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Has anyone experienced major weight gain after starting Levothyroxine?
I come and check on your blog about twice a week for the past year or so. I am so glad I found it. Best weight loss program ever! I would love to lose pounds in 4 months. You have such an inspirational story, thanks for sharing! Use any 1 of the permanent weight loss plans here. This will probably be my last garden since I am so ill.

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I was never this big until I started taking these meds. I read someone else gained weight and they look like they were 6 months pregnant, that's how I look. My stomach is out there and it is uncomfortable and doesn't look right.

I have decided to stop taking these meds at least for 6 months to see what happens. If I lose weight, than I know it was the meds.

I hope this helped. I went to my endocrinologist begging someone to answer why I sweat so severely and this year I can't tolerate heat. It makes me insane going out in oppressive heat. Never mind in six years going from to on the scale. He shook my hand and said, "your T4 is in a great range mcg of med. Sorry your feeling loisy. Have you thought of losing weight?

I replied, " not for the lack of trying. He said, " maybe you should try gastric by pass. There is nothing I can do for you. I wish you all the best. Needless to say he is not my doctor. But the kicker is that I am not allowed to going to any other doctor with the Froedtert systom because because they have this crazy rules.

I stupid is that. I take levothyroxine and Dr told me to lose weight. I've been on strict diet due to taking these pills I gained 25 lbs.. I was in years!! I don't want to take them. They stress me out trying to lose weight n I'm gaining.

I am getting depressed if anything. Diagnosed 6 yrs ago hypothyroidism my Dr has increased my mcg to my weight has gone from to I stopped taking levo for several months and I lost a few pounds. Decided to see an endocrinologist and see if there were other problems, all she did was check thyroid put me back on levo and I gained 5 more pounds. I hate this medication.

I am going back to all natural way, again. My Dr said I would be so tired bc my thyroid levels would be low. Well I am fine. Will check back in 2 months to update. All I can say is if you are considering quitting the drug The exact same thing has happened to me, I exercise, eat right, and the scale won't budge. I am also extremely fatigued and tried, so the other I decided to stop taking this med and this is my second day off and boy the energy I have.

I will be anxious to see if the weight comes off, went from to I am happy to report that since March my weight has gone from down to I do exercise and watch what I eat. I take daily vitamins and B12 which was recommended when I was diagnosed. I am not tired as doctor predicted. I wish everyone luck if you get off this evil medication. I'm in a similar situation - can you share how long it took to lose weight gained on Synthroid and any special things you did to get there?

I stopped taking med in March. I exercise 3 or 4 times week on my Gazelle for 30 minutes. I drink lots of water, no sodas and ocassionally tea. I have lost 5 more lbs since July. My pregnant looking belly is GONE!!! She started at 50mcg then to 75mcg and stayed there until last year. Almost immediately she started to gain weight rapidly She has gained between 25 to 30 lbs mainly in her middle and has a belly which she never had before Her T3 was in range but on low end of range but her GP refused to add T3 or put her on dessicated.

The GP is her primary care Dr. I should her this site with so many having same issue. She went off levo for two weeks and started to lose weight and puffy face started to go away. Then someone at work scared her with horror stories of what can happen when you stop taking She has started to gain again. Please someone tell me if she can safely go off You probably should talk to your daughter's GP before going off the meds.

My GP approved me weaning off because I was borderline low to begin with and did not feel better. I had the same symptoms as your daughter. I gained about 15 pounds in 3 weeks with no diet or exercise change after starting Synthroid and Cytomel. I also was so bloated that I looked pregnant and my face was puffy - particularly under my eyes. My GP had me take meds every other day for a week, then take half dose every other day for a week, then stop.

To be honest, I was so eager to get off the meds that I weaned over about 5 days instead of 2 weeks. It's been 3 weeks since I took my last dose. I haven't weighed myself yet, but I feel loads better and less bloated, and my clothes are almost fitting.

I would guess that I've lost pounds in the last 2 weeks. I still have a ways to go but am very careful with my diet and exercising a lot. My GP also advised that I work to detox to get the meds out of my system faster.

The plan is to do bloodwork again in about 2 months to see how my body has reacted to no meds. Unless it's really bad I'm not going back on meds. I hate this medicine as well, I've gained weight and I'm always tired I'm getting off this medicine pronto!

Weight is down to , slow process but I am losing it despite what my Dr said. For any of you that have problems with feeling tired, try taking time release B mcg. And be sure you take time release. If I miss one day I really feel it. Good Luck to all that decide to get off this horrible drug!!!

I feel that I made the best choice for me. I am going to stop the synthroid, I have gained 20 pounds in 3 months. I am fatigued also. Why should I be a big fat thing laying on the couch. I've been off levo 5 weeks now I feel much better, less bloating.. I cheat a few times a week but get right to it easily.

