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Working Solutions hires work from home travel agents to take inbound calls to schedule air, hotel, and car reservations using Sabre Red. For example, National Commercial Bank, owned until recently by Sheikh Mahfouz, is a partner in a multi-billion dollar investment outfit called the Middle East Capital Group, which is partly controlled by Sheikh Rahman Hassan Sharbatly — who was another member of Golden Chain club.

This brings to mind the report that I mentioned at the outset of this story — the one commissioned by the U. That report speculates that one component of the possible financial attack on the U. Sheikh Taher, in addition to being a Golden Chain member and the former governor of the Saudi state oil company Petromin, has also served as director of Saudi European Bank, a big financial institution that is important to the stability of global economic order.

He is also a former director of Saudi Aramco, which is the largest oil company in the world. In addition, Sheikh Yamani presides over Investcorp, an investment firm that he founded. Investcorp has made a deep imprint in the American markets, and has been involved in everything from short selling to the trading of self-destruct CDOs.

Investcorp has not been implicated in any crime related to its PIPEs deals, and I am not suggesting that Ivestcorp has done anything technically illegal, but PIPEs deals generally are considered to have been a major scourge on the American markets. But PIPEs investors often end up destroying the company to which they are supposedly serving as benefactors.

When this happens, short sellers often naked short sellers who are colluding with the outfit that provided the PIPEs finance attack the company, causing its stock price to drop. The more it drops, the greater the number of shares are owed to the PIPEs financier. Once the stock price of a PIPEs victim is mauled, the finance is cut off, and the company goes bankrupt, delivering big profits to the short sellers i.

Again, this is not to suggest that Investcorp has necessarily done anything illegal, and we cannot say with certainty that its PIPEs business follows the same modus operandi of most other PIPEs dealers. But the emergence of the PIPEs industry has, without doubt, been a scourge on the markets. As numerous court cases attest, it has destroyed countless companies and countless jobs.

Sheikh Sulaiman Abdul Aziz al-Rajhi is not miserable. He is jolly and well. Maybe because the twenty members of the Golden Chain club are the most prominent people in Saudi Arabia, the U. It does not take steps to shut down their bank accounts or bar them from trading in the U.

It does not even dare utter their names, perhaps because to do so would embarrass the Saudi government, which is ostensibly a U. But when the report was released to the public, the 28 pages about the Saudis were censored, so ordinary people could not read them. A full 28 pages — with no words; nothing but big blocks of black ink. Thus, it is left to independent jihad experts to sort out many of the connections. Some former top government officials have said that Emerson is better informed about the jihad than the government itself.

But Emerson and other people who have done excellent research are largely ignored by the media, which will not report the facts unless they have been stated explicitly by some official spokesman.

And the official spokesmen have nothing bad to say about Saudi billionaires, regardless of whether they fund terrorism. When the BCCI scandal broke, it was widely reported that Sheikh Mahfouz and other Saudis some, such as Kamal Adham, with links to Saudi intelligence had invested with prominent figures of the American political establishment in order to gain influence over American government policy.

But nothing was done about it, and the influence increased exponentially in the years that followed. Also a board member of Sana-Bell, you will recall, was Mr. Bahfzallah, head of Benevolence International, the outfit that was dealing with people who were shopping for nukes. Given his important role in the jihad, it is fair to assume that Sheikh al-Rajhi harbors some disdain for not just Western civilization, but also the prevailing economic order.

At the same time, Sheikh al-Rajhi is one of the most important players in the global financial order, a person who is perfectly capable of transforming or even undermining it. Said to be a whiz with numbers, Sheikh Rajhi directs multiple hedge funds that manage many billions of dollars, several stock brokerages, and the massive Al Rajhi Bank, which is the most venerable of the elite financial institutions that control the Stock Exchange of Saudi Arabia, also known as the Tadawul.

A report issued by a U. Senate investigative committee revealed that Al Rajhi Bank was still as of dealing with Al Qaeda, and that it was laundering Al Qaeda money through HSBC, the prestigious British bank, but, of course, Al Rajhi has been charged with no crime on that account HSBC paid a relatively small fine for this and other money laundering infractions.

All told, the financial fire power of the Golden Chain exceeds that of most mid-sized nations. Worse yet, they — and the theo-political-legal doctrine, Shariah, from which they spring — pose a real threat to our society and form of government. On the surface, it seems that there is nothing wrong with people creating shariah compliant financial products, even if they cater to a radical interpretation of Islam. People have a right to be radical and to create radical financial products.

