service can override your sale and reduce or take your sale without notice, resulting in potential commission loss for no fault of your own. Majority of incoming calls were to save or stop customers from cancelling their order or plans. Very little opportunity for new sales associates to earn projected commissions based on this set up.

Veteran Sales Associates are given more sales calls and thus hard to compete. The dialer should be a better mixture of potential new sales vs Saves or cancellations for new sales associates, need to learn and grow. Customer service should not be able to take sales, offer discounts and free items that sales are not allowed too. Makes for unfair playing field, seems like a lack of integrity going on between departments.

Not a level playing field. Thank you for taking the time to complete feedback on your experience. The Nutrisystem sales environment is pay for performance and a proud meritocracy. All sales associates begin each day on a level playing field, with performance level and compensation earned through conversion of prospective clients into customers. What happens is that associates receive a set number of calls to begin their day prior to use of the ICR. The ICR will then route incoming calls to the higher performing associates.

Additionally, the majority of calls to the sales team are from potential clients looking to start or rejoin our program. There are additional earning opportunities to retain existing customers looking to cancel our program, however they are not the majority of incoming calls. Lastly, sales are earned only by the sales associate who places the sale, with no exceptions.

It is simply not tolerated. The Contact Center has a strict code of conduct that is adhered to by all employees and is highly focused on promoting an ethical environment. It is unfortunate that you were under some incorrect assumptions and wanted you to be aware of the facts. I do thank you for the review and wish the best in future pursuits.

The harder you work, the more you will make. Working for nutrisystem was one of the best things I ever did for my career. Working hard, having empathy and being creative are welcomed.

I don't have any I appreciate my opportunity. Started my career as a sales rep and was able to grow into Leadership role. The daily thrill of helping one begin their weight loss journey, along with being able to earn a competitive living, continously helps me bring a positive energy level. Furthermore, being able to help cultivate one's sales ability to adapt to a unique and fulfilling industry keeps me motivated every day. Constant feedback and creativity are welcomed and appreciated, which can be injected into the evolution of Team and Dept.

Your story is an inspiration, thanks for sharing! We are grateful to have excellent Leaders, like yourself.

Best wishes in Diet Season! I love my job! No micromanaging unless you need additional training. Paid commission every 2 weeks, extra bonus at the end of the month if you meet metrics. Free food lol on certain occasions. Free health fairs for employees. Scholarships available for school. One week day off and one weekend off.

Conversion rate which is based off of customers that call in and the customers that don't buy kill your metrics. Aux time where the system calculates the time you left your desk and back. You have to met metrics or you lose your job. I have seen a lot of favoritism amongst supervisors and coworkers. I feel like everyone should be treated equally. Need more jobs opportunities for internal staff. The retention rate is terrible, every month there's new employees.

Thanks for the feedback! We wish you much success! Has been the best decision in my career to join the Nutrisystem Team. The Contact Center is well run, organized and filled with positive energy.

Lots of activities for the reps throughout the year. Very happy to be a part of the NS family! Thanks for the insight on Nutrisystem! Strong, experienced management team available to mentor at every level of the Contact Center. Reps get burnt out quickly in their position. Offer more time off, especially on holidays. If supervisors don't know an answer to a rep's question, it's ok to say, "I don't know".

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Generally, these targets are met in time for the last few months of the year. Additionally, our sales roles are unique in that we provide paid PTO to all of our sales reps and additionally encourage use during the last quarter of each year to ensure our team is rested and ready for "Diet Season".

Thanks again for the feedback and best to you in the future. I've seen so many capable and nice people come and go and there is no good reason for that. Make your requirements known and be honest to people who apply to work for you rather than sell them a bill of goods knowing they wont last long. Shame on you Nutisystem, you hurt many people who did a good job for you.

Certainly you did not have a great experience and you are entitled to provide your feedback. I appreciate you taking the time to provide it. I do want to provide some facts on a few of the points.

You are correct that the sales role is metric driven. We utilize a balanced scorecard that incorporates 7 key metrics that encompass the role. We are very clear during the hiring process and the initial training on these measures. The majority of our sales representatives meet or exceed these metrics each month. Additionally, we provide multiple opportunities for our staff to increase their performance through additional development and coaching.

I just wanted to take a minute to share these points and do wish you the best in the future. The job is simple yet overwhelming. Good temporary position until you find something else. As a weight loss counselor you're doing everyone's job and not getting paid enough.

