Weight Watchers FitPoints (Activity Points): Exactly How Do They Work?

Rachel Saintfort: Lost 121 Lbs.

7-Day Weight Watchers Menu Plan
Lori — most fruits and veggies are 0 points. Over time, I am pretty sure you will know the points of the things you eat most often. I just joined Weight Watchers this morning was an online only member 3 years ago and went to my very first meeting. I found that my best diet strategy is no second helpings. Wow…what an amazing group of people…. Have been doing it on line, first day today and aside from cereal sticker shock, doing well. Just gotta search around:

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I will join Weight Watchers this week and this will help a lot! I have join many times but this year is my year to succeed! Good luck on your journey. I could give you a big, squeeze hug right now!

I am fairly new to the IP world and have just returned to WW; could use some help with both. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It can be so overwhelming when you get started, but it will become easier…I promise! Thank you for sharing! I want my family to eat healthier. At least, it was for me. Then I got used to eating healthier and making more responsible choices. I have a family of 6, so my grocery bill winds up being around a month…. I wish you the very best of luck!!

David-thanks for this resource! I got an IP from my girls for Christmas and I am loving it and learning how to cook old favs in it and adding new favs, too! Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice every minute of every day but it is sooooo worth it! You are so very welcome, Janet! David, thank you for this guide. I am new to all of this and my instant pot has not yet arrived but is ordered.

I look forward to trying some of these recipes and hoping I can lose weight along the way. Thank you again for providing these helpful resources!!!!

I plan on making more and more of them to help us all out along our journey! You can do this! I just reworked the egg frittata in freestyle!

David, i still remember when the scale got unstuck on I was so excited watching my numbers go down but because I choose not to attend meetings I had go one to share it with. I still have a long way to go but the trip is half the battle. Thank you David for posting these recipes. My new I P should be here in a couple of days. This came at just the right time. Not only am I trying to shed pounds but I just started using my IP too.

I also have a special needs daughter so I can relate to many of the stresses and time crunches associated. Some nights I just have to abandon all meal plans and make something work quickly. Wow, that seems crazy considering all you did..

Are you sure you were eating enough? I started WW December I have lost 15 pounds and am maintaining that 15 loss. But I am struggling to go down any more because I have a HUGE household 10 people and the adults are all picky eaters!! I cannot wait til they move out. LOL In all honesty. I love them all.. I hate chicken but already ate it once a day for points. People are going o overlook that….

Forcing me to eat what i like w in 23 points will b calorie deprivation. Chevk out ibites from google play. Not as good as ww but works and flat fee of 2.

I just went back to the old WW Flex Points. I feel in control tracking that way. I keep a notebook and that way I can see my eating patterns. So happy you know what works for you Sue, that is the most important thing.. I did PP after my first kid. Lost 40 lbs I think it was, and then left the program and got on with life. Well, after kid two I came back and it was now SP, and I feel so hungry all the time, deprived.

Then researched the changes and realized how penalized I was for some foods. I think things like nuts and avocados are healthy and important, but the points are so high on those! It will be so nice to grab a hard boiled egg for a snack and not lose points on it. Recipes will be better, too, because these free point foods will take the overall points down. The points will be so much lower with free point beans. Another example, nonfat yogurt mixed with a banana and strawberries, and either spend a few points on a bit of sugar or use some Stevia, and wow, what a low point snack or breakfast!

Maybe it will lead to some creativity in food choices, though, and more experimenting. Steamed they are gross, but pan cooked or roasted they are delicious! Hi Kelly, I am so happy for you that you are excited for it and I think most are..

I can assure you it is not the way it is prepared.. Good luck on your continued journey. Very well said I am also a picky eater, I just need to apply myself to pay attention and plan to make this work.

Dear Drizzle Me Skinny, I am glad to hear your thoughts about this new program. I have followed the WW Flex plan in the Uk and gained twice on it. I was hungry in the evenings too. This is not healthy and does not encourage a wide variety of food choices. It makes it harder to eat with the family or outside unless you cook from scratch each time. People are complaining they are sick of chicken and eggs all the time. If I did not need the discipline of a weekly weigh in and pep talk, I would leave WW.