Indeed, it took me a long time to believe that shariah finance posed any threat whatsoever. My instinct was to believe that it was merely an effort to cater to people who are devoutly religious, no more dangerous than Halal beefsteak.

However, it is prudent to consider whether there is more than religion behind the astounding growth of shariah compliant finance in recent years.

That outfit was funded almost entirely by Sheikh Al Maktoum and his family until it was implicated by authorities for having ties to violent jihadists. Despite their accusations, authorities did not file charges against the organization. Ibrahim had the full protection of Sheikh Al Maktoum until Dubai was pressured by the international community to send him packing. Ibrahim was no ordinary mobster. Former ABC News journalist Gretchen Peters, a friend and work colleague of mine when we both lived in Cambodia, has published an excellent book about the nexus between jihadists and the heroin trade.

Viktor Bout, like Dawood Ibrahim, operated with the full support and protection of the Dubai government until Interpol put out an arrest warrant for him. Then he moved to Moscow, where he enjoyed the protection of Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin until he was lured to Thailand and arrested by the FBI.

Some cargo planes that Bout used to smuggle weapons to Afghanistan were registered as belonging to a company called Flying Dolphin, which was owned by Sheikh Mansour Al Nayan, the present ruler of Abu Dhabi.

Then there is the famous story widely reported by U. The Al Qaeda leader and his friends were spending their days hiking in the mountains and hunting with falcons, then retreating to an Al Qaeda training camp to drink tea and perhaps talk of subversive notions. Figuring that there would not be much time before Osama would vanish again, the U. The generals were ready to pull the trigger, but Clinton and his cabinet stopped them. They aborted the mission because Osama bin Laden and his friends were having a party.

And these friends were all from Dubai. At any rate, the CIA watched the satellite images. The generals asked Bill Clinton if they should fire the missile. What matters is the end result. And it is probably safe to assume that the Dubai royals who went on hunting expeditions in Afghanistan with Osama bin Laden may be at least to some extent sympathetic to the jihad.

Before we discuss our present predicament, however, we need to understand more about the nexus. And to do that, we must first go back in history. We must, for starters, further examine the BCCI enterprise. We must, in addition, consider what occurred after BCCI collapsed in One thing that occurred soon after BCCI collapsed in , of course, was that BCCI was revealed to be the biggest banking fraud in the history of world finance.

More important, that same year, , a Muslim Brotherhood leader named Hasan al Turabi then also a top official in the government of Sudan founded an outfit called the Islamist International, appointing Osama bin Laden to serve as chairman. The purpose of the Islamist International was to unite the Muslim Brotherhood, affiliated terrorist organizations, and their state sponsors behind a common mission. Turabi had always known the importance of a reliable financial system to support and sustain Islamist activities.

By then Osama bin Laden was the most qualified individual in Khartoum to untangle this financial mess. In late summer , Turabi approached bin Laden and asked for help.

What, exactly, was BCCI, and why was it so important? And why has this story never appeared in The Wall Street Journal? What lines of business is it pursuing today? And is this good news for the American economy?

To be continued…Click here to read Chapter 3 of this series. They said it simply did not exist, that only wild-eyed conspiracy theorists believed in naked short selling.

That was before , when the CEOs of some big banks started hollering that naked short selling was causing the stock prices of their banks to nosedive. With the CEOs of the big banks hollering, the SEC, in June, , issued an Emergency Order banning naked short selling that previously did not exist in the stocks of 19 big financial institutions i.

But the SEC did nothing about the naked short selling of other stocks because, apparently, that naked short selling existed only in the fevered imaginations of people who believed that their savings were being wiped out by little green men. Their stocks which had increased in value while the Emergency Order was in place once again nosedived, and one of them, Lehman Brothers, saw its stock go into a classic death spiral i.

Almost immediately after Lehman collapsed, the SEC issued another Emergency Order, this time banning all short selling in financial stocks, and in this new Emergency Order, the SEC stated in plain English that naked short selling can cause stocks to go into death spirals, making it difficult for the targeted companies to raise new capital, and thereby result in bankruptcy. Which, of course, was what had just happened to Lehman, as the SEC knew full well.

Some weeks later, the SEC lifted that Emergency Order and put into effect some new rules governing naked short selling. So once again, the conventional wisdom is that only wild-eyed conspiracy theorists believe that naked short selling occurs, and only UFO abductees with tin foil hats believe that naked short selling occurs in massive volumes, causing damage to the markets.

