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We will miss the pier on our visits to Weston. University of California Press. Normal trains could split at couplings and jackknife, as seen in the Eschede train disaster. Campaigns for deregulation of Sunday shopping have been put forward mainly by liberal parties. Lawmakers loyal to Maduro last year passed a law against spreading hate, which carries a prison sentence of up to 20 years.

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England, France and Germany To Play U-17 Three Nation Tournament

I've built wooden sleds in Ghana [so] kids in Ghana can learn how to push a sled, also learn the running drills that come with it, jumping, the weightlifting, all the different things that come with becoming a good pusher as a starter and then the ice part is something that later on we have to get the right financing to take them to Europe and North America to learn that.

I truly believe they have so much talent, as long as they believe in themselves, as long as they work hard, stay persistent and obviously surround themselves with like-minded people and get the support around them, that the sky's the limit. Truth be told, there is something for everyone at a Winter Games, but certain events definitely have a tendency to steal the limelight. That is every bit is brilliant as it sounds, with competitors launching themselves down a hill, up a huge ramp and into the air before performing various tricks.

Looking for something a little more sedate, but no less exciting? This sport rewards pinpoint accuracy, tactical nous and expert sweeping. Of the five returnees, none have medalled in their previous trips to the Games. Watch the Winter Olympics live and on-demand with fuboTV 7-day free trial. Of 30 competitors in the men's and women's short program, 24 advance to the free skate. The scores of both events are then combined to determine the overall winner. After 20 out of 24 couples advance to the free dance, the scores of both events are combined to determine the overall winner.

Two portions of singles, pairs and ice dancing are each contested, and the highest ranked country after each short program advances to the free skate portion. Medals will be awarded at events in italics. Team women's short program, 9: Team pairs free skate, Team women's free skate, 9: Team free dance, Since , the U.

Snowboarding begins on Friday, Feb. This will be the sixth Winter Olympic games that feature the sport, as snowboarding made its Olympic debut in Watch out for Jules Marino in the Winter Games. Here is all you need to know in order to follow Snowboarding at the Olympic Games, including a schedule for each event and their respective qualified U. Events can also be streamed on NBCSports. Here is the full schedule of events for snowboarding at the Winter Olympics.

Two teams of four go head-to-head, taking it in turns to throw a granite rock sometimes referred to as a stone down an ice rink, with the object being to land the rock nearest the scoring area. Sweeping is crucial in curling, with the action reducing friction and helping the rock to move straighter. Given the sheer volume of curling at the Games, the sport is well positioned to capture viewing audiences across all hours of the day. That includes the women's gold medal game Feb.

The larger venue will also host figure skating, ice hockey and speed skating. Short track speed skating is popular due to entertaining races involving four to six competitors, over distances ranging between m and m.

There are usually crashes galore due to the tight nature of the track and the high speeds — the most infamous of which saw Australia's Steven Bradbury win gold in the m in after all his opponents collided in a huge pile up.

Speed skating differs to the shorter format, with speed and technique crucial for competitors who race in separate lanes in a bid to beat the clock. Figure skating showcases grace on the ice during routines similar to gymnastics, with competitors scored on their technical moves by a panel of judges.

Some of the biggest names in winter sports will be on show in alpine skiing, with American Olympic champions Lindsey Vonn and Mikaela Shiffrin involved, as well as Austrian star Marcel Hirscher. With five disciplines in total, downhill and super G will take the fancy of speed demons, while for the more technical aficionados among you, the slalom and giant slalom are ones to watch.

Fans of tricks and flicks will be happy to know that big air has been added to the snowboarding and freestyle skiing schedules, whereby competitors show off their best moves after launching off a huge ramp. Slopestyle and half-pipe also earn points by impressing judges, while parallel giant slalom in snowboard is a flat race. Kamil Stoch will look to add to the two ski jumping gold medals he won in Sochi.

Ski jumping is among the more dangerous disciplines to negotiate, with athletes reaching speeds of 60 miles per hour and jumping the length of a football pitch. Distance is the main criteria for success, but style is also a factor. Cross-country will test competitors' stamina and endurance as opposed to pure speed, while Nordic combined shows off both skiing and ski jumping skills. Arguably among the more popular sports, due perhaps in part to the cult film 'Cool Runnings', which followed the efforts of Jamaica's first bobsleigh representatives.