SmartPoints worked for so many people and taught moderation. This new plan does not. WW should have given Flex as a third option only. It is restrictive and although some are saying they love it, it has only been a couple of weeks here in the UK.

I will be interested to now how things pan out in 2 or 3 months tme. After all, there are only so many things one can do with minced turkey breast! My weigh in day is Friday so I have a little time to start making adjustments. On the note of not liking the new zero point foods so the change feels like a punishment, many people walk into WW not liking the SP zero point foods.

The zero point status is a nudge to go with the better choice. How many of us came into this loving veggie noodles? No one signs up because they have a weight problem rooted in grapes or shrimp. I appreciate your input.. Those who like all these zero point foods just want to tell people to suck it up and eat a turkey burger and a can of tuna lol.. Thanks for your honest opinion, Kate! I successfully lost on points plus a few years back. But then smart points rolled out, I felt stressed, restricted and annoyed.

The changes felt so restrictive and the constant problems with the app was annoying. I quit after one month. Earlier this year, I signed back up for weight watchers on a three month trial. I only followed plan for less than a month. Carbs are my weakness so I was cutting out my protein to hoard points for baked goods, processed crackers and other non nutritional foods that I was craving.

If these protein options are now points free, then If I fill up on them, maybe I can finally have portion control with my snacks?

Gotta give it time for the crashes etc to resolve! Thank you for your honesty, you have given me a lot to think about! Hi Sherrie, I definitely say give it another try, if you enjoy the higher zero point proteins such as chicken, turkey and eggs then I think you will be just fine.. Good luck to you! I am still using ordinary points, attens regular monthly meetings as a LTM and maintain my goal weight.

A regular eating pattern works for me. Thank you SO much for taking the time to share your insight. I usually try to stay away from whole eggs only eating egg whites , and strictly limit my bean intake, so I am a bit nervous about this new plan. I will give it a try, and If I can truly lose weight, while eating those 0 point foods, I will be one happy girl!! If not, I will not give up altogether, I will just find something, or someway that works for me.

Thank you so much for this article!! Thanks for your words of wisdom and encouragement!! I promise you are not alone! I have lived through ALL the changes, and never liked any of them. This is the first time I decided to give it an open-minded try. I think the connect community is the factor that is making me think it will be doable. Best wishes to you! Thanks Michele, glad you found me and I hope you find some recipes you enjoy..

I will admit it sucks.. I can easily overeat one salmon, chicken and eggs! Thank you for always being a wealth of information! I turn to you and other well established sites for information, more than I do Weight Watchers itself!! Just be mindful of portion sizes and you should be ok.. Thank you for all of this, it is very helpful and well put. I started my WW journey over 30 years ago returning this year, got back to goal and am maintaining.

What I have found over the many different programs is that you have to give it time. I love smart points and hopefully will enjoy this program just as much. I agree with you on some of these points!

I have become so used to eating egg whites, that the whole egg does not taste as good to me! I will most likely stay with my egg whites which were originally zero points! I do not eat any kind of fish with the exception of tuna. I do not like or eat beans or yogurt. I think this will be a big change for me. That being said, I do not see myself eating too much of these new zero point foods.

I hope I will be satisfied on this new program. Only time will tell….. Hi there, it sounds to me that you will do just fine with this new program, best of luck to you on your continued journey! Thank you for the honesty of your blog and feelings about the WW changes. I have been following the new program for 3 weeks based on the UK information.

I have lost 90lbs on WW and am on maintenance and a real WW fan. Nevertheless, I can see the temptation to overeat zero pointed foods or having had zero or low points breakfast and lunches, be fooled into thinking you have plenty of room for crap in the evening. You can gain weight like this and some people will. I find it disconcerting to have my daily Smart Points totals at a steady but my FreeStyle Points can vary from 4 to 27 depending on what my taste buds fancy that day.