It has long since been forgotten that CEOs of big banks were, back in , hollering that naked short selling had caused their stock prices to nosedive, and it has long been forgotten that the SEC issued two Emergency Orders in to save the banks from naked short selling, suggesting in one of those Emergency Orders that naked short selling had contributed to the collapse of Lehman Brothers. And now we know why it has been forgotten.

As in too big a number for a calculator to handle? Meanwhile, of course, the captured media continues to pretend that naked short selling i. According to Brickman, the report proves that Einhorn was right about Allied being a massive fraud.

The report, which I gladly post below, does nothing of the sort. I will discuss the report in further detail, but first a little history. Eight years ago, Michael Milken, the famous financial criminal, appeared in the offices of a top Allied Capital executive. It appeared to the Allied executive that Milken was fishing for inside information about Allied and threatening an attack. For a variety of reasons, short-side stock manipulators in the Milken network often accumulate large numbers of shares in the companies that they seek to destroy.

For the next eight years, Einhorn led a vicious campaign against Allied, loudly and publicly pronouncing that the company was a massive Ponzi scheme and an all-around fraud that could be as big as Enron.

Rather, Einhorn was just doing his duty as a concerned citizen — or so his slick public relations operation would have us believe. I will give Einhorn credit. He is a master of spin. Could this investment have been a bribe?

Was Einhorn seeking inside information about Allied? The investment was purely incidental, Einhorn assures us. And you, dear reader, should be ashamed of yourself for even asking such questions. Indeed, your suspicions make you part of the problem. The official asked this question: Einhorn, have you ever compensated [short selling hedge fund] Gotham Partners…for providing you with an investment idea?

You see, it is perfectly natural for hedge funds to share ideas. Oops — slip of the mind. How dare you ask such a question. Allied Capital asked that question. He stood up to the critics. You see, Carruthers is really smart guy who does good research. And shame on the SEC for having the temerity to investigate Einhorn. In fact, the SEC did nothing but ask Einhorn a few questions.

Then Einhorn all but directed this massive but ultimately misguided investigation for a period of three long years. As for the media — well, Einhorn is deeply disappointed. As it happens, these are the same journalists that Deep Capture has shown to have had too-cozy, and in some instances, outright corrupt relationships with a select crew of short selling hedge fund managers, including David Einhorn.

But Einhorn was disappointed — the media failed him. But, no, these journalists were not honest. They are part of the problem. They should be publicly shamed. One of them even investigated Einhorn. This was an outrage. Look, lying and cheating short-sellers are essential watchdogs, they add liquidity to the markets, and they are really very fragile people.

Einhorn even lets us know that he is going to donate some of the proceeds from his short selling of Allied to needy children. As far as I know, the children are still waiting. Although Einhorn has made enormous profits from his short selling of Allied, he has provided no evidence that his contributions to charity have significantly increased. But it is clear that the purpose of his book was not to tell the truth. It was to inoculate himself from public criticism and regulatory scrutiny in preparation for his next big project — the destruction of Lehman Brothers.

Einhorn began this speech by discussing his supposedly philanthropic fight with Allied. Lest there still be any doubt that Einhorn really was a crusading crime-fighter, rather than a profit-seeking hedge fund manager, he hired an expensive lobbying outfit called the Gordon Group to orchestrate an astounding public relations campaign.

Their Einhorn campaign was marked by the sort of hype that normally accompanies the launch of a new teen-idol band. It was also a particularly greasy sort of deception — imagine a pimp marketing a cheap 42nd Street hooker. Well, the media swooned for the cuddly Einhorn. This was the same media that Einhorn had accused of bungling idiocy, but never mind that — now he had glowing profiles in many of the top news publications, and a three-hour appearance on CNBC.

He said he had stood up to the bullies and proven that Allied was a massive fraud. Then he smoothly transitioned into a discussion of Lehman Brothers, suggesting to the journalists that Lehman was just like Allied, a massive fraud.

The journalists swallowed this nonsense without an ounce of skepticism. I do not mean to suggest that Lehman Brothers was a clean bank. Clearly, it engaged in some shady accounting, including its now notorious Repo transactions. Its brokerage probably catered to criminal market manipulators. But while Lehman was a deeply troubled bank, it is also true that it was subjected to a wave of false rumors, each one accompanied by illegal naked short selling.