Teams of four negotiate their way down a track ranging between m and m long at startling speeds that can reach up to 90mph, while steering around 14 to 22 curves.

Skeleton is another sliding discipline in the bobsleigh category, with the key difference that rather than two or four athlete teams, one person rides a small sled head first down the track. Not one for the faint of heart, biathlon is among the more physically demanding sports on the Winter Olympics schedule. Combining long-distance skiing and shooting, biathletes shoot at targets 50 metres away with a rifle and events vary in distance between six and 20 kilometres.

Among the athletes to keep an eye on are two-time Olympic gold medallist Martin Fourcade and three-time world champion Johannes Thingnes Bo, while Darya Domracheva, Anastasiya Kuzmina and Laura Dahlmeier will fancy their chances of picking up medals in the women's disciplines. As opposed to skeleton, athletes throw themselves feet first down a track at 80mph speeds with no brakes and little protection from the consequences of errors. Ice hockey comprises two teams of six playing out three minute periods — with overtime and shootouts used in the event of a tie.

The fast pace, exciting moves and the frequent brawling makes ice hockey one of the most popular sports globally, as well at the Games, and Sweden — having won the IIHF World Championship — will have high hopes in the men's, while USA were victors in the women's.

For more than 20 years, their struggle against one another has inspired us and demanded our attention. That year, Canada proved its superiority on the ice with a win over the United States in the gold-medal game. What followed was a near decade-long reign as the uncontested best team in the world of women's hockey. That is, of course, until USA shocked the world and won the first ever women's hockey Olympic gold in Nagano's influence on women's hockey endures 20 years later.

Thanks to that upset, what was already a great rivalry transformed into something altogether epic. The struggle for supremacy between the two hockey superpowers has been nothing short of spectacular since Nagano. Today, that rivalry burns hotter than ever, a common faith with conflicting sects known to every woman who steps on the ice with a stick in her hands in North America. Little girls who play hockey in the United States and Canada know early on who they need to play for and play against to be achieve greatness.

You don't change teams in this rivalry. You don't get rich because you have offered your body, blood, sweat, and tears to it. This is a contest defined by the passion, skill, ferocity, and dedication of its participants. And it is all-consuming. You'll sacrifice anything to come home with a victory.

You'll do whatever it takes on the ice to beat them. You think, 'I need to get better today because I need to beat Canada. Rarely do we see two elite teams that are so closely matched. Both teams have players who are generational talents. Every gold medal game between the U. There is perhaps no greater proof of how close these two teams are matched than the last times they crossed sticks at the Olympics.

Against all the odds, Canada scored two goals in two and a half minutes to push the game into overtime. The Americans took a costly penalty in the extra period, giving Canada a 4-on-3 power play.

Marie Philip-Poulin delivered with all the open ice at her disposal. It was an immeasurable triumph for Canada and a devastating defeat for America. Team USA's young goalie trio leads the way to Olympics. Each and every one of them wants nothing more than to re-write history.

They have spent months in residency in Florida preparing for this tournament while the Canadians have spent months centralized in Calgary doing the very same thing. In that time, the two teams have studied one other. They have watched countless hours of film, skated untold miles in practices and scrimmages, and have played each other eight times since Oct.

Every day, they have woken up and fallen asleep thinking about how to beat one another. But it's all but an inevitability that they will meet again to play for gold one week later. The world will be watching.

Well, the strong contingent of Norwegian athletes and officials attending the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang were spoiled for choice after a comical clerical error saw the team shell out for an extortionate order.

An attempt to purchase 1, eggs to help feed the camp went slightly wrong when 15, turned up, with the mistake thought to be a translation error or a typo. Men det slo feil. Despite the, ahem, eggs-travagant order, Norway's chef-de-mission Tore Ovrebo described the incident as "not a big issue" and was not looking to lay blame at anyone's feet.

It's not a big issue. Chef Stale Johansen was reported as telling Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten that the surplus eggs were allowed to be returned to the grocer, and the onus will now be on the athletes not to crack under the pressure when the Games begin….

