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Best Slim & Light Gaming Laptops as of July 2018

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Notebookcheck's Top 10 Slim & Light Gaming Laptops

You can sort the table by clicking its headers or via text filter e. While the majority of gaming laptops is rather bulky and heavy, respectively, and uses a flashy design, Gigabyte ships its inch system with a slim, light, and sturdy case that looks understated.

The RGB keyboard illumination is the only indicator for a gaming system. This is a good decision considering the mobility of the laptop. Slim bezels and the certification for X-Rite Pantone are additional selling points. No doubt — displays with particularly narrow bezels are sexy, and gaming notebooks have started to embody this trend more and more often.

Keyboard, touchpad, and display Hz are on a par with its competitors. Software and hardware, such as for example the RGB backlight, can be configured using the Razer Synapse application. However, gamers that enjoy travelling and put a lot of emphasis on design cannot go wrong with the Blade The inch system is the ideal companion for road trips thanks to a weight of just 1. The lack of G-Sync is explained by Optimus, which improves the battery runtime.

The GS65 does not lack 3D performance, either. The GS65 is the quieter system, but the build quality of the chassis is worse, it is not as stable, and the maintenance is more complicated. Both the keyboard and the battery runtime of the Aero 15X are better as well. It starts with the input devices, which are once again back at the usual spot on the GM The two systems also differ in terms of specs.

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