With all the manipulation that accompanied the attack on Lehman, it was difficult to know what the truth about the company really was. And sure enough, panic ensued. With potential business partners wondering whether Lehman was, in fact, massively overstating the value of its commercial real estate, the bank was unable to raise new capital.

To protect itself, Lehman sought to spin off the real estate assets, but by that time it had come under a brutal and criminal naked short selling attack, with more than 30 million of its shares failing to deliver.

In short, Lehman was a bad bank. Regulators should have forced it to reform. SEC officials met with Einhorn on multiple occasions to review his allegations. They also scoured through millions of Allied emails and the cart-loads of other documents that Allied supplied every time Einhorn came to the SEC with a new set of accusations. In addition, Allied was not, as Einhorn claimed, a massive Ponzi scheme. Einhorn had made the smarmy suggestion that Allied was a Ponzi because it supposedly raised money from the markets to pay its dividends.

An SEC official told the inspector general that this claim was patently false — it was perfectly obvious that Allied legitimately paid dividends out of earnings. But nowhere in the report does the inspector general conclude that any such Ponzi scheme existed.

Clearly, Einhorn is no Harry Markopolos. The inspector general seems to believe that the investigation of Allied could have been more thorough in some respects.

But, again, the inspector general does not state that the SEC was wrong to conclude that Allied was innocent of any major crime. Apparently, some Allied lobbyists secured an unusual meeting with SEC officials and managed to convince these officials that Allied deserved a lighter fine. It seems that nobody at the SEC was capable of conducting an investigation without having his or her hand held by some self-interested party.

But it is clear from this case and many others like it that the hedge fund faction won the day. He never handed over the phone records, and nobody at the SEC seemed to notice or care. Which is funny, because Einhorn states in his book that he did hand over his phone records. Indeed, he goes to great lengths to describe how hurt he felt about this.

We do not know that Einhorn, others in the Milken network, or their brokers were committing this crime. Maybe it was someone else. Either way, it was not beyond the pale for Allied to ask the SEC to investigate.

Or maybe it was. Indeed, Milberg filed a class action lawsuit against nearly every company attacked by short sellers in the Milken network. It was all so confusing. The deep thinkers at the SEC picked their noses and tried to figure it all out. Then they went to lunch. The inspector general has been on a mission to expose ineptitude at the SEC, and for this he deserves praise and gratitude. However, given the facts, I think his report on the investigation of Allied Capital was a bit too kind to David Einhorn.

All of these investigations yielded the same conclusion: In other words, Allied was the victim of this fraud. But this story has a happy ending. That could be a coincidence. Einhorn, you are noble man. You did it for the children. Einhorn, one more thing — boo! Well, the current state of the global financial markets is certainly interesting. Actually, I take it back — it is not in the least bit interesting.

And more than likely, it was not some anomalous but innocent trade that triggered a run-of-the-mill panic. What it was, exactly, nobody seems able to say — and that is what makes it all the more scary. I have been trying hard, but I simply cannot imagine any natural confluence of events that would cause this. I can, however, think of a number of criminal market manipulators who have caused similar, though less dramatic, events in the past.

And I know that these manipulators would get a kick out of triggering a full-blown market cataclysm. At any rate, this much is clear: It can happen because the Securities and Exchange Commission has done nothing to prevent it from happening. Despite overwhelming evidence that market manipulators contributed to the financial turmoil of , not a single criminal has been apprehended. And not only does the SEC let the miscreants run loose, but it also stubbornly refuses to close gaping loopholes that enable market manipulation to occur.

To its immense peril, much of America seems disinclined to discuss market manipulation. Not all of the discourse in Europe has been helpful, however. Our enemies are criminals, not market freedoms. The European response has also been characterized by a certain degree of ineptitude. Germany had already banned naked short selling in , and foolishly lifted the ban last January.

It is presumed that the naked short selling and other manipulation will simply move to exchanges in London, where officialdom seems less inclined to fight. Which makes the American media coverage all the more inexplicable. This, of course, is precisely the opposite of what happened.

While the emergency order was in place, the stock market surged. Then, on August 12, , the SEC, for reasons that cannot be fathomed, lifted its emergency ban, allowing the manipulation to resume. The stock market duly tanked, and continued to spiral downwards until September, when market manipulators wiped out a large swathe of the American financial system.

It is not just me saying this. Respected economists, famous hedge fund managers, former government officials, and current U. Senators such as Ted Kaufman of Delaware have all studied the events of , and the consensus is that illegal naked short selling and other forms of short-side manipulation contributed to the demise of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual, and countless smaller companies.