I want to see my new numbers and the I'll start adding back in certain foods. Boy have I ever. I started Levo in September and on October 30 i weighed Apt In Feb I weighed I eat clean and gluten free. So in total in 18 months I have went from to With clean eating and daily exercise whole time. I go back to Endo this week and i am asking for Armour instead of Levo because I have heard many say they gained on Levo and than lost it on Armour.

I gained 15 lbs after starting this medicine. I had trouble sleeping and became extremely depressed and agitated and felt extreme fatigue. I have been off the drug for 3 weeks and am feeling more energetic but can not lose the weight I gained. I'm on a very low dose of Levothyroxine and have gained 20 lbs. I have always had a flat tummy until I started taking this med.

I'm gonna stop for awhile and see if I lose. I watch what I eat and exercise. I'm still off my meds, lost several lbs but still didn't lose it all, I refuse to start taking it again. I can agree with this to sick of levo it's crap and my weight goes up as easily as 4 to 5 pounds in 2 weeks and nothing ever comes off. I feel really tired depressed and my gp cannot allow me to. This is so wrong. I have even fell asleep at work because I'm so fatigued cannot sleep at night either. Not a medical person so I am speaking from my own feelings.

I have been on a very low dose of levothyroxine for about 5 or 6 months. I have gained around 30 extra pounds; sluggish to no energy. I am 52 and it may be my age, heart trouble, bone disease, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, my depression or just the fact that I hurt too bad to move much. I just know that I have had 3 children and my stomach was not this large, round, or hard when I was 9 months pregnant.

I am beyond miserable. Sorry, I feel your pain. I've never had so many health issues within the past 6 years since put on levothyroxin. I am on mcgs. I just decided in July to go off all my meds and my Bp has never been better, my heart rate has normalized an with the aid of Gowing off wheat and dairy and maintaining exercise, I have lost 18 lbs in 2 months.

I have been into nutrition for many years, good stuff not the cheap stuff and I am feeling better. After going to my endocrinologist for the last time might add, he told me he could help my severe sweating problem and my extreme heat intolerance. He suggested gastric bypass. He said my T4 was perfect and there was nothing he could for me, was sorry I felt so loisy, and exited the appointment. I was so depressed, another side effect I cried for 3 weeks. I was diagnosed with pituitary hypothyroidism so I will have to see what will happen.

I am banned from getting a new endocrinologist in the Froedtert system. I too am unhappy with this med. I've gained 30 lbs since surgery. Surgery was I'm still hopeful that I'll get better but I got to admit I'm miserable.

If the med isn't causing me to itch it's making my musles weak I sometimes feels like a invalid. Still under the doctor and hoping she doesn't give up on me. Before that, I was the same weight, give or take a couple pounds, for almost a decade. I am 31, so at first I thought it was just hitting that 30's wall of being harder to lose weight. I look like I am in my second trimester of being pregnant!!! Joyce thanks for asking and Jennifer thanks for the answer. My daughter and I starts some seeds inside but we are ready to transplant.

This is a great idea! I have done this for several years, one of my beds has an obelisk for cucumber vines. I lined mine with layers of newspaper, works just as well as cardboard. I also made mine two blocks high, that way I can sit on the side to do the planting, weeding, picking … my knees preclude my kneeling.

This is a great idea but be careful with children around the cinder blocks. I have had snakes find them very nice homes since the blocks tend to stay cool. I has to get rid of mine when I found a best of copperheads. Thanks for the warning.

We fill the holes with more dirt and create individual spaces for flowers. I noticed when you put the cardboard down you went up the sides a little, this is great because it should help the dirt to NOT flow out between those blocks. I see extra blocks in the later picture. Do you need to go around the edges twice to keep it stable? Hi, thank you for the great and cheap idea! I found you on Pinterest and I see this is an older page but I hope you can answer a question.

It looks like you added more cinder blocks around the edges in the picture showing your grown herbs and veggies. Do the blocks become uneven over time? Any other updated advice? No, the cinder blocks do not become uneven or unstable. We added more only because we had some left over from another project just sitting around.

We decided to face them down so that we would have a place to kneel down when we harvested. I plan to expand this garden in the spring and use those same cinder blocks to make it even bigger with one row around it and slightly away from the house. I hope that helps you. We had so much fun with this project!

The box at the bottom of the dirt was amazing in blocking the weeds. This is a perfect solution for fall gardening. On a different note, this is kind of eerie because these pictures could be my house — everything from the deck on the right to the wood fence on the left, the brick and the large space for the foundation at the bottom.

I have been wanting to do some kind of a raised bed garden, and love the idea of using the cinderblocks for the walls, with the separate holes for planting containers. Thanks for the tutorial. Thanks so much for the tip about using cardboard boxes.

