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I highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with yeast issues or who would simply like to maximize their health. If you keep getting smaller you might have hit a sort of plateau where additional weight loss is more stubborn. Check out the list of foods to eat on your cleanse for more information. I'll just leave these here for your convenience - and obviously to drive a little traffic my way. You are supposed to be making these 10 oz drink concoctions every time you feel hungry or need energy.

What is the Lemonade Diet?

Lemonade Diet/ Master Cleanse (Part 1)

Furthermore, in westernized culture, we eat more sugary, processed, and fried food than ever. We poison our bodies with a variety of sedatives, stimulants, pain relievers, and a million other medications. A high percentage of these medicine and food toxins build up in our liver, kidneys, and colon. They pollute our body and stress out our digestive systems. To combat these toxins, we sometimes resort to enemas, detox diets, cleansing drinks, and colon cleansers.

Our main goals is to cleanse the colon walls of stagnant toxic waste build up, which we can do cheaply and comfortably by using a colon cleansing dietary supplement.

By using a colon cleanser you will increase your vitality, improve your digestion, and lose weight. When combined with an acai berry diet, using a colon cleanser regularly will help to keep your intestines clean and your body free of toxins. It is recommended to use a colon cleansing supplement for days, times a year. While not mandatory for the acai berry diet, using a colon cleanser will make the detox process much easier and faster, and it will help your efforts to lose weight.

Clear here to read more about colon cleansing on Project Swole. To maximize your weight loss on the acai diet, you should be working out at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes per session. Exercise is not mandatory on the acai berry diet, but it will help you lose fat even faster. These routines prescribe 6 days of exercise per week, and consist of 3 intense full body weight training workouts and 3 cardiovascular routines.

Use these workouts to kick your fat loss into overdrive! An intermittent fast is the best approach to losing fat quickly on the acai berry diet. Intermittent fasting calls for a hour feeding window, where you eat all of your calories for the day in 2 or 3 meals. Drink only water, tea, or coffee in between. Like colon cleansing and the fat loss workout routines, fasting is not mandatory for the acai berry diet. However, intermittent fasting is a great lifestyle eating plan if you can get accustomed to it.

Whole-day fasts are not typically recommended for those of us looking to build or maintain muscle mass, but intermittent fasting is a great solution. Click here to read more about intermittent fasting on Project Swole.

Once again, here are the instructions for ordering the best acai and colon cleansing supplements online. The free trial offers provide you with an inexpensive solution, while a full order will let you stock up and possibly get a couple free bottles. Just click on a link, submit your address, and away you go! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about acai. You can read the whole list here: It is recommended to take between mg and mg 1 g each day.

This can be taken all at once or divided into several doses. See the previous question for more information on timing your acai intake. You can lose between pounds a week on a healthy diet and exercise plan. When taking acai you may lose at least twice that many pounds. You could definitely lose up to 12 or even 15 pounds a month by using acai, as long as you continue eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. As long as you maintain a healthy diet and keep exercising, you will not gain fat just because you stop using acai.

You might experience decreased weight loss or a plateau in your fat loss progress, but you will not suddenly start gaining it back. Acai berries are fruit just like blueberries, oranges, and apples. It makes sense that if you are old enough to eat other fruit, then you are old enough to eat acai. Sometimes acai berry pills have added ingredients such as caffeine, green tea, or hoodia, which could cause some acai berry side effects like increased energy and heart rate.

If you have an acai supplement with added ingredients like caffeine and hoodia, then you should only take your acai berry supplement in the morning. There are a ton of calories in the acai juices.

Upwards of calories per serving, depending on the product. The acai berry pills have negligible calories in comparison, and even then the calories are attributed to fiber, healthy fatty acids, and amino acids, as I mentioned above. Is the acai berry a scam? This question frustrates me, because the acai berry diet is now receiving unnecessary negative publicity thanks to a few shady businesses. The acai berry received a bad rap in recent years because some companies took huge orders over the course of several months, shut down their customer service departments, and ran for the hills.

When you consider the health benefits of the acai berry itself, the proof is in the pudding… the acai berry pudding. Antioxidants are very real, and the acai berry is very high in antioxidants.

If you ever wanted to take a supplement that could help you lose weight, stay healthy, and feel young, then the acai berry is for you. New Goal — Swole in a Month. This entry was posted under Diet , Medical , Motivation , Supplements. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. I am 15 years, my height is 5ft. I am supposed to weigh , if so I was wandering. Is it okay If I these tablets? If you don't think you can make it to dinner on a raw vegetable salad with avocado, have a steamed Yukon gold potato, new potato, or sweet potato after your salad.

Feel free to have water, sparkling water, or peppermint or chamomile tea after your lunch meal. Also feel free to have any fresh, ripe fruits that you desire after your vegetable salad.