The practice is already banned in the U. Although the SEC took some half-hearted steps to prevent naked short selling in the aftermath of the carnage, it did not ban naked short selling outright — traders are still permitted to sell shares before they have borrowed them.

This means that market manipulators can flood the market with phantom stock for three to six days, inflicting serious damage on prices. When it comes time to deliver the stock they have sold, the manipulators buy stock at the newly damaged price on the open market and hand it over. Then they do it all over again — flooding the market with phantom stock for another three to six days. In nearly every case, such naked short selling is designed to manipulate prices, which is blatantly illegal.

But the SEC turns a blind eye to the manipulation so long as the manipulators deliver stock before the three or six-day deadline. Every day, more than million shares go undelivered before the anointed deadline, and that is in just one part of the system monitored by the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation.

Far more phantom stock is processed ex-clearing, and in other shadowy regions of the financial system. But, alas, the officials of that agency have been too busy picking buggers out of their noses.

What the report does not contain is the names of any culprits, or any evidence that the SEC is trying to identify specific culprits. The report does not even contain a plausible explanation for what happened. If the SEC were charged with writing a report on the causes of the New Orleans flood, it would provide a hundred pages telling us how many cubic meters of water there were, how many molecules of oxygen and hydrogen the water contained, and plenty of assurances that water is usually good for the health, but it would forget to mention hurricane Katrina and the broken levy.

Meanwhile, the madness of the market circus continues, and we look up at that teetering tent with great trepidation. Wait…I take that back. Though evidence has mounted for a while, today it became official: I can only imagine the look on their faces when Goldman brass first realized why their calls were not being returned: And folks with badges were knocking on the door.

Indeed, the bulk of this particular complaint focuses on a few infractions observed over a few weeks in late Goldman, for its part, attributes the problem to an inconsequential bookkeeping error. The alternative is to focus on the other side of the equation by limiting the capacity of any market participant to become so influential the rules cease to apply. Not a single criminal has been prosecuted. Indeed, the regulators continue to allow the miscreants to manipulate the markets — not just the stock markets, but also the markets for corporate bonds, derivatives, U.

Treasuries, and all manner of commodities — even when the regulators are provided with indisputable evidence of a massive crime in progress. They could easily fix the flaws in the settlement system that allow much of the manipulation to occur, but they refrain from doing so either because they are too captured by the miscreants or too cowed by the possible consequences of throwing the lights on what may be an enormous confidence game.

But not with this cesspool of crooks! So Brucie, take warning. Not that you care, because you continue to raise your rates and deductibles and lower your benefits sufficiently to offset the loss of old customers by lying to and signing up new customers. So what do you care? We all pass from this earth, in our allotted and due time. And for you Brucie, I can easily imagine a special corner in hell reserved just for you.

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Those ads playing over the phone, while on hold, can really get your blood boiling and if anyone at Humana cares…play those taped calls from patients right next to those ads and…well, you get the drift. I was calling Corporate with the hopes of finding someone who cares and again those other reviews stopped that. There are major issues down in Orange County FL where the Durable Medical Supplier for CPAP is not capable of taking care of their requests, many are without any idea of what is going on and when speaking with customer service, the issue continues to grow.

As for those Customer Service Reps and Humana,s training of said Reps, way too many times explaining over and over the issue…no effective record keeping of said calls,,and still left in the dark with no solution! In fact I am sitting here typing to no avail……….

Humana gold plus plan problems I have are that then dental plan is not very good. Only 1 vision provider with satalite offices and over priced. Next all the primary doctors and dentist listed as doctors for Humana gold plus plan are not in the plan. They are in other Humana plans, this is misleading to the people interested in Humana gold plus plan. I just wish they were more honest. I filed 3 claims with Humana. I was told they went to our old address and we had not been there for over 15 years.

All promising I should receive a check within 7 to 10 business days. I told her I wanted to speak with a supervisor she put Jordan ref on the phone and he stated I should have the checks in 5 business days. Take your receipts and sue in small claims court do not forget to ask the judge for pain and suffering for thousands. I was unfortunate enough to select Humana as my medicare advantage co insurer. I say this because recently I was scheduled for a heart catherization. Luckily the hospital callrd to let me kno that they were now out of network, that at a minimum my co-pay would be approximately seven times more than if I was ar an in network hospital.