I have been dual system tracking by hand on my Iphone notes. Despite liking the new zero points foods, I certainly do not want them all the time as I like variety. I have made an effort to try a few recipes and I enjoy cooking but I think I might end up with more Simply Filling days in order to have more variety without feeling guilty. Simply Filling will allow me lean cuts of other meats and not have to count spices which intuitively I find ridiculous.

I agree with everything your saying.. I am sure this is not what WW recommends, but people will do it.. Hopefully, they will soon discover it is not the way to go about it.. Good luck with your continued journey!

Thank you for this perspective and information! I really appreciate your honesty and have long been using your delicious recipes!

My weeklies will get used up faster, but a quick tally of my overages by day should give me the exact number I can add back there. It would get a little complicated if I had unused daily points rolling into my weeklies on some days, but unused daily points have never once been an issue for me: Thaks Sally, great plan!! Thanks for the info!! My day is Sunday so my Ww app is updated! I for one love eggs and sea food and chicken!!

I am totally enjoying your recipes!!! I just got my donut pan today!!! I am so happy for you that you are loving the new program.. I made sure I downloaded an app that uses smart points and will continue with that if I hate this plan. And a loss of points to top it off! Maybe one day you eat lots of zero points and roll over 4. Maybe that will help? I even asked for a mini muffin pan for Christmas to get me started. I have had a few days with roll overs and very surprised, but I have had days where I am over as well..

Thanks for your honesty! Your success is from your attitude of focus, clearly. I have to be honest with myself and support those with similar feelings.. Best wishes to you as well!! I like to incorporate these things, but I also really like meatloaf, spaghetti, Salisbury steak, desserts etc and I eat them just as much or more. There are different people who work this plan differently. Some like lots of veggies, beans, and chicken, but others like versions of mommas home style favorites.

Not very happy with this change. I feel restricted… which is what WW has tries so hard to break away from. But I lost weight better with smart points when I could choose what I wanted and decide on how many points I wanted to spend on each. Good luck on your journey and reach out if you ever need to! Thank you SO much for you honest feedback. Your sentiments are almost exactly how I am feeling. If I wanted to do Simply Filling, I would have done it before.

Now I feel I am being forced into it, which I do not like at all. I appreciate that you shared your honest feelings, even as a WW ambassador. Too many people in WW land and on Connect want everyone to just be happy and excepting of this new program, even stating that connect is supposed to be a positive place.

In my opinion, Connect needs to be a SAFE place; one where I can express my happy, positive thoughts, as well as my frustrations, anger, and sadness. All of those emotions are experienced on this journey and we are here to support each other with it ALL. Thanks for the support and great recipes!!

I was very upset to log on today and see my daily points budget drop so much. Hi Chelsea, maybe considering picky a few healthy foods you do like and make them your zero point foods for your journey?

I absolutely love your honesty on this. Ive been on ww for 6 months and have lost 40 pounds and have 5 until goal. Like you, I am picky and eat very few of the free foods. But mostly I dont eat close to 7 points worth of those foods a day and I fear I will undereat. My leader encouraged us to try to stick to the low end of our point range thats only 13 for me!!

Hi Lisa, ugh I hate your leader told you that, such bad advice!! Thank you for sharing. I am a little disappointed as I was hoping that skim milk would be on the list. I know I should drink it but I never want to use the points on it. Hi there, if your not a fan of all the zero foods maybe considering making skim milk a zero food for you and your journey, we need to balance things out to make it work for us individually.. I agree with you. I am a very picky eater, no veggies or fruits for me. Points Plus worked for me and continues to work for me.

Thank you for continuing to post recipes! I so appreciate this post. I have struggled with accepting the new FreeStyle program. I actually like eggs but could never have them every day.

My cholesterol is higher than it should be and I am allergic to the prescription to lower it. I will continue to eat it and only count it as a point. I also purchased a calculator for SmartPoints and will continue to track with a hybrid approach.