Eat any combination of raw vegetables and fruits that you desire, but aim to have at least as many vegetables as fruits. If you're still hungry after eating raw vegetables and fruits, have any steamed vegetables that you enjoy, such as steamed broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, corn, and asparagus.

If you're still hungry after eating steamed vegetables, feel free to have steamed root vegetables, such as steamed potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots. Any raw fruits, vegetables, their juices, and smoothies made with raw fruits and vegetables are fine snack choices. For a dip to eat with raw vegetables, have guacamole made with avocado, red onion, and lemon or lime juice.

Initially, you may want to try it over the weekend, beginning on Friday evening, and ending on Monday afternoon. Many people find that seven full days is quite manageable, and produces noticeable changes in energy level and sense of well-being.

The first while can be tough for some people who experience severe symptoms of withdrawal, but for the majority of people who experience such symptoms, things start to look up after a few days. If you like how this program of eating makes you feel, it's fine to continue with it for as long as you feel strong and healthy.

When you're ready to add other foods back into your diet, it's best to proceed slowly. On the first day of "breaking" your cleanse, you should follow the same diet, but add one additional food to your afternoon or evening meal, like hummus made with chickpeas.

On day 2, you can have two servings of protein-dense foods, say a serving of eggs with lunch and a serving of fish for dinner. As you break into a long-term pattern of eating, the goal should be to keep the full body cleanse diet as the foundation of your diet, and to add small servings of healthy, protein-dense foods grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and animal foods to your meals as your appetite dictates. After a day or two of getting right into the full body cleanse diet, it's fine to try a day or two of having nothing but fresh juices.

Because juices are mostly devoid of fiber, they put even less burden on your digestive organs than the whole foods that they come from. Less digestive burden translates to more energy being available for your self-regulated cleansing mechanisms. Stick mainly with green juices that are made with a foundation of dark green, leafy lettuce and celery. Use only small amounts of sweet root vegetables like carrots and red beets.

After your juicing day s , go back to the full body cleanse diet described above for at least a day before adding protein-dense foods to your diet. An alternative to doing full juicing days is to substitute one of your regular meals with a freshly pressed vegetable juice.

The Basics Full Body Cleanse: Diet Full Body Cleanse: Lifestyle Full Body Cleanse: Receive simple suggestions to measurably improve your health and mobility, plus alerts on specials and giveaways at our catalogue. Being a full time mom and wife what i really doing daily is to prepare a food which will benefit much on the health of my family.

God bless your site as well as your family, have a nice day always. I just found your site and I find your information seems very healthy, useful, and sensible. But I find your site refreshing and i see you have alot of advice for a healthy lifestyle. I will continue reading your site for more tips! I currently don't have any healthy habits, I don't eat muchor any vegetables or fruits at all and I sleep really late, but as a new year hopefully I can try to become more healthy and follow some of the healthy advice you have on this site.

So your site is great! I actually happened to come to your site because I searched for "Korean steamed egg" recipe and found yours haha. And after years of doing cleanses like this prior to my diagnosis and only getting worse off than when I started it was amazing to me to find that I couldn't eat the majority of these foods and rather than helping they were hurting me. Avocado, Spinach, Strawberries, citrus fruits are all high histamine. I say this as a comment to you and help for anyone who has gone through years of not understanding why when they've lived a "perfect" dietary life they can't improve.

Maybe a cleanse to help folks with this improve their DAO levels. There just aren't many folks out there that have a grasp on this yet and there are so many HI people that have been just left to try to figure it out on our own. Im going to a hard time with this but want to give it a try, I am up between 4 and am M-F and so that means I would eat my last meal at like pm which is super early.

Adjust the meal timing to match your waking time — look at the time you wake up e. I do not eat processed foods; like pasta, bread, white flour any products , oatmeal, cereal…would I still be able to do this diet? Just started the Shred diet this week… Really like it so far. Iced tea and green tea and coffee are listed, but wondered if basic black hot tea is allowed as well. Can I switch the menu for that day with another day in the same week which offers a turkey sandwich for meal 2?

I want to start this diet seems encouraging to me plz guide me how much i will lose approximately in 4 weeks i am 90 kg right now. How do you differentiate between small, medium, and large salads? There is nothing to state how much goes into each. And the timing of snack 3 seems to change from day 1 to day When should snack 3 be consumed?

A small salad contains 2 cups of greens, plus whatever else you put in the salad p. A medium salad contains 3 cups of greens p. A large salad contains 4 cups of greens p. On Feb 22, , I will begin my journey with the Shred diet. My waist line is 46 inches and my blood sugar court is way off the chart.