I live in a populous county in Michigan with three major hospitals. Humana suggesteg my cardiologist use one of the hospitals. First my cardiologist does not have priveleges at those hospitals. More importantly neither of the other two hospitals are in network either.

I called Humana back went over all of this and was told to go to another city where another in network hospital is and find a new cardiologist to do the work.

I should tell you that I have been with my present cardio doc for six years. It was then that I was told to have my docs office call and talk to the humana people. My doctors office did that and more or less was told too bad send your patient to the other city and to another doctor or let him pay whatever the costs are.

I had open heart surgery five years ago, luckily humana was not my insurance company at that time. I will be dropping this joke for an insurance company come the change period for medicare holders.

Please make sure you complain also to Medicare call and ask for a complaint to be filed under medicares assingment of benefit. Under the assignment if you cardiologist excepts Medicare assignment they CANNOT exclude your doctor Medicare sets the rate for dr payments for Medicare not an hmo or any other Medicare contract provider.

Lets get them off of their Medicare contract. Recently I had to have a mammogram for severe pain in my right breast, under my arm pit and down my arm. After the mammogram they did a ultrasound on both breast and under both armpits. The radiologist came in while I was still on the ultrasound table and asked me if I had any history of Lymphoma in my family. I said yes, and was told to see a specialist.

My primary care doctor received the report asap and ordered blood work asap. The next day we left for vacation in Ventura, CA. My doctor from GA where I am from called me right away and said for me to find a good surgeon in CA and have a biopsy done on my lymph nodes under my arm pits which are profoundly swollen.

Speaking with benefits specialists on the phone; I told them I needed a good surgeon in Ventura, CA to have a biopsy done on my lymph nodes. They wanted to send me to a ENT doctor, a plastic surgeon, an oncologist, and a hematologist ….

They might as well send me to a Veterinarian!!!!!! They might be able to do the job better than the other suggested doctors. Are you kidding me???????? Now, I have had to find a general surgeon on my own to do this biopsy to rule out Lymphoma!

And I spoke with 6 different reps from Humana and even called Home Office to no avail. They have uneducated and un-informed employees working for them. My husband and I will be switching back to Kaiser Permanente when we can. At least they were efficient and did their job well!

As seniors we really appreciate the scam that was pulled over our eyes!! I hope the big wigs at Humana can sleep well at night. That if they took over, that the communist government would take all our companies monies and run them under government control robbing us of our Freedom. I mean gas has gone down, more people are back to work again, taxes have slowed down — where does Humana get an excuse to increase my monthly payments more than 15 times the rise in the cost of living?

Take your recipts and any documents showing your payments and what you paid in the past. The legal term is medical billing Fraud. For 50 bucks add all that you overpaid and ask in the filling for small claims court for thousands for pain and suffering.

Humana says he has coverage, however, the Logistic Care vendor who provides the services says he is not eligible because he is not on Medicaid. They just tell me to file a complaint. Very unhappy with the whole situation.

Good keep all recipts and for a filing fee sue them in small claims court do not forget to ask the judge for thousands for pain and suffering. Could not get meds. Called Right Source to correct and was sent to Humana to correct Humana received an invalid address message and could not correct. US Postal forwarded the meds. Called and recalled to correct address issue but no help. I suspect that the computer was trying to tell customer service that the address was out of area.

Customer service never mentioned we needed another contract. When we got the contract it stated that if we wanted to retain Humana nothing was needed. We got zero help from Customer Service. The short with them is we have to file a written appeal even though they were wrong. After all of this I find out Right Source Humana did not change my address and sent my meds.

Also on a closing note I processed online request for two additional meds. Humana still under contract and was told nothing was in the order queue even though I knew the expedited shipping charge. I never expedited before. Having owned companies in the paste, if I ever treated my clients this way my company would have gone out of business.

I hate doing this. They boast about being in the health care business for 50 years but are obviously nothing but bean counting profiteers. Those buffoons are trained to simply put you back at the beginning of the wait line. On June 23rd, my Humana PCP referred me to an out-of-network cardiologist due to heart irregularities discovered during my physical.

That referral was to a cardiologist in the same building and I went there the same morning. Humana denied the claim because the referral was out of network. I now understand Humana is not liable for this claim but do fault the PCP and cardiologist both of which belong to the same clinic for in-house not in-network referrals.

Miller and asked her if she would provide me the in-network pricing for the services I received so that I could pay the cardiologist at that level, not the un-negotiated prices they are attempting to charge.

Part I: What is Obamacare?