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NES Total WellNES System

One Simple, Powerful System For Creating Total Wellness
Researchers gave participants in this study either PEMF treatment or a sham treatment. NES Health does not claim to cure, prevent, treat or diagnose any medical condition. A Film on the New Science of Healing. If you'd like to go straight to the results at any point in this video, you'll find them at I love the NES System too. The Total WellNES System allows medical and alternative health practitioners to quickly and easily restore client health using our proprietary 4-step process:.

What is the Total Wellness System?

She was experiencing pain, restricted movement in the wrist and loss of sensation in the thumb. This is how we met Becky and we can't resist an opportunity to help someone. We love creating positive experiences! Using the miHealth, we applied 2 minutes on the body with Bio Cell, 2 minutes application with Nerve, then 2 minutes of Matrix Carrier.

Becky experienced immediate freedom and improved range of motion. This video shows Becky 24 hours later As we do more videos in the coming months that demonstrate the actual experiences people are having with the Total Wellnes System, we'll be doing them unedited so that the authentic experience can play out in its entirety.

The center point of the NES Health Total WellNES System is the energy evaluation system that evaluates hundreds of cellular based energy frequencies and bodily system frequencies and prescripts a balanced effective energy intervention program that is used to alter an individual's current energetic functioning and restore an realign it into a state of health and wholeness.

This system evaluates the body's energy system related to organs, the brain and nervous system, mind and mood, physical and musculoskeletal system, the chakra system and the biofields of the body. This evaluation is not intended to replace traditional medical treatment. If you are having difficulties of a medical nature, please contact your medical providers immediately.

This system approaches an individual from an energetic perspective. It is our belief that the energy field and our energy system are the basis for health, disease, illness and homeostasis. Once you have been energetically evaluated, a program is developed involving a variety of energy frequencies and structured energy enhancing products that address each aspect of your evaluation energetic frequency deficits and areas needing improvement. This process often may take several months to eliminate chronic symptoms and areas of deficit that have been present for a long period of time.

Each individual is rescanned several times during the intervention process and identified issues will be addressed through the energy intervention process. The issues identified and prioritized by Pro-Vision will be repaired using Infoceuticals.

An additional step to total healing is to realign your purpose with the Choice Point Course. Choice Point helps you on your life journey to make wiser and more informed choices. Provision helps identify where you are in your life journey and what specific wisdom from 18 global leaders in the online video, exercises and beautiful pdf documents will help you most. As your choices improve through Understanding your World better and helping to shift limiting mind-body patterns, your stress levels reduce, health enhances and you will be invigorated with new found purpose.

The spiral into total wellness then continues up, you will return to be reassessed to monitor progress and update protocol after approximately 30 days. This way your body and body-field receive precisely what it needs, when it needs it, addressing all three critical factors for health. The human body-field is a complex, structured network of fields that interpenetrates the physical body and underlies all physiology and can most simply be explained as an exploration of the energetic and informational structure of the body that underlies its biochemistry.

Click here to read more. NES Health is the vison and 30 years of research of Australian Peter Fraser, a former professor of Acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, through his research he uncovered the dynamic structured energy and information system that informed the physical body which he called the Human Body Field.

Through this system he was able to map the meridians with detailed correlations, matching thousands of Body-Field functions to the physical body by integrating Chinese medicine with modern biology, anatomy and physiology. And in this equation we see that matter equates to-and is essentially made up of-energy.

Yet if you were to ask how that energy gets formed into all the different kinds of matter in the universe, you would note that matter is, in essence, organized energy.

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