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How to Make Coconut Whipped Cream

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How to Make Coconut Whipped Cream

Is there something else I should use? Or am I wrong? Thanks for your help. Beet Sugar may be processed through charred animal bone, thus it would not be vegan. Try looking for sugar that is marked Kosher as that would be vegan. You could use cane sugar, which is not usually processed in the same way. Use the entire can, no sugar, just a few drops of liquid stevia can also use powdered stevia , and if you want, a few drops of flavoring vanilla, coconut, rum.

How long do you put it in the freezer? Does it ever separate after it sets for a bit? Thanks for the tip: There will be some exceptions but still home made is different. I was trying to make this tonight. And for some reason when I whipped the coconut cream. Any idea what would cause this to happen? Could I use maple syrup to sweeten the cream a bit? Just may not make a very stiff whipped cream, but mine had lovely soft peaks and was delicious!

Yes, I do this and just put a spoonful of honey or maple syrup in the chilled coconut milk fatty part to use as icing on cake or pie. It is sweet enough but you can add more if you need something super sweet like regular icing is. Thanks so much for figuring this out and posting the recipe! I have the Thai Kitchen coconut milk but have noticed that it has guar gum in it. Is that going to be a problem making this recipe? I would just hate to open up the can to make this recipe and not have it come out right.

Thank you so much for the reply…I will make it let you know how it turned out. I had the same problem as Noelle. What are your thoughts? That is so odd! I am trying to go as clean and raw as much as possible but would love to add this whipped cream to pies and any desserts. What would you recommend? I was hand whipping the cream and powdered sugar and it was coming along really nicely but I turned my back for a second and it curdled!!! Perhaps it was your coconut milk — it can be kind of finicky sometimes1.

Problem with whipping cream or coconut cream it turns to butter or solid like butter when over whipped. It only takes a few seconds beyond mixing.

It will turn solid on you and separate. But it will give off a metallic taste close to bitterness if you use to much over a teaspoon. I forgot to put the coconut cream in the fridge for 24 hours… Can I put it in the freezer for a little while and prepare it? I have the same problem — anyone have an answer? How long does it take to separate in the freezer vs. I made that mistake once, and ugh!

I only use Native Forest brand Classic organic coconut milk. Separates the cream from the liquid easily in the fridge. About half the can is cream. How well does it hold up to heat? I really liked Trader Joes coconut cream. I added cocoa powder and it was delicious. I saw now that they are adding xanthan gum which is considered to be iffy in terms of being a desirable additive. I will try some of the others. Lots of these comments are referring to coconut milk. Coconut milk is good for curries.

Coconut cream is different — has a much higher fat content- not nearly as runny and less separation. My birthday is coming up in September. I am SO making this chocolate cake with the coconut cream frosting! It will only hold up for hours at room temperature. So be sure to leave them unfrosted until serving! The tapioca flour absolutely saved the frosting for me because I had two dud cans! Did it hold at room temperature for longer time? Did tapioca starch help? Thanks for sharing this recipe and for recommending brands.

Thanks Next your queso recipe. Is there any way to make this stay frosting-like at room temperature? Would adding agar powder help it to set? It will stay at room temp for a couple hours! I love this option for those of us who do not tolerate dairy products. I always say that it is about having choices and this shows that you do not always have to do without.

I feel some fluffy white coconut is in my near culinary future! Our goal today was to make the whoopie pies, but our Shop Rite did not have any full fat coconut milk… so we had to figure out a different way to make this whipped cream.

We used to following ingredients: We chilled it before dolloping on our whoopie cakes which are amazing, thank you Dana! Let me ask, what is the difference between coconut oil and coconut butter? Could I substitute coconut butter or coconut oil for the canned coconut cream in the recipe above? Thank you for mentioning the dud part. I thought I made the recipe wrong. Now, I realized that I had a dud can. Back to the coconut drawing board.