With the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics upon us, it's time to find out the best ways to stay informed throughout all of the festivities. This account will share everything from behind-the-scene photos, firsthand interviews to rapid updates and observations. Stay up to date on all of the coverage of your favorite athletes with this account.

Next weekend is cortina. Another storyline to watch for the women: Introducing the U. Winter Olympian of all time, Apolo Ohno will have the inside scoop when it comes to short-track speed skating. He hasn't competed since in Vancouver, but after winning eight medals in three Olympics he commentated the Sochi Games for NBC. He will join the network again in Pyeongchang. Excited to team up with Hersheys sponsored pic.

He certainly knows what he's talking about when it comes to figure skating, and he's not afraid to share his opinions of the sport on Twitter. It took 21 suitcases total to get TaraandJohnny wardrobe to Korea. In Seoul for a few days for a feature shoot then off to pyeongchang Shiffrin made her Olympic debut in at only 18 years old where she became the youngest ever to win an Olympic gold medal in the slalom event.

I could not do ANY of this without them! I'm looking forward to interviewing her at the WinterOlympics! Mancuso competed in the Olympics four times and she finished her career as the most decorated skier the U. One thing that always stuck in my mind, that's always true for big events. You can never count anyone out. Who is excited for the Olympics! I can't wait to see who will step up! He loves sharing photos of his journey and will have a lot more opportunities to do so on the ground in Peyongchang.

Gold medals are awesome! Thanks for the support! The account provides informative links to results and re-tweets some of the best curling content out there, including this gem of Warriors star Stephen Curry attempting to curl. He qualified for his fifth Olympics, and while his Twitter account may not be as informative as others, it will certainly provide some entertainment.

Hoping to reach South Korea in time for Friday's opening ceremony, the downhill gold medalist boarded a Lufthansa flight as she set out for Pyeongchang. Well hopefully we get to Korea About 2 hours on the plane so far and just siting at the gate.

Some Germans and Italians on the plane too. Well we are now off the plane Finally on a new plane! Have to give a BIG thank you to all of the flight attendants for working overtime to stay on this flight. See you in another 10 hours Korea! It took exactly 24 hours Two countries technically still at war, a rich tapestry of history with dynasties, invasions and global politics at its heart.

A gawping tourist attraction now, but with a dark undertone. Just along the coast to the south, a museum tells the story of the conflict that will see its latest chapter written over the next two weeks. Even a few months ago, there was much discussion about whether the Winter Olympics would even take place in Pyeongchang. Now, North and South are expected to march together, under a unified flag in the opening ceremony. As an athlete who himself competed for a divided Germany, he knows the benefit of unity in promoting the Olympic spirit.

To outsiders, it's a story of fascination, portrayed as good against evil. In turn, caregivers have told their stories and opened up the sometimes insular world inside hospitals for general readers.

What do we want? Strong, diverse female protagonists in comics! When do we want it? Including stories of adventure, romance, life transitions and challenges, and positive educational role models.

Comics can take on all topics and from Smile to Ms. Marvel we see how women at the center of stories draws in readers. With Eve Tharlet Mr. Moderated by rockstar librarian and author Betsy Bird Funny Girl. Abidjan to Paris with author Bessora , as they discuss their critically acclaimed graphic novels. What are the human stories behind the headlines of the refugee crisis? Focusing on issues of immigration and displacement, both works are timely masterpieces that explore the importance of identity and the meaning of home, and showcase how essential the graphic novel medium is in opening up the narrative truths of individuals caught in the current political climate.

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Crescent City Comics, Calhoun St. Barroux was born in Paris and spent much of his childhood in North Africa. After studying photography, art, sculpture, and architecture, he worked as an art director in Paris and Montreal before beginning his career as an illustrator.

Aurélie Neyret is an illustrator from Lyon, France. When she was little, she loved to hide away and read all night long, and—more than anything else—to draw!

After graduating, he worked in Paris for the video game and animation industry. In , he met a Japanese girl …. An admirer of Claire Brétécher, Will Eisner, and greatly influenced by the environment in which she worked, she …. Eve Tharlet is the illustrator of over books for children, including the Mr. Although born in Alsace, Ms. Tharlet grew up in Germany, taking courses in printmaking and screen-printing in Berlin before studying illustration ….

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