We were getting ready to cut chicken wire to keep out the moles, but this sounds like it might do the trick- and it looks like it kept out the weeds. Thank you so much for this incredible idea! Instead, the cement blocks will last a lifetime and the cost is MUCH less! Thank you for this easy idea. This is something that I can do. This will probably be my last garden since I am so ill. But what a great one because of you. Oh Brandi, I hope and pray you get better real soon. Hugs to you my friend.

I am going to try this type of raised bed this year. I have been doing regular flat land gardening for many years but last year I found out that my main problem was getting the soil to drain. So this year I will try raised beds.

I will be experimenting with several beds but most will have a mixture of compost, vermiculite, perlite, cow manure in the bag so I hope to not have the weed probem. I will also mix a small amount of garden soil out a the bag. Part of the garden I will mix some bone meal, blood meal, and several other amendments to. I am tired of the cold and want to start soon.

I have many tomatos ready to go as I started those from seed in November. I love reading your comment! I prefer them now. When I moved my garden bed last year I moved all the soil and the box was completely gone.

The soil was nice and rich. All the grass and weeds were gone too. I am so happy I found you on Pinterest. I have been wanting to try a raised garden bed but everything seemed so difficult to get started.

Your method and system seems to be the Perfect Solution to what I have been looking for. Thanks for sharing and giving and showing details on how to do it. Glad you found us Barbara! We are frugal by nature and we love easy projects! Welcome to our blog! Thank you so much for this great tutorial!! I cannot wait for the warmer weather to sprout so I can make one of my very own!

I have included this on my blog at http: I am planning my garden for the summer and was dreading having to ask my dh to construct one. We could totally do this. We have this same concept in our backyard and the kids do great with managing it and the little cubbies.

We fill them with marigolds and herbs, favorite it mint because it keeps it contained and from spreading throughout the garden. We have quite a few gardening with Kids posts that your readers might find helpful. Plus I love how she connect gardening with her kids, they are amazing vegetables eaters I think because of it. I am so doing this. We have been wondering what to do with our raised beds and this is the answer.

I used cardboard on bottom, then a layer of shredded mulch, then soil… then herbs.. Better water retention on herbs. Thanks for sharing Dana!! Good idea on the mulch! We use shredded newspapers on the top of our garden too for mulch. My kids love tearing the paper to shreds…. Sure hope I can pull off some gardening in a few months. I miss having those home grown tomatoes Yum! I like how they lined the bottom with cardboard to prevent weeds from growing up into the […]. I love this idea, especially if […].

I mean come on, it is so darn simple and I am […]. Comments wondering if the cardboard has to be replaced new each year? Love this whole idea! Hi, I see some comments are from , so I apologize if this is such a late reply. Thanks for your time! I had no idea! I did overlap the boxes and I did not have any issues with grass growing up in it. I really like that. Thank you again for this post, and your site. We will be forever grateful! Where are the mothballs and water placed to keep snakes away.

You have done your research! For this small one I did I think it took about 3 bags of top soil. Do you remember if the bags were 32 quart or 64 quart? Companion plants for tomatoes is marigolds.

I never had a pesky bugs in any of my tomatoes. Sorry for double post, I was looking in the wrong place! I am very excited about gardening this way once this LONG winter ends! Glad I could save you some money! We love our garden! I love your positive thinking Alicia! Natasha Bedingfield lost her last 15 pounds in 4 months by doing 30 minute intervals 3 times a week and working out with a trainer on weights twice a week. Anna Faris lost her last 10 pounds to look better for her role in the new movie House Bunny by doing Pilates 6 times a week and running 3 miles daily and she admits to maintaining a strict diet which included eating chicken and vegetables but she now also admits she could never keep up that diet regimen forever.

Constance Zimmer went all the down to pounds 5 pounds less than her pre-pregnancy weight! How weight vest speed up weight loss. Christina did 90 minute vigorous workouts with her Personal Trainer 5 days a week consisting of….

Nicole ate calories a day with foods from freshdining. Melanie Brown aka "Scary Spice or Mel B" lost 40 pounds after giving birth mainly by exercising regularly and by being a contestant on dancing with stars. Heidi Klum lost 30lbs in 6 months after her pregnancy simply by motivating herself to exercise with photographs she took of herself nude every week to keep track of the way her body was changing.

Denise Richards lost 30 pounds in 4 months after her pregnancy by getting up at 5am every morning to workout with her personal trainer and doing cardio.

Jamie Pressley lost 42 pounds of baby weight with help from the cabbage soup diet. Catherine Zeta-Jones lost the 50 pounds she gained while pregnant with the Atkins diet by eating more low-carbohydrate and high protein foods like lean meats, fish and veggies. Melissa did 30 minutes of spinning and 30 minutes of floor exercises 3 days a week with a trainer 4 weeks after giving birth.