Hi Debbie, I think you need to do what is best for you and your journey and sounds like you are doing so.. I too thought about not counting for my extra lean beef as I only eat it maybe once a week..

Any way to convert the points to PointsPlus?? Have you heard anything about that. Add me to your support group!!! I can use the support. I spent all yesterday going through my materials. I bought the deluxe kit and thought it was a good deal.

It has worked for me to the tme of 66 pounds in 10 months so I trustweigth watchers enough to do whatever they put out there. I do agree that it is going to be hard for people that liked to be able to eat the processe foods for low points. I think the new program will help people sustain the weight longer because they will have experienced a change in food habits with this program. I would love to be a part of the support group too!

I am excited about the new program and hope that I stick to it! Thanks for helping to organize the thought process on this one. Very exciting, glad to see that WW is going the direction of encouraging, i. Would love to join your group!

I went to a meeting yesterday and got all of the information and am also sooo excited! I do not have a blog, but am an avid reader of yours! Your recap sent me to my local center today. I think the new program is just what I needed to kick start my butt in gear!!

Also a kid on Christmas — I cheated on my normal Saturday meeting and went to one yesterday to get the goods. So far I love the changes. Is the new anroid app. What is the name of it. I would love to get it for my droid x.

Please include me in your new group. I have been on WW for several years, successfully, and lok forward to updated info. Weight Watchers saved my life. I am honored to be a part of it. Only 21 more pounds to go until I can start working towards being a leader. My current leader is so amazing.

Our whole meeting group is successful with this leader…His name is Jim Christensen in Carson California. Please sign me up for the support group! I tried out WW about a year ago, but left the plan because I found it impossible to eat healthy specifically fruits! Please sign me up for your support group. I need to rededicate and I like the science behind this new program. Thanks for your re-cap. Would love to sign up for your group. I just started ww online etools and looking forward to the new program.

Am excited that WW is finally doing something about the carb count!! I am 52 and carbs are what I have the most problem with — was doing Atkins and lost over 30 but know that WW is one of the best programs out there!!! I am currently a WW member but definitely inactive…. Watched the 25 lbs I lost gradually creep back up and now, after Thanksgiving especially, there has to be an end to all this madness. I am ready to begin my journey once again, but hopefully it will be a one-way trip to success!!!

That will make the change much easier for me.! OMG…I have been waiting for this. I too was thinking that 20 pts on the momentum plan was not enough….. Maybe this is the thing! Been life time for the last 10 years and have gained back everything and lost motivation in the process…..

I would love to be a part of this support group as well. Thanks for all the great information to everyone. Have lost and maintained on the old points system well, when I track that is. Would love to get easy food ideas that keep me in my points range and still have room for that large glass or two of wine in the evening! Please include me on your rapidly expanding support group list. My meeting is on Saturday. I have an E-tools account and have been exploring the site for information on the plan!

I am really excited about it! And can SCAN barcodes? Check out my site for more details! I was wondering where you can get the new books? I have all the old books, I do weight watchers at home on my own. Thanks for the new program info. I look forward to the support group. Thanks for your website, I was a member of WW and dropped out.

I would like very much to be part of your support group might be more helpful then the meetings. Looking forward to the new plan. I have a meeting Wednesday night. I have lost 31 pounds at weight watchers.

I have a total of 70 pounds off. My doctor has set a goal for me and I hope after Wednesday night I will need to lose only 6. I have really tried hard to get there. I have joined weight watchers several times and never could see a goal. This will be the first and I am really excited about accomplishing it this time. It has been a great struggle for me because of the blood pressure medication that I had been taking. I had my doctor change my medication to see if it would make a difference because it was real frustrating to try so hard and lose only.

We had to change them several times but finally got something that works for my blood pressure and allows for me to lose weight without such a struggle. I would love to join your support group. I have even applied for a position as receptionist at our meetings. Just waiting for an opening.

This would really help me stay on track. I am so excited to learn about the new plan from you. You spell it out so well. Normally I am only an online subscriber, so I appreciate you explination. I am due to deliver my second child in 6 weeks.

