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Golic admitted to taking corticosteroids not anabolic steroids briefly while recovering from an injury. Both of their sons are involved in football and their only daughter decided to pursue her career in swimming. All trademarks, registered trademarks and service-marks mentioned on this site are the property of their respective owners. The three Golic brothers again appeared together on Mike and Mike on May 7, , May 9, , and May 31, when the show broadcast from Progressive Field. What a ridiculous story.

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He knew he had to find a way to get back to his regular weight level. The good thing for Mike was that he knew the ideal weight level he should be at. So, Mike knew that he had to drop around 40 pounds to get back to that level. Having seen other sportsmen find weight loss success with the weight loss program, Mike decided to give it a go. For Mike, the main motivation to lose weight was to be around his family for the longest possible time.

Fully aware of the drastic health consequences of excessive weight gain, Mike wanted to get back in shape and improve his health. So, he signed up for the Nutrisystem for Men program. He chose the diet plan he wanted to follow and placed the order. From there on in, it was a matter of following the guidelines provided by Nutrisystem, which Mike did, to the letter.

You can see how successful sportsmen and well-known people have shown their appreciation for Nutrisystem and the results it delivers. If you are interested, you can check out resources at WeightLosstriumph.

According to Mike, the great thing about Nutrisystem is that even though you are on a diet, you eat enough to feel satiated for a long time. This, coming from a man who is known to have a hearty appetite, is a glowing endorsement. Overall, Mike managed to lose 51 pounds, a few more than he initially aimed for. He now finds himself in the shape he was in when playing in the NFL. That is simply the way they are off camera. They tell it like it is.

It is refreshing to hear the truth and not the spin. Get over it Florio. Not a big deal. So what if some of the food is awful.

The real secret is NS controls their intake. I could save them all money by telling them: Some of the dinners are awful? That is dissing the product? I dont know if I should call him a fat ass or a dumb ass. Okay I will settle with your fat idiot! Whoopty f-ing doo, you freaking schmuck. Ehh, not bad, it still does the job, controlling your portions etc. It would not disuade me from buying it, in fact speaking honestly about it, would encourage me to use the product if needed.

I like the nutri-system Tacos. Golic was born and raised in Willowick, Ohio , and attended St. Joseph High School in Cleveland, Ohio. Golic graduated from the University of Notre Dame in as a finance and management major.

He served as captain of the football team during his senior season and also wrestled for the Irish. Golic admitted to taking corticosteroids not anabolic steroids briefly while recovering from an injury. During his five years in Philadelphia, he decided to begin his television career with a weekly segment on the Randall Cunningham Show.

He can be seen during the final episode eating a donut at the buffet table. In , Golic was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in the Outstanding American category, designated for those who have used wrestling as a stepping stone to success in other fields. Their father, Bob , also played football.

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