What is a good website to capture my progress. There are lots of website and apps out there — does anyone have any favorites or suggestions? I am starting Super Shred today but can eat meal 3 at the meal 2 time and vice versa? I work, so it would much easier for me to eat a salad currently meal 3 during my lunch hour and a cup of soup currently meal 2 around 4: Thanks, I am assuming the sequence is an important part of the program … just need some clarification.

The page for the regular Shred diet is http: Would you mind re-posting the question there? I wold like to know the calories of the salads: Small 1 cup, Large 3cups and Large 4 cups. Although I have to be careful not to let it go too low. I had to reduce the amount of Insulin. Every one with My kind of diabetes should try this diet. Thank you so much. I had lost 10 lb. I am on week 2 of Shred and was thinking about starting Super Shred after this cycle.

I know in the Shred book you are encouraged to continue using Shred if you need to lose more weight. Smith also encourage you to repeat the Super Shred cycle for more weight loss? I also get very overwhelmed but I got a hard back journal with lined paper and I wrote down what I would eat for meals, I would specify the calories of the snacks for that specific time and then allow myself to fill that later.

I then made a grocery list after I had planned out the week. When I got home I cooked all my food and prepped everything for the next week. It is hard to get into at first but it is so worth it to just have everything already done and it makes it alot harder to cheat on it. I get up a 3am in order to be at work at 5am. I get my first break at 8am and lunch at 11am. What should be my meal schedule? Can you eat before you get to work, say at 4am, then 8am 4 hours later , then 11am 3 hours later?

Paleo diet popular, clean labels, fewer calories — news to January 19, This site rocks the Classic Responsive Skin for Thesis. Food list by Penny Hammond on January 19, Penny Hammond January 26, , 1: Jean Rhodes June 19, , 8: Margot January 27, , 1: Becky February 22, , 4: Where can I buy the workout video for this? Penny Hammond February 23, , 8: Can you use sugar substitutes on the super shred diet? Penny Hammond March 2, , Audrey Peasley March 4, , 4: Penny Hammond March 5, , 8: Alicia March 5, , Amanda Brooks July 11, , 3: Did you complete this plan?

Are you still following this plan? Very interested to learn more! Jennifer March 5, , 2: Penny Hammond March 5, , 2: Chrissy March 30, , 3: According to the book, snacks are encouraged but completely optional.

Penny Hammond April 6, , 1: Charity March 7, , 9: Penny Hammond March 7, , 7: Karen March 8, , Penny Hammond March 9, , 3: Liz March 24, , 2: Hi Karen, I am also petite, and trying this diet.

Hope this helps, good luck! Penny Hammond March 11, , 5: Penny Hammond March 17, , 7: Marlene January 10, , 1: Penny Hammond January 10, , 2: Good luck getting back on track.

Elle August 21, , 5: Sharon K March 16, , 6: Penny Hammond March 17, , 8: Kelly July 11, , Penny Hammond August 18, , 8: Dee March 18, , Penny Hammond March 19, , 7: Penny Hammond March 23, , 2: Sharon March 20, , 5: I hope you don not mind asking , I have so many questions excuse my bad language , it is not my native.

Penny Hammond March 26, , 9: Penny Hammond May 29, , 6: Heather March 27, , 9: Can you have a protein shake for your calorie snack as long as it is under calories??? Penny Hammond April 2, , 7: Selina April 3, , 3: Penny Hammond April 6, , 3: Lattice April 9, , 9: Barbara McPherson April 9, , 7: Penny Hammond April 10, , Kim April 14, , 1: Penny Hammond April 14, , 8: Rachel April 28, , 8: Penny Hammond April 29, , 8: Kelly April 28, , Penny Hammond April 28, , 2: Nikki May 6, , Penny Hammond May 8, , 7: Lisa Maner May 18, , 8: Penny Hammond May 18, , 1: Carrie May 24, , 1: Penny Hammond May 25, , 2: WS May 31, , Penny Hammond June 1, , 1: Penny Hammond June 8, , 1: Barb June 5, , 7: Laura June 8, , 8: Penny Hammond June 10, , 5: Carrie June 11, , Penny Hammond June 12, , 1: Jennifer June 20, , 5: Penny Hammond June 22, , 9: A small June 28, , Penny Hammond June 29, , Carla July 2, , 2: Penny Hammond July 3, , JJ July 5, , 6: Penny Hammond July 6, , 7: Angela July 7, , 1: Penny Hammond July 7, , 6: Hello Angela, The book has recipes for snacks, smoothies, and soups.

Angela July 9, , 1: Angela October 1, , 9: Hi Penny I am almost done with week 4 of my super shred diet, note the following: Penny Hammond October 1, , 1: Hi Angela Well done not binging for 4 weeks! Ruben July 11, , Is this diet good for Type 2 diabetic person?

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