I look forward to getting back on WW immediately. On that note, if you could spare me a points calculator, I would really appreciate it and put it to good use! I lost 35lbs years ago on the old program but have gained it all back so I need to start again!

You have helped to get me pumped after a week of being very lax. Thanks for all the info. I would love to be a part of the support group for the new Weight Watchers plan. Please include me on your e-mail list. Sounds great, sign me up. Cannot wait until Saturdays meeting…do tell.

Is 29 the lowest point allowance? Did they reall cut out fish? I cannot believe that. Tell anything else you can…and thanks for sharing and starting this group. I am excited AND intimidated about this new plan, after knowing the regular points plan so well…. What a great overview of the program! I would love to see the support group post ideas on how to stay motovated and also ideas for people who have difficultys with exersize.

Maybe a daily or weekly challange to exersize more. Went to my first meeting tonight, I really want to find out the formula to figure the points out without the calculator. I bought the calculator at half price during our meeting but still want to encourage my friends, Before with the slider, I could help them. Any equations out there that they have indulged us with, or do I have to figure it out all by my lonesome. When is the Android App coming? I have lost from to after a whopping 3.

I am excitied about points plus. Thanks for the info! Love you site and want to join your WW Support Group. I was up early this am with coffee in hand on the internet reviewing the new plan. Went to my Monday morning meeting and it was packed you would have thought it was January! My favorite dessert VitaMuffins Chocolate brownie tops went from 1 to 3 points but who cares.

I have rejoined ww again for the third time and am real excited about this new program. My meeting is on Wednesday night so we will see how things go. I love the idea that I have found you site and plan on joining the support group you are going to start. On my way to losing the weight and finally keeping it off.

So sign me up for the group and off we go! Forgot to say what I would like to see from the Support Group, recipes that are 5 ingredients or less and the points value.

Also, ideas for breakfasts — for me that is the tough meal of the day. I love fat free Greek yogurt but need ideas on use. I would love to become part of the chat. I keep finding reasons not to join WW. I need a little help getting motivated!! Count me in on your support group. Have been doing it on line, first day today and aside from cereal sticker shock, doing well. HI, I could be your oldest member,75 years young, but i need to lose about pounds.

I first went to WW about 30 years ago and have not tried since because I got tired of green beans and lettuce. Not much variety back then. Reading your info has really peaked my interest. I would really like to be a part of the support and discussions so that I can work on inproving my health. After raising 3 great children and recently getting the all clear after the dreaded cancer diagnosis, I am ready for happier and healthier times. I am returning to meetings on Wednesday and am starting my WW journey all over again.

Please send me some info. Thanks for the great information. What you have posted combined with eTools will be a really big help. Yes please count me in. After reading what you wrote I think I may be able to do this too.

Your enthusiasm has sparked mine for the new program! Thanks for all the helpful info, I would like to join your group please. Thanks for all the great info on the new plan. Please add me to your support group-been in WW since August and have lost 26 lbs…still have about another 30 to go but feel great-very excited about the new program!!

Please add me also. I am excited to chat with others about all the new stuff. I became Lifetime in July , but have since 30 lbs. Thanks for the stuff you posted so far. Where did you find the deluxe starter kit!? Please add me to your support. I have been doing WW online since Please include me in your new on-line support group. I feel good about the 22 pounds I have lost so far and try to not think about how much I still have to go.

I am a life member but it is still a hard to keep at goal weight. Would love to join your group for Support and more accountability. New program and all will be a challenge, but with a support group it should help. Thanks… looking forward to your e-mails. Hey…i have tried W. It was like a sign i got the email from w. I have a lot to lose about pounds, 55 minimum for good health. I know i can do it.

I am about to cry, because yesterday i was almost ready to take some vacation time and go to this biggest loser camp in UTAH i was that desperate. For some reason this plan looks more interesting and more scientifically sound than the last one AND 49 extra points is not bad: And i will probably be getting more than 29…i am at roughly pounds right now..

