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Choosing instead to focus on dieting over exercise, the fitness centers focus on the adjustment of their clients to a healthy diet. Scientists develop multi-strain vaccine you can give This supplement is very prominent and it is used by many of the people all over the world. Mel B's ex-nanny tells DailyMailTV how singer 'bullied Phoenix, drunkenly neglected her daughters and paraded her sexual conquests in front of them' Julia Roberts flaunts her toned legs in denim miniskirt while on shopping excursion in Malibu She's one of Hollywood's legendary beauties 'I could not stand up': Carol--I thank you so much for your comment because I think you are absolutely right--these "secrets" are just the things that thin people already do. Emotional eating derails so many diets, and it also makes people pack on pounds.

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Count CHEMICALS in your daily diet to stay slim, not calories

I love slim in 6! I made it up to Burn it Up now, it takes about 1 hour. The moves are easy but the workout is hard. I keep pressing the pause button to take breaks! I use to have trouble getting to the gym. This workout helps me stay motivated to exercise.

It is just so much easier to press play at home and devote just an hour to it, rather than going to the gym. It really works if you press play as often as you can. I really love it! I am on week through. The moves were too easy so I went to Ramp it Up right away. Then I went to Burn it Up — that one is great!

I am on week three and so far have lost 6lbs, 2 inches off waist and 1 inch off hips. I keep a daily food journal and make a workout schedule based on that. The days I eat more calories, the more I work out…pretty simple. Just ordered my Slim In 6 program! Thanks to all who posted, it helped in my decision to try it out!!

I started doing Slim in 6 10 years ago after I started having kids. I have 6 kids now and have used Slim in 6 after every baby to lose the extra 40 pounds I put on each pregnancy. It takes me usually 2 rounds of Slim in 6 to lose the 40 pounds 3 months.

Hey all — Just a little tip: Instead of 6 days of workouts in a row, try 3 on, then 1 off. I bought this program two years ago and followed it religiously for 4 months and got in the best shape I have ever been in.

I never got them, and ended up ordering this program again anyway. I saw results after just two workouts. This is the only program that has delivered.

I just finished week 1 of Slim in 6. I did Start it up once then moved right on to Ramp it Up- on my rest day I did cardio express and slim and 6 pack. I try to do the slim and 6 pack at least times a week. People are starting notice… which is a great motivator too. I completed Slim in 6 a couple of months ago and have actually continued to do the workouts up til now. I did not lose any weight at all, but I have toned up a lot.

My legs however are a lot smaller and toned……now I just look unporportioned! Hopefully that will help me lose this 36 inch waist I have going on… I completely give Debbie props though! She is an awesome instructor and seems like she is just an awesome person all around! I just ordered my slim in 6 videos and im so excited to start trying them! I would like to know if this will help with my gut due to pregnancies and lose about 50 lbs? I am on week 5 and I have lost 5 inches from my waist 30 inches to 25 inches , and 3 inches 40 inches to 37 inches from my hips.

My stomach was a bit flabby b4 but even the skin seems to have tightened up. I think the program is fantastic. I do the workout first thing in the morning before eating days a week. I ordered Slim in 6 about two months ago. I have lost some weight and inches both. After taking photos, I can tell a big difference in my stomach.

I have also had to add some weighs to some of the moves to keep them challenging. I just ordered Slim in 6 this morning. However, when I got married almost 4 years ago I weighed My ultimate goal is to get to at least , hopefully by June 17th my anniversary.

I hope that Slim in 6 will help get me to my goal! Any comments from those who have used it are much appreciated! Do you think this program, combined with a free weights routine for my arms, will do the trick? I want to lose about 20 pounds and tone my body, especially my stomach. Is Slim in 6 a good ab workout? Is this a good workout for that? I ordered Slim in 6 a few days ago, I am so excited to get it!! I lost 15 pounds in April and I still need to lose another 19 pounds to be back to my pre baby weight!!

I am so excited I really hope it works!!! So, after watching the infomercial for weeks and weeks and weeks and being told that you look good but you could just stand to lose some wait in your tummy area.. I was a true couch potato one week ago, so this is something totally new for me. When I finally get to the resistance band portion, I breath a sigh of relief know the end is near. I did both the additional Ab video and the stretching video three times this week and the Ab video is really tough and I can really feel it working.

As soon as I started Slim in 6, I saw results. Granted, I have changed my lifestyle: I do take it a little easy on the weekends; I usually rest Saturday and Sunday, while going out to dinner one night. I am almost to my size 6, lb. It is so fantastic. She keeps raving about it, too. You will not get great results if you do not work hard with this program.

It is not easy. You sweat and get sore. If you are willing to put the work in, get this program. I would really love to lose a good 50 lbs if possible and get back to my old weight and size!!!!! I just ordered my Slim in 6 workout a few days ago. When I first started, in my first week I lost 15 lbs.

No kidding then it was a steady 3 lbs a week for the next 5 weeks. I bought my first 32 waist in over ten years, that was pretty damn exciting.

You will be amazed at the calories you normally consumed with out every paying attention to them, and you will begin to understand how you packed on the pounds, and when you see that, it wont be hard to adjust intake.

