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Our last name is long and difficult to pronounce. All our favored nicknames were taken by the other grandparents. We have no idea where these names came from but we answer to them now! Lorenzen -When my first grandson started talking he was asked what he wanted to call each grandmother. He was given the names grandma and nana.

I was 50 yrs and felt to young to be a grandma so they started to call me MAMA. After that is is history. They all know that is my name. We all love it. Mamie -My sons like to call me by my first name and this rhyme so it fits well.

Mamma- when my granddaughter tried to say grandma it came out mamma. My husband and I said we would be called by the name she first said. His is Oompa — Roseann.

I have a 3 yr old niece who calls me mamo also, cute. Mams was a combo of Mom which she heard her Mom call me Grams which was how her mom referred to me. Mamo- My son loved so much anything to do with irish heritage. Mams — Our precious grandbug lived with us from 6-months to 4 years.

Mams was a combo of Mom which she heard her Mom call me Grams which was how her mom referred to me with her. When Daughter married again, a man with 4 kids and they all called me Mams. Manna — Our 23 mo. We try to get him to say Grandma, it comes out Manna. Mawmaw I have 5 grandkids 4 girls 1 boy but there is 3 sets of grandparents, so the kids picked this for me and PawPaw for my husband, others are gramma, and granny — lucy AL. Mawmine Mawmine — my wonderful grandson started calling me this around 2 years of age.

He never called me anything before then. None of the family can figure out where he got it since I was always referred to as Grandma. I have another grandchild on the way… Wonder what that baby will call us? My oldest tried to say Grandmaw — but it sounded like MeeMaw and it stuck. Mema — It just happened I am not sure why but I love it. Mema and Papa — My first grandson at age 2 could not say Grandma.

He named me Mema and my husband was always Papa. They never tried to say Grandpa. The other grandparents wanted Grand Mom and Grand Dad. That is what stuck. It gets alot of looks especially when Papa is driving. The grandkids form our youngest and our second oldest are the only ones that call us that. To the other two set we are grandma and grandpa.

Memama — This was for my paternal grandmother when I was pre-adolescent. I was the first grandchild. MeMe — Marie meme my granddaughter called me ,,meme when she started talking..

Memere — This is French for grandmother. My husband is pepere. My mom-in-law is granmemere. Memon — My grandmother was called Monmom. Dont ask me why because I do not know. So I put the 2 together and came up with Memon. And I love it. Memon — My mother passed away 5 years ago and my som called her meme. And I called my grandmother monmon. So I put them 2 together. I love it — Regina Ga. When his siblings were born, they followed suit. We are very proud of them and our nicknames.

Mimi — My oldest Jonathan tried to say a version of Mama and this is what we arrived at. Jonathan is now 13 but Mimi stuck as the other 6 grandsons came along — Sheila. MiMi and Papa — We have three beauitful granddaughters age 7 9 and The oldest granddaughter started with the names and the younger ones continued with it.

Mimimomma -I wanted to be called Mimi, but my grandchild renamed me-which I like even better. All my neices and nephews picked it up. Now my granddaughter calls me that too. But, since she is the only one, she could call me anything she wants! He refers to my daughter as Mommy. It really keeps you young having a 3 year old refer to you as Mom, especially in public!

Now all of my grandkids call me mom. I started calling myself Grandma to her, but she came up with Mom Mom. I absolutely love it. Mom — squared My eldest grandson called me mom-mom for many years. When he was about seven he learned of square roots.

Thus, mom-mom became mom with a little two above it for mom to the second power. Momgram — My First Grandson was told I was Grandma,However he came up with a new idea at the age of two and it has stuck. Mommaw — I referred to myself as Gamma or Gramma. Then one day while i was driving and talking to my grandson he called me Mommaw on his own.

It was the most beautiful sound I had heard since Mommy… — Vickie. Mom-mom — I called my grandmother Mom-mom, my children called their grandmother Mom-mom. To follow in that tradition, my grandson will know me as Mom-mom too.

I used to call him my little poopsie. Then 2 years later when his sister Samantha was born, I would call her my little poopsie also. I am now known as MomMom Poopsie. Mommy — My beautiful little darling Spencer is a military child.

He has lived with me 26 months out of 34 months of his life. Both parents are Navy, and sadly, the military keeps deploying them out at the same time. He knows me as his mommy. He just added the Mommy part. Momo — One of my two-year-old grandsons calls me this. Recently I walked in to his house while his other grandma was there babysitting him. Mona — When my daughter told us she was pregnant, she thought I was too young to be called grandma so she asked if it would be alright to be called Mona, she says means friend!

Moomaw — My first gtandson gave me this name. I love it and him dearly!! Moon — My three-year-old grand daughter calls me Moon. My three daughters have a total of 12 children; I am their MorMor. Motu — I picked this out and it has a secret meaning, but my daughter, son-in-law and 3 yr old granddaughter do not know what it stands for. I told my daughter that I would share it with my granddaughter when she was old enough to ask me about it — Merri Hutchison.

Mumsie — I first heard the name Mumsie when a wonderful grandmother I worked with used it as her name that her grandbabies called her. Now that I will be a Grandmom any day I plan to use it too. I believe it is English eventhough I am Irish I just love it! Mup-mup — Gerald MYE I have 3 grandsons and the name MYE has been passed down from the oldest 8, to the next 5 the to the baby 2…it comes from separating mom and gramma, thus Mye.