And I for the first time in 1 year and a half will go to a meeting either Tomorrow or Wednesday.. I too was waiting for the program to be rolled out! Now you got me so excited…I am going to pop into my center tomorrow and pick up the materials.

Then weigh in on Wed. Love to be part of your new group…we all need that extra support! I am so excited about the new program. I am heading over today to get a calculator before they are gone! Please add me to the support group. Just signed up on your mailing list. Thanks for all the info! Starting WW work today and I am excited about the journey. My biggest hurdle is breakfast and snacking.

I am not a morning person, but I have to be at work at 6AM, I need something to prepare in advance that I can put in my lunch bag on the way out the door and eat once I get to work. As well as snacks that are filling. I would love to be apart of your support group! I have been a WW member since April and have lost 44 pounds. The program has made me aware of what goes in my mouth. Started the program to be healthier. It is working, Yaahoo!!! Would love to join your group.

We need all the support we can get. I have been a lifetime member for more years than I can remember. Weight Watchers has finally evolved into something that everyone can most definitely work worth with their daily lifestyles. This program will take a little getting used to, but I think in the long run, it will be the most satisfying plan they have ever developed!!

I would love to join the support group. The new program drew me back, one year and 30 pounds later…. I look forward to sharing the journey! Thanks for posting this. Please add me to the group. Thanks for the update and your wonderful enthusiasm! I would love to be part of the WW support group! I would love to join your group. I am an emotional eater so I have gained 20 of the 46 pounds I lost.

I feel like such a failure which just adds to my depression which adds to my emotional eating!! I think this new program is just what I need to get back on track. Maybe I can be successful online in combination with this group! Please count me in! Support groups are so important!! I definitely need to be part of your support group.

My suggestion would be to have new points calculator as a permanent feature of your support blog. Hi, I would love to be apart of the WW blog you were mentioning. I have the final stretch of 12 — 15 lbs. I would love to be a part of this support group! I sent you an email as well but wanted to post something. So I could use the support especially since I made it to my goal weight and now have not been back there in a year! Thanks for the great information!

I have been throwing around the idea of joining WW again. Not sure if I should do online or meetings…. I love the idea of the Twitter Group…motivation, support, recipe sharing and healthy tips is the best way to achieve the healthy lifestyle. I joined WW on-line a month ago and definitely need some inspiration!!! But I do need a push. This is my challenge. Found your website and loved it! I want to get back on the wagon. I need support for motivation!!!!

WW is the best! Thanks for all this information. It was all really helpful, especially since at 9: Sadly, I am not excited about this new plan. My concerns are fruits being zero points and there being no consideration of calories in the points calculation.

It would also be great to just have suggestions from other members on what is working for them. My BF and I have been eating our way across two continents in the last year so we are ready! Thank you for your information…. This is getting me motivated again!

Have been out of WW for awhile and really need to get it going again. I would love to be part of your group! Thanks for doing such a great job outlining the new program. I am a life member but always need help staying on track.

Hi I just love this site.. Just found it this morning… I really like it better than the WW site… Been giong on it for recipes. I would love to be part of your support group. Sign me up for the support group! I would like to see input from other members on the restaurant points values. The list in etools has changed — a lot of items are no longer listed. Thanks for the simplified explanation! Thank you for being so positive and encouraging.

I lost 75 pounds on Weight Watchers 5 years ago and have gained back 30 even though I am a life member. With is new program, I am very excited to return to Weight Watchers in the next week. I am not waiting until January I am very interested in your support group, so sign me up!!

And also am thrilled to have found your website! Even as a long time WW member I still need support! Would love to join the support group — I have been on and off ww for the last several years — back on now and 20 lbs down so far. I am so happy to get a preview of the new plan! My meeting is not until Saturday and I have not been able to get eTools yet, so this is a real boost for me.

I am jumping on the bandwagon…sign me up for the support group…need all the support I can get! Wow, thanks so much for all the great info! Please sign me up for your group as well. Thanks for all you do! This is a great website you have! Thanks for all the motivation! I am definitely interested in your WW support group! I would love to be a part of your group! Thanks for the good work you do, Danica! I have been doing not so well WW at home.