If you say your having a hard time finding time to work out.. What I feel that I am lacking is the structure of a program and I am hoping Slim in 6 will provide that for me. I appreciate all the reviews here that have given me an even better feeling about the program. I just ordered this today. Thanks for all those who took time to comment here as it was one of the major driver for me to decide on getting this package.

My question is will slim in 6 help me do this or can you suggest another program that would fit me. Is this ok for me? Has anyone else who is small already tried this?

I purchased slim in 6 and had to stop before I got to the last disk. However I see a difference. I want to do this right, with good results. I agree with what everyone else has been saying. A lot of the weight issue is the fact that some people have bodies that will put on more muscles than others. You will look healthier and less flabby at the end of the program. You have to be willing to work.

I personally was already a pretty healthy eater. Also, it gets incredibly boring, so personally I wait until one of my favorite television shows is on then pop the workout dvds into my laptop and workout with the laptop to one side while watching tv.

I just ordered mine. I wanna lose about 20lbs and tone up. On day 2 of the video. Just wondering if I can do Start it up for the 1st week plus 20 min. Or would the gazelle cardio ruin the slim in 6 training? I am into week four of Slim in 6. Burn It Up since the beginning of week 4. I have lost 2 pounds not much, I know and a little off of each thigh.

I think I need to add an extra session of cardio to lose the weight and fat I need to lose, but I feel myself getting more fit every day. I have stuck to the start it up and cardio core express. I have lost 5 lbs. Wanted to lose way more though. Guess it is because of my age and only really want to lose 10 more lbs. I am on a calorie diet per the instruction folder. I love this workout program!!! Hey, I am sixteen years old and I had saved up my money from working at Tim Hortons lol and finally bought the slim six program.

For example, my waist size was 44 inches The problem was that first of all I had absolutely no muscle whatsoever. Another problem was, was that I did not wear my fat well at ALL it gathered in many unattractive places and also left many places, like my legs, way too skinny and not proportionate to the rest of my body.

After completing the program I am now pounds, and I look great! I swapped all that fat for lean muscle! After 2 rounds of slim in 6 I found myself getting bored so my boyfriend gave me Power So now I use a combination of both videos to keep things interesting.

I bought this program over a year ago and am still on the Ramp it Up stage. I would start the program and then put it down, again and again.

After trying different exercise programs I found that this one is the best because, though I broke into a sweat each time, I never felt burnt out and out of breath. I am now working my way through Ramp it Up, making sure my health can handle moving on.

I would def recommend this program to anyone. Ok, S I just started slim in six today and I thought I was gonna pass out. But I am completely out of shape. It also stops the formation of new fat cells to eliminate the excess of fat to lose weight and gain an energy boost. This supplement helps to reduce fat storage.

Do not always wish to eradicate obesity but try to work for it because only thinking does not resolve. Work to opt for this weight loss supplement. This supplement will give you a completely new life. The changes produced by this supplement are long-lasting. They do not disappear as soon as you leave the supplement as it happens in most of the cases. Also, the supplement has zero side effects. Most of the fats which are stored in the body is melted by the burning of the fat.

The fat produces lavish energy. Which is more than sufficient to do work. This extra energy makes you active and alert. Since it produces abundant energy now you can perform better in the gym. The burning of fat increases the metabolic rate. This supplement burns the fat in between the muscles. In this way, it strengthens the muscles and bones too.

It also promotes the lean muscle mass. The active ingredients secrete the enzymes which eliminate the fat. They burn fat to acquire abundant energy.

Earlier when we eat a food body converts calories into glucose sugar. This results in raised blood sugar level. The raised blood sugar means more calories.

These calories remain unused and get deposited in the body causing more weight. The ingredients of this supplement are herbal in nature. They easily dissolve in the body.

They are not at all harmful. The wonderful ingredients present in the supplement are — forskolin, garcinia cambogia, ginseng, vitamin b and l-carnitine. The forskolin stimulates the production of hormones lipase and cAMP to eliminate the fat and release energy.

It increases the energy and builds the lean muscle mass. The garcinia cambogia stops the production of fat and reduces the appetite. The HCA which is the major constituent of garcinia helps to stable the serotonin hormone. Which in turn controls the cravings and emotional eating. The ginseng is the light colored root which increases the metabolic rate and enhances the mood. The increased positive mood makes you feel happy and light.

The vitamin B12 also known as cobalamin is water soluble vitamin b. It helps to transform the fat and protein into energy and it also break down the carbs. L-carnitine is a kind of amino acid which releases the fatty acid from adipose tissue to eradicate fat for energy. Additionally, it enhances the physical performance. The various advantages of this supplement are as follows: I am a housewife. I was unable to handle the growing weight.

I had started avoiding people as they mock at my weight. I hesitantly used this supplement. This supplement brings about tremendous change in me within a few months. I am glad I had used this supplement. I was reduced into the thin and toned body. All thanks to this wonderful weight loss supplement. I always dream of wearing those slim fashionable dresses but I was fat. I tried a lot of things to reduce but I was failed. Then one day I came across this supplement on the net.

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