I make a frozen Peanut butter pie, and as an experiment turned that recipe into Coconut Cream Pie. Instead of using 16oz of Cool whip or generic whipped topping I make up 2 cans of Coconut Cream. Use the remaining Fluff to top the pie with toasted Coconut once the pis has set up. Sprinkle in toasted Coconut and anything else that you want to add to it, does great frozen or kept in fridge for days if left that long. A small amount of soap, or oil from something left behind can cause the Coconut cream to fail.

Even letting it rest overnight so that everything is the same temperature and ready to be incorporated into Fluff. Cornstarch is also said to help thicken the Fluff but I have never tried it since I have never had an issue with it getting this like Cool Whip when needed.

I slowly heat it in the slow cooker over night then process, filter through net milk bag, save in container until ready to mix into Charger. Hi Dana, this is amazing! I have a question about tapioca starch…can it be eaten raw? I mean, you suggested to put some if the coconut cream is too soft, but my question comes because tapioca starch is suppose to be high in resistant starch which is highly beneficial to feed good bacteria. Hi Maria, According to barryfarm. Like in the old days of making thick yogurt you would use a coffee filter and a strainer…can you do that process with a can of coconut milk?

I omitted the sugar but did add a little bit of vanilla. Not sure what taste some people have complained about — it tasted like coconut Cool Whip to me! The texture reminded me just like Cool Whip which I used to love as a child!

I even put a dollop in my coffee this morning! My local store was out of stock for 2 months, but you better believe I squealed audibly and grabbed 6 cans when I saw it back on the shelves this week! Rhanks for the recipe! This worked great for me but i did do a few extra steps. I put the whisks and bowl in the freezer for 15 minutes before using them. I made the cream and put it in the fridge for a few minutes but since i wasnt going to serve right away and i also needed to transport my cake! Mine did curdle but I ignored it and it turned out just fine on the cake.

I usually dont like the taste of coconut but this was just so good! What could I use instead of powdered sugar? Can I make this, freeze it, and bring it somewhere to be used within an hour after getting it out of the freezer? Or will it keep firm enough to use after an hour out of the refrigerator? Thank you so much for this recipe. It is so delicious! I added a touch of cornstarch to compensate. Hopefully I will get it right the next time…because there will be a next time ;p.

Store them in the fridge lid side up. Use the oldest first because it will be the most settled. Put a blob of peanut butter and then a blob of coconut cream on top of each slice. I do it one at a time as I pop them in my mouth. A can of coconut cream lasts me a couple of days. To keep it fresh I push a sandwich bag down into the empty part of the can to minimize the amount of air in the can and use a rubber band to seal the bag to the can.

Put the bag over the can and then push your fingers down into the can and then put on the rubber band. The combo of coconut cream, peanut butter and banana is something to behold. Less mess keeping it the can too. Enjoy and leave a can or two of coconut cream on the shelf at Walmart for me.

So disappointed when the shelf is bare. I enjoy making coconut whipped cream very much. I try to keep at least 4 cans i the fridge at all times; ready and waiting for whatever I decide to whip up. The last couple of times I have had a problem with little chunks left no matter how long I whip it. Is there something I can do? HI Dana, I just made a batch and it is delicious! I am planning on serving it tomorrow.

Do you have any suggestions on what to do before i serve it? Like should it stay in the fridge until the last minute and should i whip it up again before serving… You mentioned it harden the longer it sits in the fridge. So simple and easy, my coconut whip cream came out perfect. I had a sprouts brand of coconut cream and left two cans in the fridge for a day and a half to insure speration. In our house we have two rules: This recipe, followed to the t, is perfect! I made this to top my pumpkin cheesecake, and it turned out quite nice!

I used A Taste of Thai coconut milk and it separated nicely. The coconut flavor was a bit strong for me not a bad thing, just not what I was going for I also added about a tablespoon of pumpkin spice. It was delicious, and after letting it set overnight the coconut flavor was less prevalent. My goal was more of a vanilla flavor overall. Added the pumpkin spice to better suit my cheesecake and lessen the coconut taste Even so, it was still super yummy and easy!