Gabrielle Reece lost 34 pounds in 5 months just by going back to being natural active by doing Pilates, swimming, and circuit training and her diet consisted of weight loss foods like oatmeal, salads, brown rice, and various protein sources and she admitted to having some chocolate almost every day.

Reese Witherspoon went back to her movie star shape only 8 weeks after having her baby by doing yoga , eating healthy, and getting plenty of outdoor exercise and walking when she can. Uma Thurman lost 25 pounds in 6 weeks after having her baby doing the sword-fighting and martial arts training she had to do for the Kill Bill movie but YOU can get the same martial arts style workout with Tae Bo.

Kate Hudson lost 60 pounds in only 4 months by working out 2-to-3 hours per day, 6 days a week and her diet consisted of smaller meals spread throughout the day made up of higher protein foods and she avoided certain carbohydrates such as grains and some fruits. Evangeline Lilly maintains a sexy body by staying active doing many activities like running, yoga , Pilates, dance, weights, scuba diving, golfing, ice skating, canoeing, kayaking, snowboarding, rock climbing and surfing but here's her 2 top health tips for looking good….

Pamela Anderson's vegetarian diet , running, and doing Tae Bo keeps her looking good naked. Shania Twain maintains a healthy Vegetarian diet which makes her not crave junk food and she drinks white tea.

Shania still gets her protein from sources like cashews or yogurt and she stays naturally active by enjoying power-walking and horseback riding. Rihanna's trainer makes her eat small meals every three hours and very rarely she'll eat only once or twice a day and… Rihanna workouts almost everyday with a trainer and she does lot a lot of cardio to prevent her legs from getting bulky to maintain her slim, perfectly-toned legs.

Sara Evans eats only when her stomach growls, stops a soon as she is full and she never eats any of these bad foods and she doesn't follow any specific diet and exercise program to stay thin.

See 5 steps to lose weight without counting calories. Lauren Graham eats between to calories a day to maintain her figure and she allows herself to indulge in deserts and pasta on occasion and… She workouts with a trainer 4 days a week and during their hour-long workout sessions and her trainer keeps her heart rate at about bpm.

She'll do 10 minutes of warm up cardio, 45 minutes of weight training focusing on one body part per workout, and then 20 minutes of cardio to end the workout. Rebecca Romijn also went on The Zone Diet and eliminated sugar, and alcohol for six weeks plus she also worked on the elliptical machine for 45 minutes a day to maintain her model figure for the X-men movies but her best stay thin tip is….

Rebecca has also done Pilates for about eight years to keep her looking good naked. Sandra Bullock eats what she wants but tries to stay away from junk food until the weekend. It's nice that these celebrities exercise as it's good for their overall wellness and fitness.

But this article asked how they lost weight. And there is not a single shred of evidence that can show that exercise is good for weight loss though its the single greatest thing for health even more than weight loss. We have to separate weight loss and exercise. Hi m a bit worried as I lost 15 kg but didn't loose any inches. I look da same as before. My weight wz kg n now it is Hi Adrian, I'm running a marathon, but found that I'm gaining weight. I'm 5'5 and weigh pds.

My ideal weight is I run about 5 times a week for about an hour to two hours. Muscles are heavier than fat, it is normal that you are gaining weight. Unless you eat fatty foods and see your belly getting Jelly A scale wont always tell you whats happening with your body. If for example you gained a grams of muscle but lost grams of fat this would transalte as an increase of weight according to your scales.

The simple fact is adding muscle mass means you wil hurn more calories simply because even a muscle at rest will require more calories to exist than stored body fat does. Each sex male and female can only gain muscle mass according to the biochemical and endocrine stasis our individual gender allows. Women simply wont grow a mans muscle mass without first acquiring his endocrine profile, just as a man cannot develop female characteristics without a deviation of masculine endocrine ratio to feminine.

Just read an article at tltopmarkets. I read online that you can loose up to pounds in 5 days by drinking like a gallon or 2 gallons of water a day, no salt, sugar or starches and to use the sauna. Today was my first day but I could only drink 9 bottles of water. And had 3 tiny meals. Is it healthy and do you think it'll work for me considering I'm 14?? I really wanna loose up to 20 pounds. I weigh at right now and feel embarrassed to even take my coat off during school. I know you posted this quite some time ago I am a registered nurse and can tell you even water, healthy as it is, is dangerous when taken in in excess.

This is something called water toxicity and can cause th electrolytes potassium, sodium, calcium, etc. In your blood stream to become diluted which is dangerous. Low levels of these electrolyles can cause potentially fatal heart problems, muscle spasms, and other problems that can be very dangerous very quickly. I understand the frustration of being overweight. My daughter who is now almost 21 has been struggling with her weight since about age There are programs out there for teens.

You health isn't worth doing some crazy diet. Start with your doctor. I am 5'5 and my weight is 82kg. I've lost 9kg so far.