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Marantz AV8802 Surround Processor Review

Alexandria, Louisiana
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If you're big into 2-channel, then the is quite a bit better in this regard if you can listen to the two right after another. For movies, the is slightly better with surround imaging placement but that could be the Atmos-effect I'm hearing. As you are probably aware, the law of diminishing returns definitely take hold when comparing AV gear! Let me know if you have any further questions I'm happy to answer. Yes, I bought Submitted by Jonasandezekiel on May 22, - 8: I don't mind it when commentators make this mistake, but the reviewer should know better.

Typo Submitted by David Vaughn on May 22, - 5: Sorry for the typo I'll contact the webmaster and get it fixed. You should be a copy editor because it made it through 3 different people maybe 4 before it hit the newsstands and web and no one caught that It was a simple typo Submitted by Bob Ankosko on May 22, - 9: Submitted by David Vaughn on May 23, - So can anyone point to me the Submitted by hk on May 22, - 3: Reliability Submitted by David Vaughn on May 22, - 5: The good news is they've stood behind their products, the bad news is that end users have had to send their gear in for repair sometimes multiple times.

Yeah, I kind of agree based Submitted by hk on May 22, - 9: I had the as well and it was great. My next Integra I thought I was alone until the thread popped up at AVS and I was able to see how widespread the problem had become. I'm actually hoping for mine Submitted by hk on May 23, - 7: Marantz Submitted by David Vaughn on May 23, - If you're looking to save some coin, check out the Marantz AV I have a couple of friends who used it before the and they were very impressed with it for the price.

Submitted by jnemesh on May 26, - Multiple reasons, some Submitted by Cos on May 22, - 7: I've got just a 2 maybe 3 channel system, is a Receiver like this wasted on such a system? Submitted by harbir on May 25, - 6: I'm certain it can handle two Submitted by Jonasandezekiel on May 26, - 6: No it can't handle 2 discrete subs Submitted by harbir on May 26, - It can Submitted by David Vaughn on May 26, - If it can, I think some clarification is required Submitted by harbir on May 26, - 7: If it can handle 2 discrete subwoofer channels, then this in the text of the review needs to be clarified: Clarification Submitted by David Vaughn on May 26, - 8: There are no discrete.

What the unit does is take the LFE information, split it in two for the two outputs if you enable the second subwoofer in the setup menu , then allows for distance and volume level for each subwoofer.

Additionally, if you engage Audyssey, it will calibrate each sub independently. Hopefully this clears things up for you. Test Equipment Submitted by acemt on May 27, - 7: I usually list this in the review, but it was probably cut for space constraints. Parasound Submitted by David Vaughn on May 27, - 8: Thanks Submitted by acemt on May 27, - 9: Submitted by tgkunz on June 5, - 7: Amps Submitted by David Vaughn on June 15, - 2: I use Parasound amps and am partial to them.

The ATI signature series is also very good for a similar price point. The most economical way to go is to buy the channels now versus a 5 and a 2 and then having to sell the 2 channel when you upgrade.

The other choice would be to get the 7 channel ATI and then in the future buy an additional amp for the number of channels you need. Another good choice would be a Krell Chorus amp Another thing to consider as well is looking on the used market. There are a ton of deals on Audiogon and you can really get a lot of bang for your buck buying used. Amps Submitted by David Vaughn on December 18, - So sorry for the late reply, I think our notifications system is broken. Anyway, the Marantz amp would be fine for movies, not so much for music.

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Then the bag freely swings to the other side of the board for the next rebound, and then swings back again for the third rebound, which is the softest. Since the both fist contacts are accented, it is best to count each as "one", since they accented. Click here for an audio demo of Double Punch Rhythm. There is no requirement to always hit the bag from the same side.

You may want to hit the bag from the front, and then from the back. To do this will create a totally different sound, and a unique rhythmic pattern called the double bounce rhythm. This name indicates that there are only two rebounds between the bag strikes.

There are a couple of distinct variations on this sound depending on how many fists are involved. Single Fist Pass through. A single accented pattern created as one fist hits the bag from the front and the back repetitively. This is a quick sounding rhythm, with the first "punched" beat being the loudest accented , and then one swinging, or unaccented rebound.

The bag is then hit from the other side, so every other beat is accented. This is distinctively different than the triplet rhythm, and sounds much faster, because there are only two rebounds between the fist techniques instead of three. You can count this rhythm as; " 1 -2, 1 -2". Click here for Single Fist Pass through sound.

Double Fist Pass Through. This is similar to the Single fist except both fists hit the bag repetitively from opposite sides, and there is a distinctive double accented sound.

You can also count this rhythm as; "1- 1 -2, 1- 1 -2". This rhythm sounds even faster than the single fist pass through, because are more accented beats. Note the position of the elbows.

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