This was my first time successfully making a coconut whipped cream and I look forward to trying different brands and tweaking the flavors for various purposes. Will this whipped cream work for that? I used a can of coconut cream from Aldi and it was separated enough to scoop the cream gently from the top after only 8 hours in the fridge.

It might be, but just be careful to open the can cream-side up the way you had it in the fridge. Just leave your cans of coconut milk in the refrigerator until ready to use. By the way excellent cool whip! Cream settles to the bottom, while liquid sits on the top. Best cool whip substitute ever. Keeps in the fridge very well and tastes even better the next day or so.

Just had some on some Costco fruitcake last night which just took it too the next level! Minimalist baker you are amazing and thank you for this recipe.

Maybe some vegan pie, cake, avocado chocolate pudding. Oh yeah the sky is the limit with this one! I think we can make our own coconut cream…. Just made something like that tonight and waiting for the outcome. Just grate your coconut using the tiniest holes on your hand held great and squeeze to get the lightly thick cream. I just made this for a party. So delicious and incredibly easy. It worked wonderfully Thank you so much for the recipe!

Lately, I have had trouble with Goya, the cream will be curdley, I wonder if they change cans in my store, Yes, I have place the can upside down, but, still remains a liquid.

So, I came back to your web site to see if I did anything wrong. The whipped cream tastes like absolute heaven. I wish there were more vegan dessert recipes available highlighting Lucuma. Dana you should try it!!! Hey There, I was hoping to make this coconut whip cream for a friends birthday.

I was hoping to use it as a filling to a vegan cake recipe that I have. Ideally, I would chill the whipped cream after making. Then I would apply it between the cake layers and then chill until service.

Yes, see that in action here! I have Nutriva Coconut Oil and its in a hardened state because of the cold weather. Can I use it to make whipped cream? Thanks for any information. Or can it be made without sugar for creamy, non-sweetened topping? Thanks for a beautiful recipe! Or would the food processor be the next best bet?

I just tried it with a food processor and then a fork because I dont have a mixer. And it separated so so so fast and depressingly I had to throw it out. Such a bummer too because it tasted amazing. Thai Kitchen is best? Chaokoh is either the same price or cheaper, authentically Thai, and you can find it most anywhere.

So I had to throw almost all of it away. Check it out first. But thanks for the recipe, I had fun looking forward to the whipped cream anyway! If you pre-make the coconut whip and then refridgerate and it sets, are you able to re-whip for re-use?? Very easy and delicious! I used this recipe to make a dairy free key lime pie.

It is in the freezer now and we will see what it tastes like! Even if it did, what is more tropical than coconuts and lime! Thank you again for you wonderful recipes. Might try again somwtime. Mine came out with little lunps in it.

Could there be a reason for that? Do you think this would hold up like cool whip in a Watergate Salad? Our in a refrigerator pie? This was really good. I actually added a bit of peanut butter and my kids loved it! Definitely will use this recipe over and over.

I tried making this using coconut cream, but there are chunks. I whipped in KitchenAid using paddle. Should I use whisk instead? I am wasting an awful lot of coconut milk full cream in cans trying to make this recipe.

Can in fridge for weeks. Freezer for bowl and whisk. Tried with hand whisk. Transferred to chilled bowl and stand mixer. Gave up and put in magimix. Lumpy and looked curdled. Sooooooo, I shook the can. It had been in the fridge overnight, and hasty me decided to see if I could hear if it separated yet.

Should I take it out and let it become room temp again before re-refrigerating or just leave it in there longer to make sure it separates? I was so excited when I first saw this, then completely let down when I saw the sugar as the second ingredient. What can I do to still be able to get this yummm looking coconut whip?