You take on the role as sales, retention, customer service, IT for Nutrisystem Numi app, weight loss counselor, and manager because managers encourage you to de-escalate calls by lying to customers saying they are unavailable since they never get on the phone. You start to feel depressed because you can not get two days off in a row so it feels like your life is nothing but work, management encourages shift swaps but coworkers usually do not want to switch. Customers are usually upset about false information they're given to join the program by sales reps and weight loss counselors are to hear the complaints when the problem could be resolved if sales reps were trained better.

The breaks could also be a little longer since being on the phone is so exhausting, and raises are little to none. Improve the company then maybe the turnover rate would not be so high. The weight loss counseling position is a role that wears many hats. This is explained in the interview process and in training. Counselors are compensated appropriately for the role and we benchmark compensation to similar roles.

In addition, counselors earn commission on sales of new programs and cross-sell products. Our leadership team is dedicated to the success of the team.

We share feedback on performance metrics weekly and in some cases daily to ensure counselors are fully aware of their performance. In addition, our leadership team has one-on-ones and coaching sessions with counselors to assist them with their performance.

The leadership does their best to ensure we have floor coverage for questions and assistance with escalated issues. The team will provide direction to assist the counselor with handling escalated issues that they are empowered to handle. While everyone in our Contact Center strives to do their best, mistakes do happen.

We encourage counselors to share situations that may have been mis-handled so we can ensure coaching is provided, when necessary. We have an Open Door Policy, so that employees may discuss concerns with their immediate supervisor or department head. Contact Center work is not for everyone long term. We want our employees to be open about their career development so we can assist them with developing the skills for future opportunities.

During my first 5 years as a Sales Rep, I had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and appreciative co-workers and managers in the business. I was one of the many reps whose compensation and bonuses grew as the company grew by leaps and bounds, enjoying flexible scheduling, great team leadership, awesome bonuses and perks including being wined and dined at some of Center City's finest restaurants. Many of us enjoyed our best years from to All of this ended abruptly with a change of management or I should say "mismanagement" and corporate greed, to the point where many talented individuals were terminated by way of micro-management and the need to find reps who were willing to work for far less compensation than those whose jobs they were replacing.

As sales numbers dropped, the company stock dropped accordingly, so desperate measures were needed to try to right the ship. I was part of the initial team of Retention Specialists; 15 Weight Loss Counselors and 15 Sales Reps, the "cream of the crop" as we were anointed - a group who were so good in our specific areas who were to work together to attempt to reacquire the droves of customers who were dropping out of the program for one reason or another. Our job was to learn from one another and develop a mix of skills in order to get program participants back into the program to refocus on their weight loss goals.

My position was terminated after 7 years with this company because I was unable to return to work on a specific date, between two surgeries that management knew were pertinent to being able to perform my job. At the time of my dismissal, less than 2 years from the start of the Retention Program, there were only 2 Reps remaining of the 30 who were initially hired -- the rest were either fired, quit or replaced by others management felt were more fit to mold into robots, to do the job the way they saw fit and for far less compensation.

Treat employees with respect and the way you would like to be treated by others; Stop micro-managing and allow your employees to feel good about themselves, reward them for doing a job well-done, instead of the intense scrutiny that is imposed on them on an ongoing basis.

Thank you for your note. It is never easy to hear an employee who is upset. We offer 8 weeks of job protected leave in addition to 12 weeks of FMLA to help our employees heal. Sometimes they are not able to return and unfortunately we can only provide up to 20 weeks of leave. On compensation, our retention team was newly created in and accordingly, a compensation plan was put in place based on initial assumptions and expectations.

The compensation plan was reviewed annually and adjusted to maintain a competitive compensation program that attracts and retains our staff. In , we engaged an outside compensation expert to assist us in reshaping the plans with employee feedback from those being compensated in the current structure. As a result, we simplified the plan to provide a base structure for more predictable earnings for staff as well as variable commissions for additional earning potential. This feedback was requested by staff and embraced.

Certainly a sales environment is highly metric oriented and performance driven. Our management team focuses on driving results while treating people with respect and dignity. It is a delicate balance but one we take seriously. I do wish you the best and sincerely hope that you find a situation that will be better for you. Modern, bright, and clean facilities.

Nice group of people to work with. Commission potential is excellent if one can truly sell. I have been in the sales department for quite a few years, so while my scope of knowledge is limited to that department, I've been privy to and seen enough to make the following factual statements: Sadly, for this financially floundering organization, the cons outweigh the few positives I mentioned above.

Management operates under a negative reinforcement mindset and employees are valued about as much as an old newspaper; this fact is evidenced by the enormous turnover rate and supported by the constant hiring.

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