I always do better by attending meetings but I get tired of the expense. I am so ready for a change because the old plan kept me running to low point processed foods because of my hectic lifestyle so I need a little shake up in my routine. I am going to find out about the new plan and give meetings another go.

I would also love to join this support group!! Good luck to everyone! Thanks, Danica, for the motivation. I would love to be part of the support group. Was maintaining my goal weight until some health issues got me about two years ago, and prednisone has become a daily part of my life. So, I went back yesterday and am committed to losing this extra weight. Would love to be a part of your chat. I would love to join the weight loss group.

I have been attending meetings for just over a year and have lost 40 lbs. I am SO excited about the new plan and feel it is the new start I need to lose the last 20 lbs. Thanks for putting this together! I have been a WW re-starter for years! Two years ago, I got very close to goal and quit going to meetings dumb!! I am very excited about the new plan, as I think it is forcing me to re-think what I am doing. I became too complacent with the Points system. You are a great motivator!

Danica, please sign me up also. I do WW online and attend weekly meetings. I am looking forward to receiving the meeting materials on the new program. I may even purchase the kit as you did. Thank you for all of the information. I need to lose 15 pds. I will do this again and hope that I can maintain this time around with the new point system. Just joined for the third time yesterday.

Got 30 pounds to lose. I would very much like to be a part of this support group, too. Would like to be part of support group. Been a WW member since , been a lifer since Still go to meetings every Sat morning although I did go last night to learn the new program..

Please count me in. Do I need a certain kind of phone? I am going to a meeting tomorrow to check out the new program. I would like to join the WW support group as well. I am excited about this new challenge with the new program. It will mean the need to be consciously self-ware of what is required to make it work. I am up for the challenge. Please sign me up for the Support group.

I have been toying around with joining WW and the only reason I have not done so is because of the mixed messages I have received regarding online and face to face meetings.

Schedule wise online works best for me. I am in front of a computer at least 9 hours out of the day, so online is also convenient. I have been told that face to face meetings present greater accountability. Keeping that in mind, I have not done anything. I would love to join and online WW Support Group.

Was doing WW on-line, but with the new program decided to hit the weekly meetings again. Worth it to hear all the info and get the materials. Would like to be a part of your WW support group. Now struggling with keeping it off.

The meetings really do work and I am looking forward to hearing more about the plus program. Would love to get my hands one of the new calculators and program to read up on it. Can you access this program off line anywhere? I would also like to join the WW support group, I think it would be very helpful! Thanks for taking the time and expaining the new plan for us.

I would love to be included in the support group. Looking forward to our meeting tonight. Heard that is going to be easier to follow. My leader said she lost 5 plus lbs the first 2 wks. Hope I can do it too. I would like to join the support group also. So the weeks to come will be key in proving me to be a skeptic… I pray to god that I am so so wrong.

How about pictures of food, much like the egg on toast and apple picture.. Has anyone seen the Points value for Vitatop Muffin Tops? They are one of my staples and my meeting is not until later this week.

And how about a shout out to Starbucks with a Grande Skinny Latte weighing in as one of the free power foods — Way to Go!! I dropped out of WW three weeks ago as I was doing so badly. MY own problem not WWs. Felt like I was wasting my money. A bit embarrassed at weighing in. I joined 40 years ago and did so well and became a Lifetime Member. Even worked for them as a clerk. I am so ashamed of myself for not having better control over what I stuff in my mouth.

Hopefully this new programme may do the job. I did my best under the original programme but then again I was 40 years younger. What I would love to see on weight watchers would be simpler recipes and cooking just for two as well as families.

Sandra in Ca — Thanks — I scrolle dup and saw that Viatatops chocoloate also my favorite went to 3 points — but like you said, wih free fruits and veggies, who cares!

If you like oatmeal, you may want to try this: Follow the Quaker Oatmeal box directions for serving quantity.

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