Any ideas or suggestions? Healthier options instead of the powdered white sugar? Organic or not sugar is sugar… could a coconut sugar be used perhaps? Hi, could this creme be used as filling between 3 layers of chocolate cake or will it be too thin and get all pushed out? Dear Friends, I know that it should be a full-fat milk, but could you let me know how much precisely the fat content should be? Is 18g of fat per every g enough? Thank you so much!

Everytime it goes right to the trash. First just grainy, then chunks and liquid. Never anything close to a whipped cream or even just cream. Maybe coconut milk in Europe is just not the same as the one sold in the US. Ug — how disappointing. If your cream is separating, it means they are producing mixed batches of coconut milk ie the last of the coconut milk process which is thin milk, with a bit of the fat stuff then using an emulsifier to make it appear like creamy milk.

Manufacturers do the same with Almond Milk too. In the UK, France and Australia I have on occasion come across separated milk that has kinda tiny lumps in it.

So I switched to buying only from reputable Asian supermarkets and they are always great. Hope you find the right one soon. Vegan life is not the same without ripe bananas covered in coconut whip.

Hi Kathy, not sure if you have tried this or not, but you can make vegan frosting with a load of powdered sugar and then added little bits of coconut milk or even almond milk and whisk until the right consistency is achieved. The higher the fat content, the more frosty like it seems to be. Coconut cream would be a better option for a really luscious topping. I always add real vanilla beans too — its very hard to not eat it from the bowl!!!! Hi I am trying to make coconut whipped cream using full fat Native Forest brand coconut milk.

The whipped cream came out lumpy and grainy. How can I get rid of the lumps? Also this has been happening to me a lot lately. Any suggestions on how to prevent it from happening. Mine keeps coming out lumpy or kind of grainy.

I first thought it was the powdered sugar, but it happens still when I sift it in. Any thoughts on what I may be doing wrong? I keep the coconut milk in the refrigerator all the time. Is it possible this is happening from chilling it too long, maybe? Hi, ive made this many times and its so delish! I just have a question; id like to use the coconut cream to fill cupcakes.

Would the cream be ok to leave at room temperature for about 2 days in the cupcakes? But I do not have a mixer. Can you suggest a good mixer for whipping cream? For those overachievers who think they can make this better by doing more work, I want to share that I beat mine for much longer than advised and it was a very bad idea!

It went from fluffy to runny. Also adding a packet of unflavored gelatin helps keep it together. Perhaps sweetened with date sugar, stevia, honey powder, etc.? It dissolved nicely, the only drawback is that it will turn your white coconut cream brown. Does this have to be sweetened? Wondered if just whisking the coconut cream with perhaps? Anyway, I will try, then let you know — for anyone else out there who likes their desserts less sickly sweet.

Thanks again for wonderful recipes! Adding coconut oil into the coconut cream would probably prevent it from whipping up light and fluffy like cream does. Adding powdered sugar helps to hold it together to become stabilized because of the corn starch but unflavored gelatin can also do that as well as in stabilized whipped cream.

Mary, for an unsweetened variant you could use coconut flour — you can find it in the whole foods or other organic stores, it is pretty pricey though. I am also not a big fan of sweetened whipped cream. Anyone tried Xylitol yet? Coconut cream is so healthy I could not add sugar to it, just seems so wrong. Hello, I have a question about making coconut whipped cream. My question is whether this is the same as coconut oil, as it looks very similar hard, flaky and translucent. Is this the part I should be using to make whipped cream and if so why not just use pure coconut oil?

Or is the cream something different? The thick layer at the top of a chilled coconut milk can is coconut, which is what you should be using to make coconut whipped cream.

Coconut oil is something else; just pure oil, and cannot be used to make coconut whipped cream. What is different about canned coconut cream in the US compared to the UK? That picture of Trader Joes looks thick, creamy and white. While convenience may be nice, Jenny Craig's own prepared meals are also a con. They may be more costly than preparing your own meals at home, and months of meals straight from the microwave can become tiresome.

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