Nama -For my own children we used two different sets of name for grandparents so each had their own identity. NamaHun and GrandpaDear — My Daughter Started Calling my mom and dad these names because she would hear them call each other hun and dear. Nana — I wanted to be called Nana by my grandchildren, because we the called for me, there would be no doubt! They wanted their NANA. I have four wonderful grandchildren and even the youngest one age 14 months can say Nana.

From West Virginia Nana — Jeanette. Nana — Before my sweet granddaughter was born I thought I would teach her to call me Grammie. I had my heart set on that. However, when she began to speak she decided my nickname would be Nana and my mother would be MeeMee.

Nana — Nana is what we called our maternal grandmother. Out of respect for my Nana I wanted to be called Nana. My Mom is Grandma to my kids. So I became Nana. Nana -Its funny i never wanted to be called grandma I really wanted Mimi but at Christmas Alyssa called be Nanta insteda of Nana, she teases me now and calls me that and laughs.

Nana has always stuck with me so we are nana and grandaddy… — Donna Heber Springs, Ar. I still think of her often and remember our special times together. I love it so much that I refer to myself as nana to my granddaughter. Everyone though it was hilarious but she got married about 4 years ago and the nickname got mentioned by my brother. Well my 2-year-old daughter caught on and she started calling him that.

And he loves it! Nana loli — I called my grandmother nana yoli for 23 years. When my daughter came along she called her nana loli. So, her name was changed for evermore — kim.

Nana or Grandma Nana — My first grandson learned how to say Nana early on. It was easy for him and since my name is Nancy I thought that would be fine. Now they are older they sometimes call me Grandma Nana. I will go to them if they called me Hey You! Nana-boo and Popi — My parents are called this by my neices and nephews. When I have kids this is what they will be called. I think it is so cute. Nanalin — My stepson came into my life when he was 2 and just started calling me Mamalin; now his precious daughter Ivy calls me Nanalin and I love it!

Another grandchild calls me a combined form of Grammy and Nana Nammy. Nanna by the seaside — I live some distance away from my grandchildren and am known as Nanna by the seaside for obvious reasons. His other grandmother is known as Nanna in the country. Though she is now in heaven, she loved her two grandsons very much and would be so happy with her great grandchildren. Nano — my daughter got talking about the show Granddaughter was calling me Nana.

Daughter was talking about the show Mork and Mindy and saying something about nanu nanu and the next thing I knew was Malori was calling me Nano. He kept saying Nanoi my daughter said no Nonnie, by the third time he put his hands on his hips with a stern look on his face and said Nanoi. Our granddaughter, decided to call us Nea-Nea, and Pa. So it stuck, and I love it! Neema — My 1st gson gave me my special name. He and his brother continue to call me Neema. One of the two youngest grandsons call me Nana.

Neena — My best friend from Junior High had grandchildren first and she was Neena. She told me that was what I should be and I liked it. We are now awaiting the birth of our 3rd in April. Nina — My first son could not pronounce my name right which is Tina so he called me Nina for a while as a child. A When it came time for a Grandmother name I thought of this…. Nanna, Nana, Nanny… why not Nina. It has meaning and it younger sounding.

It is a wonderfully addicting, habit forming, little tool to help me stay active. Also, the healthy eating suggestions have changed the way I grocery shop, cook and eat. I love the variety. When you accomplish a goal, reward yourself! Then set a new goal! The benefits I see and feel far out-weigh the rewards that are offered for my participation in Vitality. Once you do, it becomes addictive, part of your routine, and something you need.

In addition, I started utilizing the Vitality website as a reference for new health information, recipes and guidance. I have more energy and feel the healthiest I have ever been. For example, it was simple to upload my indoor soccer schedule for points. First time logging in? Choose a Language English Español. Please select a country Please select a country Other Please select a country Other. Take charge of your health. Vitality Member "The most difficult part was staying motivated in the beginning but when I finally got into it, living and eating healthy became a good habit, rather than a chore.

Vitality Member "I loved the fact that I earned points just by getting healthy! Vitality Member "Through Vitality I've made so many changes with my relationship with food and with my physical activity. Vitality Member "It's not just diets. Vitality Member "I use the incentive of earning rewards when reaching a certain goal, to keep up with my healthy habits and I continue to motivate myself to reach new levels of success.

Vitality Member "Utilizing the tools that Vitality provides through my workplace was the best decision I have made. Announcement Last updated on 03 Jan, Contact shop owner Karen. Report this shop to Etsy. You reported this shop. View all items 24 of items. View all reviews 3 of reviews. Tagged in this photo. Turning these pretty filigrees into earrings for a bridal party of 5.

Wedding season is in full swing! These dainty personalized pearl necklaces are affordable and available in any quantity. View all 16 updates 3 of 16 updates. Previous item Next item. Karen Owner, Maker, Designer Karen first began making jewelry when she created necklaces and earrings for her bridesmaids almost 20 years ago. Last updated on 18 May, The time I need to prepare an order for shipping varies. For details, see individual items. I'll do my best to meet these shipping estimates, but can't guarantee them.

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